Monster Integration - Chapter 403 Giants Strengh

Chapter 403 Giants Strengh

"You really had lot of fun teasing me don't you?" asked Sophia, it is an evening right now and both of the sisters have woken from their sleep but weakness could be clearly seen in their eyes.

It is a good thing that they have performed the Body Cleasing Technique first time in the morning, which gave them sufficient rest for tomorrow if they have had performed it tonight then they would have somehow weak tomorrow.

"Yeah, I really had fun poking you," I replied which she glared at me and threw a pillow at me which I caught easily.

"Would you mind staying in for dinner, I am cooking?" I asked since it is the time I usually cook and I am quite bored eating with Ashlyn daily. So I thought I should invite them. This will be my first time inviting friends to dinner in the Grimm Battlefield.

"Sure since you are so Kindly inviting us, we will stay for dinner." Sophia tried to say it eloquently but failed miserably.

With them saying yes, I started to make preparations for the dinner and since I've had friends, I am making tonight's dinner special.

I started to take out all the best ingredient I got from the awakening ground and the ones I had brought from here a few days ago, with more than a year of practice my cooking skills are quite good that it took only for everything to go over the pan.

"Wow, Micheal you really can cook, we sister just have to eat the ordered food," Sophia said as she watches me cook beside the. To her complement, I just smiled.

It took over an hour for me to finished all cooking and after that, I served the plates we started cooking.

With Sophia, the dinner is was not silent at all, while we eat we also talked about the different things.

After finis.h.i.+ng dinner we all go to the guild to buy the information about the Aferian Ruin, we all felt that any day adventure paradise could make the news public, so it is better if we buy the information early as possible since we had decided to enter the Aferian Ruin.

The information very expensive, not only I have had to use all the merit points I had and I even had to a substantial amount of mana crystals also. I am still quite fine but Reina and Sophia completely emptied after buying the information that they have less than ten mana crystals left.

After dropping off the tired sister's to their apartment, I went back to my apartment and hastily opened the book which I have studied quite a few times I've returned from the awakening.

It is not the book about the Runes but a skill book, it is a skill book named Giants Strength. It is Strength type skill, I have found in the memory storage of people I've looted in the past.

As what grade of this skill is, I don't know as it was incomplete. He must have found somewhere otherwise it would not be his memory storage but in his holowatch.

This is a skill I wanted to use for quite a while but I haven't due to its harsh requirement but after leveling up today, I have met all the requirements I need to use this skill.

It has three requirements which are quite hard to fulfill, First is mana purity, it needs mana purity of above 93%, the second is 25 seals of Supreme Combat exercise and the third is powerful mana.

I have already have required mana purity which staggering 94.3%, it is very high and rarely any people of my age have it, if not for me refining mana every second I am awake with my refinement engine, I wouldn't have got such purity.

The second condition I have already fulfilled a few days ago when I created the twenty-five seals of the supreme combat exercise.

As for the third condition is powerful mana, with daily refining of monster crystal my mana had started to a tiny bit of berserk property which is quite powerful.

When I was initially level of Sergeant stage, I was already very close to fulling this powerful mana condition as my mana already powerful because of its berserk property but its quant.i.ty fell short but after leveling up today I have powerful mana in a sufficient quant.i.ty to power up this skill.

I get out of bed after reading this skill one more time, I have already understood the skill and now I just need to execute it to see how powerful it is.

Taking could of a deep breath and I started to activate the skill, this skill is little different from other strengthening skill, it only needs 15% of mana white other 85% it used it vital energy of the seals.

As I activated the skill, I felt immense strength coursing through my body, it felt like I can do anything and life any weight that is in front of me.

The power it is giving me is at least four times greater than my previous Strength type Knight grade skill, I wonder how much its power will increse if I add the power of Sunfire into it as skill's only able to show their true power when they merged with rule power, without rule power they are nothing.

With that thought, I added 10% percent of my Sunfire into it and I am shocked by the power boost I've received. If I am right which I think I am them with this skill I have to use only 70% of my rule power to get the strength which I used get 100% of my rule power with my previous strength type skill.

This is a huge boost and now if I am using 100% of my rule power with this skill, then the strength I gain will be 30% more which is immense.

This just my hypothesis, I will have to try before I know what I think the truth is not and with that thinking I merged 100% of my Sunfire power into the skill.

Swish Swish Swish Swish....

It really as I thought, as I practice punches and kicks, I could clearly feel the resistance from the air which makes the swis.h.i.+ng sound.

I practice with the skill for more near forty-five minuits but stopped after seeing the time, I have practice Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise.

If I keep practicing with my new skill, I will waste a lot of time and quite some more time will take for Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise, which is not good as I have to wake up very early tomorrow.

Begrudging I stopped practicing my strength and started making preparations to practice Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat exercise.

I activated the temperature room to practice Supreme Combat Exercise and Body Cleansing technique

For today's practice, I again went back to 5% poison, as I had just leveled up today, the energy of the miracle fruit once again went into the hiding, so till the energy of miracle fruit didnt return I will have to the quant.i.ty of the poison in my body at minimum.

As for when miracle fruit energy will return, I think it will returns when I reached the 31st or 32nd pose, it will not return before that.

I perform the both Supreme Combat Exercise and Body Cleansing Technique and got the fruitful result in both of them, I reached the 28th pose in the Body Cleansing Exercise and 2oth move in a Supreme Combat Exercise.

I will try to create the 26th seal of Supreme Combat Exercise in few coming days.

I plan on going through 5th minor cleansing and create 3rd amethyst seal in the coming thirty days, only with this strenth will I have the chance to clear the Level 3 challenge of the Guild.

Sophia and Reina said that the Level 3 challenge of the guild is extremely hard and very few people able to pa.s.s it within the three months of joining the guild and I am aiming to finish that challenge in less than half of that time.

It is going to be very difficult but I will have to do it if I want to enter the Aferian Ruin.

After deactivating the temperature room, I took a warm bath and fell into sleep right after that thinking we are going to hunt the most dangerous part of Madelein Swamp tomorrow,