Monster Integration - Chapter 400 Hot Blooded I

Chapter 400 Hot Blooded I

"Welcome to my humble abode," I said dramatically as I invited them inside my house.

Both of them were wearing casual clothes. Sophia is wearing tight jeans and tee which clearly highlighted her perfect body. As for Reina, she is wearing a red top and knee-length navy skirt which shows off her creamy legs.

"You seemed to pretty good mood today, did something happen?" Sophia asked but soon her expressions changed a little as if she had noticed something.

"So, you leveled up, hun!" she said as she sensed Mid Sergent stage aura radiating from my body. "Yes, I was lucky," I replied as I handed them their favorite drinks which Sophia happen mentions during one of her chats.

"You seemed a little tired, were you training?" asked Sophia as she and her sister sat on the sofa while I sat opposite them.

"Yes, I was training in the Body Cleansing Technique!" I said truthfully without hiding, the Body Cleansing Technique is not the secrete in the Grimm Battlefield.

It can be brought from both adventurers paradise and Guild, it's just that it is very expensive. I have to hunt for at least six month before I could buy a complete version of it.

"Purrr! What?" both sisters got very surprised but it was Sophia who hadn't able to control herself and spit out the drink that had just sipped but her reaction is very quick as before it could fall on the floor, it was vaporized by her fire energy.

"You aren't joking right?" She asked as she hadn't believed me while wiping her mouth from her tee's sleeve.

"No, I just finished practicing it an hour ago." I answered with a smile.

"My brother had told us to start practicing it as soon as possible, he said if we were able to practice its all sixteen moves then we will receive benefits beyond our imagination when we level from the Knight stage."

"We were planning to buy it when we reached Colonel stage and that we thought was too early but you have started earlier than us," said Sophia.

"It is a very good technique and it has given me quite a benefit," I said.

"You must have reached the 1st Minor cleansing to receive benefits from it?" Asked Raina in her soft Melodic voice but before I could answer Sophia chimes in, "1st cleansing, isn't it difficult to reach it before Lieutenant Stage?" Sophia asked in astonishment.

Her astonishment is very valid, to perform Body Cleansing Technique one need to have a lot of energy, if not for amethyst seals I have and my will power to push myself to the limit, I would have never able to perform 1st cleansing much less 2nd cleansing at 24th pose.

That is the main reason why most people started performing Body Cleansing Exercise after they reached the Colonel stage, at that stage, they have an abundance of energy as long as I am willing to push myself.

"It's not that difficult and to be exact I've reached 2nd Cleansing," I said and when I said this my tone was little Smug.

'Gasp!' both of the sister too a huge gasp when they heard this and looked at me as if I am some kind of freak.

" are not joking right?" Sophia asked stammeringly, it is very difficult to shock Sophia and especially this level and seeing Sophia stammering, I felt quite pleased with myself.

"No wonder you are so flexible during the fights and your skin has such a soft glow which I though you get from going to the parlor every few days," she said.

To that, I just shook my head with a laugh! Going to the parlor every day, do I even have time, I barely have time to train every day.

"G.o.d, now I really want to buy Body Cleansing Exercise!" said Sophia dreamily.

"I could teach you guys if you want?" I said, they are friends and teaching them is nothing and I have some selfish motive as well that will only realize if they are ready to learn and I really wish they learn few moves from me.

"You don't have to!""we will love to learn from you!" both sisters said replied the same time one declined while others accepted.

"Reina please, look how flexible the Micheal is during battles if we had such flexibility our strength will increase sour sharply and not only that we will also get that glowing skin that Micheal has," Sophia said to her older sister pleadingly.

Reina stayed silent for quite a while before nodding slowly.

"Can you teach us now?" Sophia asked. You just stole the words from my mouth, I praised Sophia.

"Sure, do you want me to teach you now?" I asked while casual tone but I am anything but casual, I am very excited with the racing heartbeat.

"Now is fine if you are not too tired?" Sophia asked as there is still little tiredness in me.

"Right now is Ok!" I said while feeling extremely pleased. It would have been impossible for me to teach anyone a Body Cleansing Exercise one hour after I trained in it as I would have barely had the energy to walk but today is different.

I just now had a breakthrough and my body is filled with energy despite being slightly tired, I can definitely teach them twelve poses without straining myself.

"What?" Sophia asked when I looked at them with a little awkward expression which made Sophia asked a question.

"It is better if you guys wore exercise clothes, you know there will be a lot of sweat involved," I asked and both sister's stare at me with a single focus before Sophia asked with teasing voice.

"Micheal are you teaching Body Cleansing Exercise, so you could see us half-naked and all sweaty?"

Of course, that is correct! I am hot blood youth and even if you guys are my friends and I have no romantic feelings toward you guys, it is an undeniable fact that you guys very hot and beautiful and I really want to see you guys half-naked and all sweaty.

"Of course not, how can you think that about me." I defended myself while thinking it would been even perfect if Emma would have been here as well.

"You better or we will kick your a.s.s," said Sophia as she went to another with her sister to change.

When they return from changing, I barely able to stop myself from gasping and openly staring at them as both looked very hot in sportswear.

Both of wearing a sports bra and shorts which barely covered their a.s.sets, I have to say these two sisters must have received blessings from the G.o.ddess of beauty to get such a perfect body.

Their bodies are toned to perfection and not a bit of extra fat on their bodies and have perfect a.s.sets that I just want to stare.

"Micheal, you make us wear our training clothes saying there will be a lot of sweat involved but you are still wearing normal clothes, won't you sweat while teaching us?" Sophia asked white staring me intently.

What a sharp girl! I thought. it's a good thing that I've already guessed she would ask this question and prepared an answer for her.

"Don't worry, because I am a little tired, I will only going to teach you guys 12 poses of the first move first and performing them, I won't sweat much," I said.