Monster Integration - Chapter 399 Mid Level Sergeant Stage

Chapter 399 Mid Level Sergeant Stage

"Chew Chew Chew!" I heard the chirp while in sleep only to see Ashlyn is waking me up.

When I opened my eyes and looked at time, I found that it is a late-morning which is quite late for me since I usually wake up before dawn.

Well, Its good that I had slept late, my body had been too tense for the past few days, it needed a good rest.

"Good Morning Ashlyn!" I said sleepily as I tried to pet feather's but she is having nothing of that.

"Chew Chew Chew…" She started to chirp at me furiously saying she is feeling very hungry since its very late and I should give her something delicious to eat as soon as possible.

"Sorry!" I said gave her a packet of her favorite snack, she must be really hungry as our usual eating time is at dawn before leaving the apartment for the hunt.

After getting out of bed, I did my morning activities and started to make a simple lunch for us.

It took me forty-five minuits to cook the simple lunch and we ate in silence as we usually do. When dinner finished Ashlyn come inside me as I went to the living room and again activated the Temperature room.

Yesterday's practice had been immensely successful, it's just that the amount of poison was little, today I want us 10% which is double of what I used yesterday and if all went well then there are 50% chances that I will be able of break into Mid Level of Sergeant stage.

After setting the amount and timer for poison, I started to perform Body Cleansing Technique and supreme Combat exercise.

A few seconds after I started to perform Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise, I started to feel lacerating pain on every part of my body.

The pain came from the Black Red Poison of Black Viper Snakemen, due to its less amount, I did not feel the mind-breaking pain as the first time when I experienced it but it is still felt very lacerating and normal people would just fall unconscious if they experienced it.

This time there is no barrier of Sunfire on my skin so just as it touched my skin, it went inside because of its infiltrating trait, this poison has many traits one of which I like but also hate it.

I don't know how to say in words, its just that this poison is attack toward the living being, as the poison is released, it did not to any other place but directly come toward me like a magnet. Its like it attracts to life.

The first few poses went really well, the first ten posses of Body Cleansing Exercise which used to take me more than twenty minuits to perform, done by me in just two minutes and there is no bucket full of sweat below, just a few drops that are fell from my forehead.

Time pa.s.sed by as I kept performing the Body Cleansing Exercise and with I finally reached the 21st pose of it, this pose is very important as at this the Black Red poison energy started to come out from the gaps of my cells.

Just as the small amount of Black Red poison energy came out, the miracle fruit energy which is feasting on Lieutenant stage berserk energy stopped on its track and came running toward the Black Red Poison energy and gulped it fully within a second.

Every second some amount Black red poison energy would come out and miracle fruit energy gulped it down in a second, as I performed the higher poses the more Black Red energy would come out of from its hiding spot and would get eaten by the Miracle fruit energy.

As the Miracle Fruit continues to feast, its size kept increasing finally reached near the limit, just a little more and I will have enough Miracle fruit energy to break into Mid Stage of Sergent stage but the reality is hard as I have also reached my limit at 26th pose.

If I want to make a breakthrough into the Mid-stage of the Sergeant Stage them I would have to perform 27th pose.


I gritted my teeth and move toward the 27th pose, I want to level up now, at this very session, not at night when I performed the Body Cleansing Excercise and Supreme Combat Exercise again.

With that thought and determination for Breakthrough, I started to push my nearly empty body, I pushed it with my willpower. My body started to move little by little, it is even slower than the snail but that does not matter, what matters is that I am pus.h.i.+ng my body and it is moving.

Finally, I finally reached 27th pose and a large amount of Black Red Poison energy started to come out of my body which is quickly being feasted on by the Energy of the Miracle fruit.

But the battle is not over yet, I had to fully perform the 27th pose and feed the miracle fruit energy enough that It will ragingly break thought the barriers that are stopping me from the Breakthrough.

Though I know the current miracle fruit energy is enough, I still hold it and kept feeding it more Black red energy.


Finally, I fully performed the 27th pose, that exact moment I fell on the flood and Miracle Fruit energy started to rage on mine and Ashlyn body breaking all the barriers that came ints way like an arrow tearing through the paper.


Finally, the Miracle fruit energy broke the final barrier and ushered me into the Mid Level of the Sergeant stage.

I could feel the changes happening physically and mentally, the physical boost is not much but the mental boot is very much needed, currently I have sufficient mental energy to use both of Rule power without worry but If my comprehension of Rule power increased then I will problem using them together.

That is the boost of the mental energy is a need, no matter small how the boost is.

The changed kept happening to my body for about fifteen minutes and when it finished I was able to stand up and walk. It took me forty minuits just barely crawl but because of my level up, I was able to move quite early.


I walked up to the command board and started neutralizing and next moment white smoke started to release from the box, knowing it will take a few minuits, I waited while laying my back off to the wall.

After neutralizing finished, I directly went to the shower and after done with that, I wore fresh clothes and lay on the bed reading the news.

There is no mentioned of the Aferian Ruin yet but the news will go public two to three days and that is why I plant to buy the information tomorrow before it gets too expensive.

Emma and Richie had already brought the information, only me, Sophia, Reina and Ben remain. I don't know if Ben wants to buy the information or not but Sophia and Reina will buy it tomorrow.


I was just reading the books about the ruin when I heard my doorbell rang and when I checked who is it, I am pleasantly surprised to know it is Sophia and Reina.