Monster Integration - Chapter 393 Guild Challenge I

Chapter 393 Guild Challenge I

Everyone started to harness the Magic crystal from the Grimm monsters that we had killed.

I have killed a total of three elite Major stage Grimm race monster in the two battles I've fought, I have decided to harvest magic crystal from one while using two for the experiment.

I attached the Runic disk on the dead Grimm race monsters and walked toward the two who were in half-dead condition while charging my sword to use Point Inferno on the two Black Viper Snakemen for my experiment of harnessing elemental crystals.

The two monsters were already unconscious due to the grievous injuries so I don't have to bind them before using point inferno at them.

I crouched down and check the condition of the body and veins of the Grimm race monsters as only after accessing it will I able to release the right amount of power to convert its dark energy into elemental type dar energy.


Aster checking for Minuit, I stood up and pointed sword above the center of its mana veins network and after adjuting the power of Point inferno, I pressed down.


As the tip of my sword entered the center of its mana veins, I released the point inferno. Just as I did that monster come out alive and started to scream, its seams were so louder that my ears started to buzz.

I did not mind its screams as all my focus on the lava-like red lines spreading from the center of its mana network. Everything fine right now as it always is at the beginning as for the success and failure, I will only when the red lines will cover more than 70% of its magic veins.

Times pa.s.sed and suddenly smoke started to come out of the body of the monster.

Failure again! I thought, till now I have experimented on more than ten Grimm race monsters but not a single time I was able to succeed. I am a little down but not disappointed as I know I will need to practice on the hundreds of bodies of the Grimm race monster before I will able to see success.

I again did this process on the other monster and failed again but this time, I had a smile on my face.

The smile had nothing to with the success and failure of my experiment on the Black Viper snakeman but its on face due to hearing agonizing screams of Grimm race monster.

For less than a minute it may be, it had experienced the agony it had bestowed on me earlier and seeing it writhing and screaming in pain, I genuinely felt happy.

The experiment is failed but their bodies are not completely useless as mana crystals could still be harvested from them, its just that amount I will get from it is half compared to the original body.

"You guys rest for half an hour, after that, we will continue hunting in the vicinity of this area." said team leader after we finished harvesting mana crystal from the Grimm race monsters.

We all thanked our dear team leader for his consideration and rested for half an hour. After we finished resting, we started hunting again.

We fought a total of six teams of Grimm Monster in the whole day, the highest of which we have ever and I have fought a total of nine Major stage monsters, all of them were elite.

In the six battles, I have fought three battles where my opponents were two major stage elite Grimm race monsters and unlike my first battle where it took me nearly fifty minuits to finish the battle, though most of fifty minuits I was writhing and screaming in pain, the other two battle it could be said I finished fairly quickly.

It could be said that with my strength increased, the battle was completely one-sided that I had finished two of them withing two minuits.

I want to fight three major stage elite Grimm race monsters or try my luck fighting Colonel stage Grimm race monster but I have never had a chance.

As in the whole day, we have never encountered a team of Grimm race monsters that had more than eleven Grimm race monsters, so was no chance of me fighting three elite major stages Grimm race monster as once and the other Elite Colonel stages monster we have encountered is taken by Richie, so I had chance of fight to that either.

Still, I am not that disappointed as I know I will get the chance to fight them in the coming days.

Now our hunting is over and we are returning to the fort Cavendish and excitement could be seen on everyone's faces, it is not because of the successful hunt today or obvious increse in strenth, there is excitement on our faces because we are talking about the morning topic, the Aferian s.p.a.ce ruin.

If it was a s.p.a.ce realm, all of us would not be this excited as realms only natural stuff, they don't have artifacts and methods that can change one's fate forever.

Though not every ruin has fate changing opportunities or everyone could find them but there is always a chance and for that chance, thousands of people became crazy for it.

"You know, I've asked him to tell me more about the Aferian ruin but he didnt tell me a thing, instead he told me to look about it in the guild's database."

"Would it have hurt him if he had told me more about the aferian ruin," said Sophia about her brother's friend who told her about the opening of the aferian ruin.

"You don't have to curse him, we know it before it released to the public have a lot of uses like buying information about it as you know, the guild provides you basic information about anything for free but you want to the detailed report, you have to pay for it." Said team leader, we all nodded ad all information was present in the informatory booklet of the guild.

"Currently the information about the Aferian Guild would be a lot cheaper and you can afford it with the merit points and some mana crystal but the once the news it out, the price of the information will touch the sky that it will be little expensive to me much less you guys." said team leader.

Sophia brightened after hearing the team leader's words and stopped cursing her brother's friend she had been doing till now.

It didnt take us to long for us to reach the outpost and unlike most of the time when we separate at gates of the outpost, this time we did not as we all have one destination in mind and that is Guild.

Soon we landed on the entrance of the Guild and walked toward the room which is allocated to our team, every team is allocated room from the guild for planning their hunts and getting together.

Soon we reached our allocated room and connected our holowatches to the guild's server.


Just as my holowatch got connected to the guild's server, I typed Aferian Ruin and tapped to search, soon the result's projected in front of me and without further ado, I started to read with my immensely excited heart.