Monster Integration - Chapter 392 Battle Concludes

Chapter 392 Battle Concludes

"Slas.h.!.+" Ahhhh….

Reina's sword finally able to slash through the neck of Black Viper Snakemen, her sword had sliced more than half of the neck of Black Viper Snakemen.

With such injury it is said to half-dead for a couple of hours, with one Black Viper Snakemen out, Sophia and Reina's counter-attack became more fierce against the two remaining Grimm race monsters.

The Grimm race monsters became pair chickens in from of them as every attack of Sophia and Reina would hit its target.

Every minute they would receive tens of injuries and have no chance defend against seamless moves of the twins, seeing that there is no winning, the two monsters started to run but they had just taken the few steps, they were killed by the forcefull a.s.sault of Sophia and Reina.

As the two monsters started running, Sofia and Reina fused their power and took the power leap and before the two Grimm race monsters took more than five steps, both of their skulls got pierced by the ice and fire sword of Sophia and Reina.

Wow! I couldn't help but exclaim seeing their last move, the way they fused both of their power and took such powerful jump to kill the monsters, its really amazing.

The monsters fell on the ground, dead. Grimm race monsters could survive from the grievous wound in their heart but it is impossible for them to survive from such skull piercing attack.

When Sofia and Reina look around, they found I had already finished my fight, which clearly surprised them as they thought, they would be one to finish first if they used their trump card.

We nodded at each and watched the fights that are going on, this is not the time to chat, a simple mistake could cost the life of our teammates, that is why we only nodded at each other kept a look on the fight.

Of the three fights, the one who is closest to finis.h.i.+ng is Richie. The three Grimm race monsters he is fighting is strongest below the leader, if their strength were equal to the ones I've fought, they would have beaten by the Richie.

Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

Suddenly, I felt intense fluctuation from the Ritchie and next thing I know, his sword turn extremely fast and cut through the necks of three Black Viper snakeman at the same time.

His attack was so powerful that 80% necks of the monsters had been cut and if not for he is wanting them alive he would have decapitated them easily.

What an impressive move! I said in mind, the speed of Richie's sword increased so much that even I wasn't able to see it clearly with my sharp senses that the killing Rule gave me.

This move is extremely powerful that even I could be slain by it but it has its price as after Ritchie used that move, he turned pale and he had to drink a couple of potions to regain his color.

I wanted to ask him what is that move as I am very sure that such speed and power burst couldn't be given by the skill even if it is High-level Knight grade skill but I cant as one's trump card are utmost important to one.

Finally! I said in my mind as I felt the torturous agony is receding in visible pace and I am finally able to burn off every speck of the venom of the Black Viper snakeman.

I was not only watching the fights as I was using half of my concentration on watching the battle while the other half is on the burning the venom of the Black Viper Snakemen, that Black red venom was really resilient.

It is more than ten times resilient than its normal Black Viper snakeman's venom which is why it took me so long to burn it off.

Now only and Ben are remain to finish their fight but I don't think their fight will be finished soon, Emma's opponent is equal to her in term of strength and Ben seem to be giving its all to hold off against the two monsters.

They kept fightingly intensely when the one monster that is fighting Ben took a look around, only to see all of its mates dead. It was shocked seeing that, it thought lowly humans would be the one dead but exactly opposite had happened.


"Leader, everyone is dead!" shouted Black viper snakeman but he had to pay price for its warning as its distraction gave Ben a perfect chance to kill it.

It was killed but its shout was heard by two remaining Black Viper Snakemen who hearing the shout started to run, the leader of Black Viper Snakemen ran toward the Sophia and Reina while the other one which was fighting Ben ran toward Richie.

I got very disappointed seeing that, I had hoped that one monster would come toward me at least, even if it would have been the leader, I am confident that I would have able to hold it till Emma arrived.


Idiot! The leader of the Black Viper Snakeman was quite smart and ran toward Sophia and Reina thinking they are weakest one, it not only ran but it also attacked thinking of killing them before leaving.

If he had seen their battle earlier, he would not have done such a mistake.

Bang! Puchi!

Sophia and Reina quickly fussed their attacks and repeeled the attack of Black Viper snakeman leader which gave Emma a chance to cleanly pierce the heart of the leader.

As for another one, Richie simply whipped his sword to force the Grimm race monster back which gave Ben chance to kill it.

"It was a really thrilling fight, at some point I thought, I will have to help you guys but you guys finished them off on your own." said team leader as appeared just after fight finished as always.

We all glared at me, especially I. my mind had reached the limit after Black and Red ball of poison hit me if it had been a little bit more intense then my mind would have surely broken and I would have turned into the vegetable.

"This fight had been very good for you, I can see the improvement you all made during this battle. If you continued fighting such battle's you will make a tremendous improvement I'll tell you." he continues while ignoring our glare.

Our glare soften a little when we heard what he said. What he said is absolutely true, I had made tremendous improvement during this fight, the five seals I have created have boosted my strength tremendously.

Not only I, but I can also clearly sense the increse in everyone's battle power and the one one that made most progress is Sophia and Reina.

I can sense a substantial increse in their battle power, only two things could help one make such substantial progress in such a short time, one is supreme combat exercise and the other is an advancement in the comprehension of the Rule power.

Seeing the team leader is not running again, we all heaved a sigh of relief as it will be quite difficult for us to handle another battle without taking a short rest.