Monster Integration - Chapter 390 A Challenging Battle III

Chapter 390 A Challenging Battle III

The Black red ball crashed against me and started to envelop like like a second skin with no time.

Crackle Crackle Crackle…..

I did not feel the agonizing pain that I expected to feel as black red Fog covered me fully except for the crackling sound of poison burning, I did not feel anything.

The Two Black Viper Snakemen that were attacking stopped suddenly and kept looking at me with the smile on their faces, they are not even caring as I am taking a few steps back to create the distance between us.

Its like they are confident that I will not run away. I stopped after I've created a sufficient distance between and started to circulate supreme combat exercise but its really hard, the resistance I am feeling after creating two seals is really huge that I wast able to move ahead after the 3rd move.

"Tek, it is time right?" asked one black viper snakemen to another, "Yes don, in few seconds it will feel the agony it had never felt before," said Black viper snakeman with a big smile on its face as they both look at me intently.

Hearing their talk, I immediately used my power of Sunfire to cover my body with it both internally and externally.

Normally even if two people using the same Rule power, their rule power clashes as their understanding about that Rule power are slightly different but our understanding about Sunfire is exactly the same, not even slight change in it and that is why both of us could use our Sunfire without fear of being clashed.

The venom has covered my body fully, Though it is kept getting burned as it trying to infiltrate inside my body, still 30% of it still got inside my body where it again getting burned by the Ashlyn's and mine Sunfire.

Earlier as soon as the black venom entered inside me, I felt agonizing pain but when this venom entered inside me I felt nothing, nada.

Though this Black Read Venom kept burning externally and internally by the Sunfire, some 10% to 15% of it had already spread inside my body. If it had been normal Black venom, only 1% to 2% of able to spread inside me but this Black Red venom is extra resilient, no matter how Ashlyn and I tried to burn it off with her Sunfire, some of it still got away and will spread to every inch of my body.


Suddenly extremely torturous pain struck me suddenly that made scream which I haven't till now, this pain is very torturous that it is comparable to the one I felt then I was force-fed the monster core and the worse thing is, I am feeling it though every inch of my body.

When I had force-fed the monster core, the pain was torturous as this but it was never well spread like this, now I am feeling pain every inch of my body and I feel like my mind will break.

With the last bit of my sanity, I kept holding to the supreme combat exercise and circulating it and like last time, I did not resist the pain but let wash over it.

If I tried to resist it, it will be like me holding the flow of the river with the dam made of paper, the water will break past it within the second. So, it is best to let this torturous pain wash over me and be like dingy in the storm, as long as I kept holding on the small dingy, I will not drown no matter how big wave came at me.


I screamed and screamed through this torturous agony while kept circulating supreme combat exercise. I did not know what circulation I am or how close I am in creating the seal, I only know as long as I kept circulating in this agony, I will see the results.

"*%$$#@#%$#@&%#$### hahahhahah..." I heard the two black venom snakemen said something and laughed but I was not able to understand a single word except for their laughing as I submerged in this immense agony.

Time pa.s.sed by and I don't know how much but suddenly, I felt an extremely faint cooling sensation, as I felt that sensation I knew that seal is created and I felt little happiness in this agony.

Still, I know that this seal alone would not be enough and that is why I have never stopped circulating the supreme combat exercise. I need to keep creating new seals, only when I have more seals will I able to beat those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds to death.

With pa.s.sing time more and more venom seeped inside me and the layer of venom covering my started to thin out but as that happened the torturous pain I am feeling did not lessen a but instead, it increased.

I am at the brink of sanity due to this torturous pain, this pain is not only affecting me mentally but physically as well.

Because of me feeling such immense pressure due to torturous pain, blood started to come out my nose, ears and eyes and top of that there is corrosiveness of the venom.

If not for my body is strong and healing power is good due to two amethyst seals and Ashlyn burning off all the venom with her Sunfire, my body would have been long since corroded by now.

I felt a faint colling sensation, which means another seal is completed. I am extremely happy seeing that if not for I am feeling torturous agony and two Grimm monsters in front of me, I would have surely danced.

My throat had become dry after screaming so much and I am still screaming in intense agony but I am not the only one who is screaming, I could hear the many faint voices that were screaming but they felt very faint and far to me for some reason.

It may be because I've gone far or the level of pain I am feeling as my eyes are shut and I writhing on the wet ground ever since this immensely agonizing pain had hit me.

As time pa.s.sed, the pain kept increasing but interestingly I found clarity of mind is returning to me, my muddled thoughts had started to become a little clearer and clearer.

It may be due to I am getting used to the pain or experiencing such pain my mental fort.i.tude had increased, just like it happened last time I experienced such pain that, my mental fort.i.tude had increse.

Well, whatever it is, it is a good thing for me as the clearer my thoughts, the better I able to think.

"Tek, should we eat him, seeing it withering pain I started to feel very hungry." Asked a Black Viper snakemen to another.

This is the first time, I am hearing them clearly since the torturous pain had stuck me and the first thing I heard of them eating me.

I became vigilant hearing this but there is not much I cant do, though as some clarity return to me and I might able to move my limbs a little but that's all, for me to gain complete control over my senses and limbs will take some more time, if I able to create another seal then it would get little quicker but creating another seal is very difficult.

Its has been quite a while I've been circulating for this seal but it hadn't completed yet and when I looked up to see how many moves are remaining, I found there I still five moves before this seal could be completed.

Seeing that, I put all my effort into circulating, all the rage and frustration I am feeling, I used it as a fuel for the circulation of Supre combat exercise.

"Are an idiot! Do you want to suffer the wrath of the leader by eating first." admonished its friend, "Do you want to be like little Ki, Don?" asked the Grimm monster named Tek to the one named Don.

It shudders as it remembers something and looked gratefully at its friend before it again looked at me and started to watch me withering and screaming with relish.


Finally, I was able to break the wall of the 24th move that stopped me from creating the seal, with this seal I have created five seals today that makes twenty-five seals in my temple.

A minute pa.s.sed and seal completely formed, with its completion I felt like I have gotten complete control over my senses and limbs, the torturous pain is still there but it won't be able to affect me much when I fight these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.