Monster Integration - Chapter 389 A Challenging Battle II

Chapter 389 A Challenging Battle II

Ashlyn is now dealing with the agonizing venom that is present in my body and she is doing a better job than I ever could as her control over Sunfire is a lot better than mine.

It did not take Ashlyn half a second to eradicate all the venom in my body and I want to cheer to that I wasn't feeling that agonizing pain anymore but I can't as another attack from the two black viper snakemen is coming and this time their attack is faster than before.

Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

Two light slashes of saber appeared on my body as I was powerless to counter them, all I do is try to dodge as much as possible so the sabers of the Grimm race monsters could not inflict heavy injuries on me.

I have no other choice but to try to counter and dodge their sabers and try to maintain my sanity through the agonizing pain I am feeling due to the venom that sabers of Grimm race monsters released in me.

Clank Slash Slash Slash Clank...

I kept defending against their furious saber strikes but most of the time I failed as their attacks are too fast for me to intercept and because of this I am in the immense agony.

Every slash of theirs that cut open my skin would release a venom inside me, that venom is very agonizing, that most of the time because of it I wasn't properly able to defend against their saber strike.

I am extremely lucky to have an abnormal partner like Ashlyn who is expertly controlling Sunfire to burn off the venom that entered my body soon as possible otherwise my screams would also be one of the screams I am hearing.

"Tek, look at this lowly animal, just little bit of venom had put such expression of its face but it still has not screamed like other lowly animals."

"Looks like we have to do this to make it scream its lungs out!" said black viper snakemen as it opened its mouth and spit out a large amount of black fog like a wave, not only it but the other Black viper also opened its mouth and released a large amount of the black fog.

Despite knowing a large amount of venom coming at me, I can't do anything as if I tried to do any big move that takes even a little bit of time like taking a step back, then their extremely fast sabers would tear me apart.

All I can do endure, till I get a good chance. A chance where I able to kill one of these Black Viper snakemen with my trump card.

Clank! Clank!

My sword and saber successfully able to defend against both of the sabers of the Grimm race monsters, this is the first time I was able to do that and normally would have been very happy if not seeing a large amount of black fog about to drown me all.

Crackle Crackle Crackle...

First I heard a crackling sound all over my body but soon the agony come from every inch of my body, the very fine layer of Sunfire that Ashlyn had covered my skin had able to burn 75% of venom that two Black Viper snakemen had released but remaining 25% still able to seeped in my body which is giving me agony similar to what I felt when I was forcefully fed the monster core.

Almost instinctively I started to circulate supreme combat exercise, last time only because of this I was able to pa.s.s through the calamity and when I again felt such pain, I started to circulate the supreme combat exercise without thinking.

I did not expect that right after I started circulating supreme combat exercise, I was able to reach 23rd and 24th circulations and just second after that I smashed through 24th circulation and creation of 21st seal started in my temple.

I have never imagined this would happen, I just wanted to deal with agony by feeling another pain and resistance of Supreme combat exercise but to my utter surprise I was able to 21st seal.

I have already monster core in my stomach and Refinement Engine which is always running is feeling a large amount of mana to it for its quick completion so it could provide me with the boost.

Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

It may seem like a lot of time had pa.s.sed but not even two seconds had pa.s.sed since they released the venomous fog on me which is extremely agonizing and in that less two seconds time, seven more slashes appeared on my body.

After releasing the venomous fog, they did not stop attacking, instead, their attacks got faster and faster.

The only good this that the venomous fog they had released did not much affect my visibility otherwise the injuries on me would have a lot more serious.

The agonizing pain I am feeling hadn't gone as the dark fog is still surrounded by my body, trying its all to infiltrate inside my body. Its like it had its own sentient as it kept coming toward me no matter where I move when I am fighting and that is why I am still circulating supreme combat exercise while the seal is being created in my body.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.....13th, I circulate and circulate and able to reach the 13th move by the time the 21st seal is created.

As the 21st seal is created, I felt refres.h.i.+ng energy traveling all over my body, not only that, the pressure I am feeling using 100% power of the Sunfire also lessened a little.

Clank Slash Slash clank...

With creation 21 seal, my strength had increased a little and I was better able to respond to the attack of the Grimm race monster, though getting slashed every few seconds is still inevitable.

At the 18th move, I started to feel immense resistance in circulating the supreme combat exercise but I still kept trying as It is the only thing that keeps me from going mad due to that agonizing pain.

As the wounds kept increasing on my body, the circulation of the supreme combat exercise also increasing, the more agony I will feel the more moves I will be able to circulate.

They kept circulating more and more moves and finally able to reach 24th move, as long as I tear the wall of the 24th move, I will be able to create the second.

I started to build the pressure, I build it till I can't control myself and released it wholly on the wall that is stopping me from creating the 22nd seal.


The wall shattered with the bang and the creation of the 22nd seal started, I started to feed as much as mana it needs so the creation of seal finished quickly.

Clank Clank Slas.h.!.+....

Time pa.s.sed by as my weapons furiously clashed with the two monsters with every second the seal in my temple became more complete and finally and after one and a half minute seal finally completed and I finally able to receive its boosts.

Not only my physical strength increased again by little, but my mental energy also improved and that is why the strain I was feeling due using 100% of Sunfire Rule power completely gone and I felt my mind became free again.


Two saber's came at me as usual, one saber clashed with my s.h.i.+eld and when the second saber about the clash with my sword, I moved my sword a little and avoided the saber of the Grimm monster.

Seeing that a usual smile appeared in the Grimm monsters face, I always do this in order to injure the Grimm monster but every time it dodged my sword while its saber cut some part of me.

This time also when my when moving closer to it, it moved quickly to dodge my sword as it does every time but this time it got the surprise as when it was moving, the speed of my sword suddenly increased and before it could do anything, it able to make faint cut across it chest while the saber which is coming for my shoulder is dodged by me.

What my sword made is could not be considered a cut as it was just faintly touched its skill but still is able to do that which is the first time it had happened.

The small touch of my sword had made a huge impact on the monster as the look of intense anger appeared on its face.

"You lowly food, you dare to tarnish the flesh of this great me with your filthy sword"

"You will pay a huge price for this, I will not eat you while you are alive, I will also dose with my hearts poison so you would truly experience what true agony is." It shouted loudly and a fist-sized ball of fog came out of its mouth.

Its completely different from the wave of Black Fog it released though its mouth last time and this ball of fog little different as it is not wholly black but it also had the specks of red all over it.


I felt a very serious threat from this black red fog ball and wanted to do dodge it even taking risk of getting seriously injured but before I could even flex my muscles to take a jump back, it crashed on my body.

"HAHAHA… Experience the agony of Seven h.e.l.l's, you lowly animal." It shouted loudly as it laughed. "This is my heart's poison which I could only use once in three days, you should feel extremely honored that I used it on you. hahaha…"