Monster Integration - Chapter 387 Looming Danger

Chapter 387 Looming Danger

All seven monsters came at us. Of the Seven monsters, Emma and Ritchie will fight two each while Ben and I will fight one each and the last one will be fought together by Sophia and Reina.

"Tasty food, surrender and I will give a quick death. If you dare to fight with me then I promise you, I will first dip you into seven tail scorpion tribes juices before eating you."

"That will be very tasty for me but very painful for you that will make you wish you hadn't born!" said snakeman as he stood in front of me waiting for my answer.

Is it an idiot? All of its mates already fighting and it is asking me that if I want to surrender so it can give me a swift death and if I didn't it will dip me in juices of some tribe which I have already forgotten the name of if his behavior is not idiocy then what it is.

Though it may have some screw loose, it is quite strong as it has the second strongest aura in this group of seven monsters, that is why I acted as if I am considering his proposal as I am charging the 2nd enhancement of my sword.

If possible, I want to finish this idiot in one move, which will also be quite good for me.

"Answer quickly, I don't have the whole day to wait for your answer," shouted Snakeman snappily, to which I flinched and cower.

" answer is, Go Die!" I said as I shouted last to words as I hacked my sword at it, hoping it will touch its skin so I could release all the power of Point Inferno inside it.

Its snake irises widened in surprise but the next moment that surprise in its eyes morphed into anger.

It may be a little loose in the mind but its reaction is impeccable as just as my sword moved, it also swung its saber to counter my sword.


Its saber countered my sword before it was able to touch any part of my body and my plan failed.

"You lowly food, you dare to take advantage of my mercy! For that, you will pay the price." It screamed loudly as it summoned its spirit totem.

The grey fog came out of its body and morphed into a very sinister but regal-looking snakeman which in turn merged into a snakeman's body covering it with a thin layer of grey fog.

"Now Peris.h.!.+" It said loudly as it attacked and when its blade was halfway, a sinister look flashed in its eyes as opened its mouth and exhale grey fog out of it.

Poison Fog! I said in my mind but I did not panic as I had already had taken precautions against it. Two days ago when we were fighting against the snakemen we forgot to take precautions and have to pay quite a price.

So, when I saw the Snakemen that are going to attack me, I had already taken a precaution against the poison.

But before dealing with the poison fog, I first have to deal with the Saber that is coming at me with extremely fast speed.

CLANK! Puh….

The saber packed with the power Spirit Totem clashed against my sword and the shock I received so immense that I have to vomit blood next second but despite receiving such immense shock, I stood still on my spot.

If it were the time before, I would have flung away even if it was yesterday, I would have had to take several steps back but because of the cleansing my body has gone through last night, it had become quite tensile, that I was able to bear such an attack.

Crackle crackle crackle…..

As out weapons locked in the stalemate, I heard the faint crackling sound over my body, only to see the grey poison making that sound as it touched my skin.

I had covered my body internally and externally with the Sunfire, so as long as poison touched my skin it will burn away and even if by chance it were able to seep inside my skill, it will get vaporized as inside of my body is also covered with the Sunfire.

Clank Clank Clank...

Our swords clashed with each other multiple times, The first few times I had vomited blood due to shock but soon I able to adapt to its attacks and my vomiting stopped.


As I was fighting the Snakeman, I sensed something which changed my expression drastically as it is quite a big problem but I couldn't do anything about it as I am busy with this problem in front of me.

Seeing the much bigger problem is waiting, I upped my offensive and started to use all the power I have but still, I am not able to do much as this was the strongest opponent I have faced till now.

I have another option which is to use my final trump card but I am not going to use it as the much bigger danger is looming closer. If I had used my trump card now then I will be incapable of using it against that bigger danger which is waiting by the curb.


Its saber had just breached the defense of my skill and artifact and able to cut my skin, though the cut is nothing major but still I have to be careful, it is just my shoulder now but it could have been neck and if that had been then I would have had to pay quite a hefty price as not only it made cut on my neck but it also would have poisoned it.

Seee! Crackle crackle…..

I took a sharp breath as I felt the intense pain in my shoulder due to the poison, though it's being burned by the Sunfire, its still feel very painful.


My sword is finally able to make contact with its skill but its faint contact that was not even able to draw blood out of its. I am a little disappointed as I hoping my sword would enter a few centimeters inside it so that I could release the Point inferno inside it.

Clank Clank Clank…

Sparks could be seen flying as our swords kept clas.h.i.+ng hundreds of times in a minute, each of wanting to hack other apart but no one able to do that as we are near equally matched against each other.

I have something very quickly! I thought as I could feel the looming danger that is eyeing us and could devour us at any moment if I kept delaying then that looming danger would surely bite me very hard.

One more its saber came at me but this time, I ducked down and used my sword above my head to defend against the sword move.

CLANK! Puh….

My hands shook uncontrollably and I even vomited blood but I still held on to sword which is trying flung away from my hands due to uncontrollable force I am feeling in my arms.


The force hadn't completely subsided yet when I suddenly spun my body with all my strength and pierce the area above its crotch.


It screamed out of piercingly loud as I released the concentrated fire inside it. The dark red lava-like webs spreading all over its body especially the lower one.


It finally couldn't able to stand anymore as it is finally fell on the ground with a thud.

It is finished! I thought as I looked at the condition of the monster. Though it is not dead, it had completely lost the feeling down below as now it is flailing on the ground in pain.

I have also not come out of this engagement unscathed when I piercing my blade at it, it also aiming its saber at me but I was able to pierce my sword first and moved my body a little so I could avoid its saber.

I would have dodged its saber unscathed but me releasing concentrated fire inside it, made its hand released the saber which falls down on my shoulder cutting quite a bit of flesh.


I drank several bottles of potions and pierce the skull of Snakemen, killing it effectively. Usually, I keep Grimm monsters in the half-dead stage but there is a big danger is looming near us, that is why I killed it, so it could not create any distraction or became an unfavorable variable when that looming danger reveals itself.