Monster Integration - Chapter 386 Aferian Space Ruin

Chapter 386 Aferian Space Ruin

"Have you guys heard?" Sophia asked in a very very excited voice.

"What?" we all asked in unison, to Sophia this excited must be very important and seeing her this excited we couldn't help but get curious.

"Guess?" said Sophia in a teasing manner but no one responded to her teasing, everyone just looked at her intently. Sophia has many qualities but patience is not one of them.

In the three days, we have learned that as long as you have patience enough, you can make Sophia spill all beans she is holding in her mouth, we learned all that from her sister, Reina.

"You guys are no fun!" Sophia said brattily before the same excited smile dawned on her face.

"The news is that they are going to form a stable connection with the Aferian s.p.a.ce Ruin," said Sophia as she looked at our faces which are exactly what she had expected to see, an utter shock.

Ruins! They are like s.p.a.ce realms but also different, the difference between Ruin in that, the ream is the naturally formed spatial enclave that exists in the spatial boundary of our world, It is completely natural with no other no intelligent races interference but the s.p.a.ce runes are completely different.

These ruins could be a tiny part of the world, or the supreme expert's self-created enclave or part of the battlefield that is torn due to war or any other thing. the point is that these runes sometimes revolve around our world and pa.s.sed by it.

With the help of Runic connections

The important thing that these runes are filled with treasures left behind by the intelligent races, there could be weapons that are powerful beyond belief, a very powerful Occult method or miraculous medicine or any other thing.

There are many other things small and bigs could be found there that could change one's life forever but like all this, there are two parts of everything if there is fortune then there is a danger as well.

These runes are immensely dangerous not only there is danger of beasts but there are dangers of runic restrictions, terrain, and other dangerous things that make people lose their lives in the instant.

"Are you sure its the Aferian s.p.a.ce Ruin?" suddenly a voice asked, only to see its Team Leader that sneakily appeared behind us without us knowing.

"Yes, our brother's friend that worked in the adventurers Paradise had told us this news, he said it will become public in few days," replied Sophia more excitedly as this the news only she knew and no one else, not even an instructor.

"Looks like I have to postpone my leaving." The team leader said to himself.

"Team Leader, do you anything about the Aferian Ruin, I have tried but not much able to find out," Sophia asked and we all looked at the Team with an expectant look in our eyes.

"I did not know much, all I know that it had appeared four times before." He said while shaking his head in disappointment and seeing he also did not have the answer, we are also becoming quite disappointed.

"You don't have to make such disappointed faces, I may not know anything but guild will sure have records." said team leader which put brightness on all our faces.

"Alright let's stop talking about the Ruin." Team Leader said halting the thoughts we are having about the Aferian s.p.a.ce Ruin.

"From today you guys are going to hunt in one of the most dangerous parts of the Madeleine Swamp, I hope you guys are prepared enough as the real challenge starts today." said instructor as he took the high jump in the sky and started running in the sky.

Putting the matter of Ruin back of our heads, we started to follow behind the team leader.

Normally it takes us one and a half hours to reach the Madeleine Swamp but today it took us two hours at full speed as we took a completely different route.

We have to cross through another low-level hunting ground to reach here.

What I see in front of me very gloomy swamp, big trees in the water had completely shadowed the bright sunlight, a very cheerful person like Sophia became very silent seeing this.

"This area is very dangerous, here you will only find the elite Major Stage monsters and sometimes even Colonel stage, it will be rare for you to come across the normal Major stage Grimm race monsters or those below them." Said Team Leader.

The team leader had told yesterday that we are coming here and I have done research about but looking at the swamp in front of me, I couldn't help but shudder.

"I've lessened the number of Grimm Race monsters you will have to fight, as long as there are six Grimm Race monster in the group, you can fight them." The team leader said as he took the step inside the swap.

Ahhhh…... Ahhhhhh…...

Its not even full minutes when we had taken a step inside the swamp, I sensed the two killing intents had locked on us and the next moment the Team leader had released the dart and turned them into the ashes.

I am surprised seeing this, I hadn't expected to come across the Grimm monster just a minute after entering the swamp and these monsters were not normal either but elite ones.

As we go forward, we come across more and more monster but all of them were in the small group of five or below, we have not come across any Grimm Race monsters group that had six or more members.


Another one turned into the ash, its been five minutes since we have entered the swamp and team leader had already killed 3o Grimm race monsters.

"Seven!" The team leader said suddenly, just as he said that I also noticed killing intent locked on our group, all nodded and gripped our weapons tightly as we watched our Team Leader disappear.

"s.h.i.+t we let that one get away!" said one Grimm monster as seven Grimm monsters surrounded us.

They were from Grey Snakemen Race, they all are at Major stage and all of them excluding the aura of the Elite, this is the first time I have seen seven Elite Grimm race monsters at the same time.

This is going be a challenge for some of my Teammates as till now the only ones that had truly fought elite Major stage monsters is me, Emma and Richie, while three others never fought.

Though they have not fought the elite before, they have seen their power when Emma and Richie fought them, so fight going to hard but as long they give them all they should be able to handle these elite monsters.

"You, idiots attack first before they get away like the other one," said Major stage Grimm race monsters who had the strongest aura.

Seeing them coming toward us, we seamlessly adjusted to our positions, with three days of fighting together, we know the strength of each other very well, so when the seven Grimm race monsters attacked us we have already each having target in our mind that we want to fight.