Monster Integration - Chapter 370 Help!

Chapter 370 Help!

Fire Strike! Fire Strike! Fire Strike

Coming out of my bafflement, I swiftly activated my most powerful offensive skill and attack while activating my speed skills.

Though I can't seem them through the trees, I can sense them and it is enough for me to launch an attack effectively. For major stage warrior, my fire strike is not lethal even if it had been merged with 100% rule power as with Major stage warriors could easily sense the attack that is coming toward them.

My intention was not to harm them but slow them down, so could catch up to them but looked like it was just my wishful thinking that my attack would able to touch them as they had easily dodged my fire strike, seeing that I stopped and did not follow them as there is no use.

What has just happened? I asked myself again in confusion, earlier we are fighting one moment and the next moment they started to run away suddenly after looking at each other briefly.

The fight between us was intense but no one was seriously injured, the injury I have the feather man was not even serious, it would have automatically healed in a minute by strong vital powers of Grimm race.

Still, I can't do anything about them as now they had run away and I am not an idiot enough to follow them as it could lead to ambush and such may seem rare but they are very commonly used by both Grimm Race and Humans.

Sighing, I ate another small piece of monster core and started to walk to search for another Grimm Race monsters to hunt. It is still morning and I had not wasted more than half an hour on those birdmen, with that thinking I started to search for new prey.

It seemed like my luck is really bad, I have been searching for the prey for the past two hours but I did not find any.

The Grimm race monsters that I found, they seemed to be fighting with the other humans.

I was just walking when I saw heard something and that sound seemed to be getting closer and closer, soon I could see two humans are running toward me and they both seemed to be girls.

They are running very speedily and as they little closer, I found that four werewolves were following them behind with fiendish expression and from their speed, they seemed to be gaining ground on the girls.

During the chase, both parties are launching attacks at each other to slow the other party down.

of the four werewolves, three werewolves lanching attack at girls while the other one is following with carefree expression and did not have a weapon on him except for his suit of armor, seeing such behavior of werewolf, I became vigilant and prepared for worst.

I have to say, these two girls are quite strong as both of them able to fend off most of the attacks from the four Major stage werewolves while being at a Peak level of Master stage. If there were only two werewolves, I am sure these two girls would have able to deal with them.

They both looked to be the same age me and sensing Rule powers fluctuations from them, I could concur that both of these girls are likely from westblood.

As they got closer, I got a clear look at their faces and surprise to find that both of the girls are twins and looks exactly the same but despite that one would easily able to identify them as one had jet black hair while others had a fire engine red color hair.

"Friend, would you help us fend off these werewolves, we will pay you a handsome reward if we survived." said redhead from the distance as she saw me from the distance.

I nodded and took out the Mid-level Knight Grade sword from my storage. This will be the first time I will be using this in the Grimm battlefield.

Last time I got too overconfident in my confidence that I hadn't used it, otherwise with its help the fight would have been a little easier.

If it had been normal times, I would have run away even if the asking help is two pretty girls as what I will be fighting against two werewolves at least but for two hours, I hadn't found any Grimm race monster to hunt that made me quite frustrated that even seeing four werewolves coming toward me, my mood had to brighten.

I had already activated Sunfire rule when I saw the two girls were coming toward me as I didnt want anyone to know I had comprehended the killing rule and after seeing there are four werewolves chasing two girls, I had utilized it powerfully at 100%.

Using 100% power of Sunfire, I am feeling a little headache though its just mild one, nothing compared to the one I had when I used the power of two rules together, that was head spitting one but still having a headache means I am in serious need of mental power if I want to use my Rules powers at their limit.

Soon the two girls appeared in front of me and stood both sides of me, I have to say they are more beautiful than I thought, they are just shy away from matching ellen in beauty.

"Thank You for your willingness to help us, unlike others who ran away seeing four Major level Werewolves that are chasing us." Said girls with fire engine red hair.

I nodded but inside I was also vigilant against them, thinking they will run away after giving werewolves a new target that is me but the girls didnt do that and stand beside me if they had betrayed me, I would have made pay the heavy price with death.

"Hehehe, looks like a hero came to save the damsels but look, hero's strenth so little that to finish him off just single fingernail of mine id enough!" said lead werewolf as he stopped not far from us with two of its mates.

"Hhahahaha….." hearing that three other werewolves behind him started to laugh, I didn't react to its provocation and stood vigilantly. All this was tactic to make me angry, if I got angry and attacked them then I would be finished by these werewolves before I even knew it.

"Careful of the leader, he is stronger than other werewolves." said, red-haired girl, I nodded.

All the four werewolves at Major stage but the leader of the werewolf is excluding more oppressive power than the other three werewolves combine, he will surely be stronger than the other three werewolves quite possibly have a Totem spirit or comprehended occult method.

Why my luck is so bad! I cursed inside my mind, the first time I entered the Grimm Battlefield I come across two elite monsters, one could summon a Totem Spirit while another has comprehended Occult Method.

"You two handle the other three werewolves while I'll deal with the leader," I said that clearly surprised both girls and werewolf leader.

They probably thought I will choose to fight one of the weakest werewolves but instead, I am choosing to fight the strongest, most dangerous one.

"Punk, do you think you could beat me?" asked the werewolf leader with leasing tone, "You will know when I stuff the runic disk inside you and harvest pretty Mana Crystals," I replied with a same teasing tone.

"Punk! You will pay for what you have just said." said, werewolf leader and leaped at me with his great ax.