Monster Integration - Chapter 369 Running Away

Chapter 369 Running Away

I silently followed the two birdmen without making any noise as like me they also seemed to search for prey. Soon I got close enough that my eyes were able to seem them clearly and sense their power.

They both are pigeonmen tribe of the Grimm Race, I first thought they would be Pheasentmen seeing their grey and white the color of their fur but after taking a very good look I've confirmed that they are Pigenmen and both of them are at Major stage.

They are wearing full hunting gear like other Grimm Races monsters and holding thin swords in their hands.

If I had encountered them last time, I definitely would not have fought them, one Major stage is enough for me but now they now that both of My Rule power advanced, I definitely have the confidence to fight them together.

And if my luck is bad and both of them could summon their Spirit Totem or use Occult Method, I sure that I will able to run away from them and my luck would not be this bad to encounter elite Grimm Race Monsters in my 2nd time of hunting also.

The elites are quite rare in rookie areas and it was due to my bad luck that I encountered two elites last time. The elites are very rare to see in the low-level hunting ground, they are usually found in mid-level and High-level hunting ground.

I activated 100% of my Killing Rule and walked out of my hiding place, they did notice me when I walked out of my hiding place, they only noticed me when I walked a few steps.

"Heim, weren't you talking about how hungry you are feeling and look lunch had appeared on its own without us searching it." said one pigeon man to his friend.

"You are right Raul and this one so weak that we will be able to finish him in a minute." said another pigeon and attacked me.

Most of the Bird type Grimm Race monsters cant fly in the knight stage but once they level up from the Knight stage, they started to fly and they have no equal.

Other types of Grimm Race monsters and humans cant compare to them and probably that is why the bird type monsters are best type monsters at best at survival.

I know what they had just said just now is to anger me, with having thousands of years of experience fighting against humans, they have a pretty good idea about us like we had about them.

They can clearly sense I am at the sergeant stage and despite that, I went out on the hunting and that means I am clearly strong enough to vigilant.

Such tactics won't work on me and despite them noting me as their food, I remain calm.

Seeing them speedily coming at with their sword, I also rush toward them, its just that my speed is a little slower.

The bird monster is known for its speed both on-air and ground due to its light as air weight which they take full advantage in the contact.

Though my speed is slower than them, I could still able to see their every movement with my senses enhanced.

Clank! Clank!

My sword and s.h.i.+eld clashed against their sword and as I had expected I did not feel crus.h.i.+ng weight which I felt when I counter the attack of Grimm race monster's when I counter their attack head-on.

The bird monsters are not known for their physical strength what they are known for their speed and swiftness which is why just as their weapons clashed against mine, they quickly flexed their wrist and attacked me from a different direction and this time they are double two times faster than before.

If I using Sunfire rule instead of Killing Rule right now, I would have taken a step back to dodge the attack but I am using killing rule and I was clearly able to see this move and able to respond to it.

Clank Clank! Clank Clank! Clank Clank!....

As I saw their weapons direction I was able to counter them and like last time just as I countered their attack, they launched another one that very second. They kept launching attack after attack and i kept responding it.

It may look very slow but it is happening very fast speed and if I can exclude the Ratman that attacked me with occult skill then, this would be the fastest time, I clashed weapons at this fast speed.

We would have crossed weapons more than eighty times in just one minute, It was a good thing the killing rule gave me enhanced senses and intuitions, if I were using the Sunfire rule, I would have had no option but to do but dodge these extremely fast their attacks.

My fast countering speed is not only due to my Killing Rule but because of my Body Cleansing Technique also, it is because of this that my body became flexible that, I could counter-attack at such an unnatural angle.

Twenty minutes had pa.s.sed and I started to feel a little tired, not physically but mentally also.

For twenty minutes we had been fighting intensely and did not take even second of a break. In the normal fight, one would get a tiny break while taunting each other or while taking a step back, this would give one time to relax the muscle for a bit and relaxed one mind also.

But this fight is extremely fast-paced that now we are exchanging near hundred blows every minute and our speed increasing getting faster every minute.

Though after activating I get enhanced senses and intuition, it also had its price also that I need a lot of mental energy to maintain control over my senses, intuition, and body when I am using Killing Rule.

Killing Rule usually takes 40% more mental energy to use than the Sunfire rule.


Finally, my sword pa.s.sed through the further man defense and cut him, though I was only able to a few feathers and not real skin, it still counted.

I thought the feathered would curse at me or would say something taunting seeing my sword able to cut through its defenses but it did not say anything except for glaring at me and making their attacks even more intense.

With pa.s.sing time, my intuition grew stronger and I was able to harm him, I'm confident that in the next ten minutes my intuition will become strong enough that I will be able to injure them and in half an hour, one of them will be dead by my sword.


Yes! I screamed in my mind, as I finally able to cut the skin of the featherman and it way earlier than I expected, I thought I will take more near ten minutes before I will be able to cut its skin but I just did that four minutes later.

As my attacked landed both of the monsters looked at each, I felt something is wrong and got ready to use my Sunfire rule with killing rule not fearing repercussion that will come after when two feathered men simultaneously took a jump back and started running away, their speed was so fast that they disappear from my eyes within a second.

Seeing that I looked at them blandly thinking What had just happened. Their running away had utterly confused me, isn't one runs away when one had a sure chance of being defeated or killed not when one just received a single non-threatening injury.