Monster Integration - Chapter 348 Battle IV

Chapter 348 Battle IV

21 st minute had finally started but this time it is a little different for me as this is the only second time, I will be using above 70% power of Sunfire rule.

Well, Robot is now displaying the power of Peak Major stage evolver and I am fighting it just with the power of Sergeant stage evolver.

Of course, there is Rule power that makes it all possible, otherwise even super elites of Sergeant stage couldn't beat the normal Major stage evolver as the difference between them is too great.

Ruby and Seth must have comprehended the 3 rd level Rule or have 2 nd level Rules with low comprehension to only last till 13 th minute when they first measured their Combat Score.

If they had a high comprehension of Rule, they would have lasted more than that. Even andy who I beat at single strike would able to last till 21 st minute with the power of his peak 2 nd level Rule.

This Grimm battlefield is an amazing place to make the fast progress as yesterday, I sensed a threat from both Ruby and Seth.

Ever since I comprehended the Rule of Killing, instinct and senses received and upgrade. With just a look, I can sense the threat from other people.

Both Ruby and Seth are very strong, their combat score is definitely is 5000 or above to make me feel such a threat.

After fourteen minutes, I stopped increasing the power of my offensive and kept using only 70% of my Rule power for the offense as I felt it was enough against Robot that captain stage.

At the 15 th minute did it started to display the power of Major stage but even against that, I was faring quite well but it will change at 22 and second.

As at 22 and second, the Robot will display the power of the Colonal stage evolver which will be on a completely different level.

At every three stages, there is a qualitative change, when one enters the Sergeant stage from the corporal stage he will feel the qualitative change in his strength, it is many times greater than the normal level up between stages.

The same happened in Captain stage and Colonel stage, I did not feel much effect of this qualitative change as I have Rule power but if I didn't have that I would have been definitely felt elated after leveling up to the sergeant stage.

Not only Robots power but my power also experiences the qualitative change as till now the Rule power I had been using is Low Level of the Basic stage but above 70% I will be using Rule power that of Low-level comprehension.

This is my true trump card which even I am unable to predict how powerful it is, that is why I have been making mistakes on predicting my own power.

I hope that this trump card will help me get enough Combat Score that I will be able to enter the S Cla.s.s guild.

Only a second is remaining before 22 nd minute start, fearing Robots power will increase suddenly as it will display the power of the Colonial stage, I merged 75% Rule power in my strengthening skill.


The 22 and minute started and Robots fist and Metallic vines came at me at the same time, I decided to deal with fist first at it faster and more destructive than the metallic Vines.

BAMMM! Bang!

As my sword and fist clashed, I heard huge bam and the next second I could Robot had flown back with cras.h.i.+ng speed as It finally crashed against the wall with Bang.

'Hun!' that was unexpected. I knew that my this blow will be powerful but did not expect to be this powerful.

It took a while for Robot to stand up and came to attack but it came, if I launched this attack before 21 st Minuit, this robot would have stayed on its spot till the minute is over but now it is different.

The Robot now has the power of Colonel stage which is different from the other stages.

Colonel stage, General stage, and Marshal stage are the last three stages of the 12 basic stages and they are especially powerful than that the other nine stages.

Till now it stages was roughly divided in seven minutes but from the 22nd minute, there will be about 14 minutes of Colonel stage.

That is the general equation of Robots fighting method but it does not always hold true as sometimes some exception happens.

Like now at 22 and Minuit, the Robot is showing the power of average Colonel stage but at the next moment it could directly show the power of Elite Colonial stage which it shows in 33 rd second, nothing is defined when one is taking Combat Score measurement test especially 21 st second.

22 nd minute quickly pa.s.sed over as Robot kept banging against the wall whenever I attack.

At 23 rd minutes, the result wasn't much different than that of the 23rd as Robot kept banging against the wall.

I kept attacking it while it is down, not giving it a single chance to fight back.

Initially, I thought, I will need to use my speed skill and some other skill after twenty minutes but now it looks like it will take quite some time for it to make me give my all.

Bang bang Bang!

24 th Minutes had started and in these minutes, the Robot started to show some resistance to my attacks but still, I had a huge upper hand as I kept banging it against the wall of the fighting chamber.

It's seven metallic vines and the human body is not able to penetrate my defense even slightly.

25 th Minuit was the same but 26 this little different as at 26 th minute when Robot started to barely avoid being crushed against the wall with every attack of mine.

At 27 th Minuit, it started to lunch the counter-attacked on me but it counterattacks was very slow that I was easily able to avoid them without any effort.

Just like the 27 th minutes, 28 th was the same where I could counter attackers but it changed 29 th minute where I started to feel the strain and started to go on the defensive move.

At 30 th minute, the strain on me increased even more that I had to go the fully defensive, in the 30 th minute, I did not get a single chance to launched an attack.

Bang Bang Bang….

At 31 st second, I merged 80% of my Rule power in my strengthening skill and the whole process of Robot tree man cras.h.i.+ng against started repeating itself.

By the 34 th minute came, the Robot barely able to able itself from cras.h.i.+ng against the wall, I was quite happy seeing that as Robot is now fighting me with power of the Peak Colonial level powerhouse but now Funtime time is over at 35 th minute the Robot will increase its power that of the General stage.

The general stage is the second last stage of 12 Basic stages and after that Is the Marshal stage, the last stage before one could enter the completely new stage of power.

Taking no chances, I merged 85% of my Rule power in my skill as there is only a second before 35th minutes start.


The 35 th minutes started and I found Robot speed suddenly increased tremendously and its Fist which is far away very comes very close to me that I barely had any time to defend properly, all I could do make my sword stand vertically to bear defend against the fist of the Robot that is very very close to me.


Thud thud thud thud thud!

As the giant fist crashed against my sword which I hastily put up in front of me as defense, I felt immense shock traveling in my body.

This shock was so immense that if I didn't have my body covered with 85% Rule power then It would have broken into several pieces despite wearing whole Totem Artifact Gear all over my body.

Still, I had to take five steps back to diffuse the power blow that had coursed through my veins.

Danger hadn't been over seven snakes like vines coming at me with very fast speed.