Monster Integration - Chapter 347 Battle III

Chapter 347 Battle III

The robot came at me with very fast speed while it did not stop its attack of metallic vines, it was a good thing that earlier I merged 10% of my rule power instead of the 5%, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to respond to the huge fist that coming toward.

I did not even bat an eye seeing the fist just calmly waited for it while defending against the metallic vines.

Clank Clank Clank…..

The fist came close to me and I instantly increased the power of my sword to threw away Metalic vines, so I could clash against fist.


Finally, the fist and my sword clashed against each other head-on, it was a big clash that produced shockwave but despite that, nor robot or I took a step back.

Clank Clank Clank…

Without waiting for anything, it again attacked me with metallic vines and also started using kicks and punches.

If normal Captain stage Evolver were to face such intense attack, he would turn b.l.o.o.d.y with all of his bones broken within ten seconds.

Fire Strike! Fire Strike!

Seeing the opportunity, I quickly lanched two firebolts which were infused by the 35% of my Rule power.

Attacking is important, not only it helps gain more Combat Score points but it also slows down a robot, its slowness depending on the power of my attack.

I am sure that if I had attacked with all my power, it will stop and still like a statue, it will stay like that till the minute is over, I am sure that with me using all my power, I have ability make statue stop on its spot till fifteen minutes straight and that is just my guess as I hadn't used my full power anyone against it yet.

The 8 th minute started and I merged 15% of my Rule power into my strengthening skill while used 40% in my attacks.

Fighting this Robot is like fighting an opponent which had ten arms, it is literally fighting ten arm monster as this robot is not only attacking me with seven metallic arms, it also attacking me with its big arms and fists.

8th minute had pa.s.sed and 9th had come but I did not feel much pressure as the Robot is currently displaying the power of the Captain stage evolver and I have plenty of experience fighting the Captain stage.

In the past three months, I many times went into the forest. Captain stage monsters are like chicken to me.

10th minuit came and Power of Robot had increased again and to match against it, I also had to increase my power again.

It has been ten minutes since the fight started and I already stayed in the chamber more than 99% rookies failed to do so but I had long antic.i.p.ated I would last this much.

With me having the power of peak 2nd level Rule which comprehension has reached halfway to the medius level, my power had reached the present level.

Ever since I comprehended Rule power, I have never used it fully.

I have come very close using it fully one time against Andy but at the last minute, I took back 30% power in fear of killing him.

It was the right decision otherwise I would have vaporized Andy despite him also comprehending the Peak 2nd level Rule as there was large difference between our comprehension.

He was quite powerful and was easily able to crush anyone that came anyway but in front of every move of his got vaporized

Time pa.s.sed by and finally 13th minute came, at the 13th minute both Ruby and Seth likely had reached their limit but I still have very much fighting power left in me.