Monster Integration - Chapter 345 Battle I

Chapter 345 Battle I

"Please place your holowatch here." the clerk said motioning toward the counter, I nodded and remove my holowatch from my left hand and placed it on the counter.

As I placed my holowatch on the counter, the counter became like mud for a second and sucked my holowatch right in.

I was quite surprised to see that happening but next moment a deep purple holowatch appeared from the counter, the same way my old holowatch sucked in.

"Here's your new Holowatch, it has all your previous data." said the clerk, I nodded and picked up my new holowatch excitedly.

It is a deep purple in color and a little bigger but lighter than my old holowatch. It looked quite striking with four projections crystallized installed in four sides which, it will make seeing projections more clear than my previous holowatch which had only one projection crystal embedded inside it.

"Thank you!" I said as I left the counter after checking everything is right with my holowatch.

Now, that I did with all the miscellaneous stuff, it is time to do the thing, I have come here.

Going back to the 1st floor, I walk toward the different groups of the elevator and boarded one of them.

These elevators are special, instead of going up they go down. In this adventurers paradise that facilities that measured Combat Score are built underground.

I scan my holowatch to the elevator and it started to take me down, a few seconds later it finally stopped and I got out of it.

As I got out of the elevator, I saw a big hall from me which has doors every corner of it, people could be seen coming and going out of it, they are entering those door with excited and enthusiastic mood but when they came back, they came utterly battered.

There are sixteen doors on this floor, those doors lead chamber where combat score is measured.

My luck is quite well that there are several chambers are opened, seeing that I quickly wore the artifacts that I wasn't wearing.

Ruby said it didn't matter how many artifacts I wore, they will have no effect on my combat score, there are high-level sensors in the chamber which can accurately distinguish between the power of self and the power of artifacts.

After wearing all the artifacts, I walked toward one of the unoccupied doors


With the soft bell, the door to the chamber opened as I scanned my holowatch to the door. As the door opened, I walked into the chamber.

As I took steps inside the chamber, I found it quite big. It is big enough that I will not face the necessity of the s.p.a.ce when fighting inside it.

It was all stark white and empty, except for the whiteness of the s.p.a.ce nothing could be seen, the door which I came from also became while, if not for seeing a black handle, I would have definitely thought that the door had disappeared.

As I was wondering where the opponent I would be fighting, a big hole opened and from it, a four-meter Metallic creature came out.

This creature really surprised me, I was expecting to fight an android but what appeared in front of me is weird Robot.

At one glance, it looked like treant but when one really looked at it, one will find not only it had long metallic wired as vines, it also had muscled hands and feet.

This creature simply looks fike fusion of man and treant made of metal and fighting it not only going to be a physical but psychological challenge also.

Fighting is going to be hard especially constrained s.p.a.ce like this chamber, if I did not guess wrong then this robot not only can launch long and mid-range attacks through its metallic vines but it can also perform short-range attacks.

The Fight Will Start In Minutes Time, All Challenger Have To Do Is Survive As Fighter No. 565 Strength Will Increase 25% Every Minute.

A metallic voice rang out with projection of digital clock appeared in the center of the room, I am not surprised hearing the announcement as Ruby and Seth had told me about it.

The only surprise is fighter robot which is different in every fight, ruby said the first fighter she had fought to measure her Combat Score was Giant Humanoid which was able to shoot energy beams.

from them, both told me and what I found through the web, in the combat score measurement process one will have to fight different metallic robots, some were normal while some were downright weird but all of them had two things in common that whatever robot they fought.

First is they all are able to perform short, mid and long-range attacks and all robot power would increase 25% every minute.

They are even able to come up with rough guessing of combat score on how much time one will be able to survive against the robot.

It is said that those who are able to fight for ten minutes will have Combat Score of around 1000 points, those who were able to fight for 20 minutes will have Combat Score of around 2000 points, those who are able to fight for 30 minutes will have Combat Score of around 3000 and so on.

Fighting every minute can give one Combat Score of around 100 points but getting it is said than done as every minute power of robot would increase 25%.

In fights like this one can fight fine one minutes but the next minute he can get utterly beaten as strength of robot will increase by 25%, this is the reason why 95% percent of those who measure their combat score for the first time didn't last for more than 5 minutes and 99.9% first-timer didn't survive more than 10 minutes.

Thirty seconds on the timer had already pa.s.sed and now there is only 30 seconds left before I have to fight this metallic giant in front of me.

In that time, I decided to observe it carefully so that I will be able to fight against it longer.

It is said that every one of these robots has the strength of Elite Marshal Stage Evolver and all of them are imported from the Central Continent as people of our continent did not have technique or skill to create such robots.

Thirteen years ago when the Grimm Race had launched a big attack on the fort Cavendish and manpower of fort was not enough to survive against them at that time, the Fort had used these robots to buy time before the reinforcements arrive.


Finally, countdown inched toward 0 and I became ready to launch my attack as it hit zero.

3, 2, 1, 0

'Sup Sup Sup....!'

Finally, the countdown hit zero and that exact movement, vines of Metalic wires attacked me very fast speed.

These metallic vines are very dangerous and if they attack normal lieutenant, stage he will find himself skewered before he could think how do defend itself from it but unfortunately for this weird robot, this attack of his nothing in front of me, it didn't even require for me to use my rule power, just using half power of my strengthening skill is enough.