Monster Integration - Chapter 344 Changing Holowatch

Chapter 344 Changing Holowatch

I could only nod as I did not have any idea how much power this combat score amount to, I could only able to make a comparison when I measure my combat score tomorrow.

"Do you guys have any tips for measuring combat score?" I asked, hoping to glean some tips that could help to get more combat scores when I measure it tomorrow.

"No tips are useful in when measuring the Combat Score, still I will tell you what entails!" said Ruby while shaking her head.

Next few minutes she told me what I should expect when I measure my combat score tomorrow, hearing that I couldn't help but frown as this seems very simple.

"Isn't this very simple, how can they measure one combat power through this simple method!" I asked.

I thought, there will be some complicated set of procedure to measure the combat score but what Ruby told me all I have to fight an android.

"It is not as simple as you think, you will understand it when you fight it tomorrow," Ruby said with a smile.

Next hour we kept talking to many other things, some of them were really out of my expectations, by then I left the bar, most of the questions I had in my mind got cleared.

We exchanged our number and Seth again reminded me if I was able to 1300 or above, I should call him for recommendation So that I will have an easier time in getting into his Guild.

When I reached back my apartment half an hour later, it was already late evening and it is time for my dinner.

I did not order food from outside, instead chose to cook it myself seeing I want to save as much as merit points for other things and another reason is food is little expensive here than the republic as most of the monster meat got imported from outside as monsters are scarce in the Grimm battlefield.

The dinner became ready within an hour and it was very delicious as all the ingredients I used to make it are from the central continent.

After the dinner, I picked Ashlyn who is lying down on her stomach and place her on her favorite chair on the balcony while I sat on the chair beside her as I surf the net.

The web on Grimm battlefield is very closed, it's completely disconnected from the outside. The only good thing about it that it had connected with all the Grimm battlefields.

There is only one social network in the which is from Adventures paradise on which I have only two friends which are Ruby and Seth.

There may be other dark networks but I don't know about them yet seeing I have arrived in the Grimm Battlefield just today.

As I was searching the net, I found that for rookies getting Combat Score more than 1000 at their first try is very hard, only those extremely talented could score that.

No wonder that Seth seemed very proud when he told me his Combat Score and how he was able to get into the A-Cla.s.s Guild directly.

I kept surfing the net till late night, reading about everything I need to know about Combat Score test which I giving today.

I didn't want to make any mistakes as it is my combat score which will decide what type Guild will I be eligible for.

The Guild I am rooting for is S Cla.s.s guild but if I did not get into the S Cla.s.s Guild then I want to to to to get into the Top A Cla.s.s guild at least.

Seeing it is quite late, I close the net and went to my bedroom to sleep.

It was 8 when I wake up, normally I woke up quite early but sleeping late makes me wake up late.

After taking a shower and eating leftover from last night, I got out of my apartment with a clear destination in my mind.

I am going to the adventure paradise, in Grimm Battlefield one can measure up his combat score in nearly any adventure paradise building as long as they pay with thousand merit points.

It was a good thing that for rookies first chance is free, I won't have to pay anything to measure my combat score for the first time.

I called the hovercar to take me to the Adventurers Paradise, there is adventurers Paradise branch in every area of Fort Cavendish but one's that have facilities to measure Combat Score could only be found in the central area of the Fort Cavendish.

With the hovercar, It took me fifteen minutes to reach my destination.

Getting out of hovercar, I walked into a huge Adventurers Paradise building, this is the biggest adventure Paradise building I've ever seen, it is at least five times bigger than the one in the westblood.

As I enter inside it, I've come across the scene of numerous screen projecting all over the hall, it's just that content on the screen is a little different.

Most of the screens occupied with jobs related to Grimm Race monsters while the rest of the jobs are about the things they need from outside.

The outside area is a treasure trove, the dark energy released through the s.p.a.ce cracks produced many precious treasures that are in very high demand that one would get a high price from them.

Taking a brief look at the screen, I walk toward the information counter, before going to measure my Combat Score, I have one important thing to do.

"h.e.l.lo, where can I replace my holowatch?" I asked the pretty clerk who is behind the information counter.

"Go to the third floor, where you can ask any person there to change your holowatch," she replied with a professional smile.

"Thank You," I said and walk toward the elevator.

This is the holowatch I have since I was fifteen, it was issued from my school, it is still working properly but signs of tears could be seen.

I wanted to replace it westblood but I somehow forgot to do that whenever I visited the adventurers Paradise but this time I have no choice but to change it.

This basic model Holowatch won't able to survive Grimm Battlefield and I have received notification yesterday that if I did not replace my this Holowatch within a month, it will stop working after that.

"h.e.l.lo, I want to change my holowatch," I said to the male clerk on the third floor, I would have asked the pretty female clerks but all of them are busy.

The male clerk nodded and tapped a few b.u.t.tons on the counter and the next second twenty-two different types of holo watches projected in front of me.

All of them offer different specifications, the only common thing about them that all of them are way better than holowatch.

The price of them are starting from three hundred credits to fifty thousand credits and all of them came with different types of variations.

After looking at them for fifteen minutes, comparing their specification I finally chose the holowatch which had put a large dent in my finances.