Monster Integration - Chapter 334 Back Home III

Chapter 334 Back Home III

"Micheal, do you need something?" My father took his head away from the screen and asked, it had been nearly fifteen minutes since I have arrived in his lab but only now he comes out of his screen to talk to his son.

"Yes, I have brought some books for you when I was in the Awakening Ground," I said and transferred all the books I have brought for him to his holowatch.

He first has his casual reserved look on his face as he looked at the books I have sent him but over time it became more and more serious.

One can see the immense joy in his eyes despite having a serious face, it took him nearly half an hour to get out of books.

"These books will be very helpful to me." said my father and once again he went back to reading without giving me a single glance.

I smiled seeing him acting like that. My father had reserved nature and he did not like to talk much which is very opposite to my mother who has a cheerful personality.

"Micheal did you get anything for your mother or you are just your father's boy?" asked my mother teasingly.

Seeing her so openly asking for gifts, I couldn't help but smile. Every time I come home, I always brought something for the family and this time is no different as this time I brought so many things, that even some of all other times couldn't compare to it.

"Here!" I said and handed her the storage. She looked a little surprised seeing me giving her the storage directly as most of the time I took gifts one by one from my storage.


She let out a huge gasp as she looked inside the storage, it is not the normal storage which had the s.p.a.ce of 1 cubic meter, this is high-level Knight grade storage which has the s.p.a.ce of 10 cubic meters and it is packed with hundreds of things for her.

I took out another storage and placed it beside my father, he will take a look when he is done looking through the books.

I wanted to give them this storage at night after dinner but when my mother asked it, I thought now is good as well.

Both are High-level Knight Grade storages and quite expensive even in the Awakening ground.

I had not brought any storage equipment despite having a wish as they were very expensive and I already had one of the old styles.

All the storage I have is I looted from the bandits that came in my way, there are not high-grade storages with me but I still have a few more.

"Micheal, these things are too much!" said my mother after some, "Mom, I got this stuff through the lucky encounters in the Awakening ground and things I have given you is a fraction of that stuff!" I said as I placed my hands on her as rea.s.surance.

"Is that one for your father?" asked my mother looking as the storage which I placed beside my father.

"Yes, it is for dad. I hope dad likes things inside it." I said answering her question. "Don't worry, he always loves your gifts." said my mother as she pressed her hands to mine.

Unlike my mother whose tastes and likes I know from my heart, It has always been difficult for me to guess what my father likes.

He is a simple man who doesn't have much interest in materialistic things, the only thing he cares aside from family is his research and it had been very difficult for me to buy things that will help him in his research, I was quite lucky to find the books that are helpful to his research.

The lab of my father filled with numerous machines and various projection screens, all the screens showing a different type of data except for one screen.

That screen showing a toddler and silver bird is sleeping together in the crib while two big bird is keeping watch over them

The toddler is Alice and she has Ashlyn in her arms who is also sleeping while Ashlyn parents were keeping watch.

It will take another hour or two for Alice two wake up, I thought as I started to help my mother in cleaning the lab.

"Micheal, that book you have given me is quite interesting." the mother said as we had just finished cleaning the lab and sat in the corner.

"Do you really like it?" I asked in surprise, my mother didn't have much interest in any form of academic, the doctor's course she did that not because she liked it but because it offers Simcom comfortable life.

"Why do you sound surprised! I may not be smart as your father but I am not dumb either." mother said with mock anger.

"It's no what I mean, it's just that you rarely showed anything academic that I thought you will not be much interested in studying runes," I explained and next moment before she could say anything I started to make paper books from my storages.

"What's all these?" she asked in surprise as she took the physical book which has drawn beautiful Bow on its cover.

"These paper books contain Totem Blueprint and it details introductions," I said to a mom who was reading the first page of the book.

These books are the same books that I have got from the storage I found in Neil and Andrew's stuff. These books are quite good.

One with basic knowledge of runes could easily understand these books and even if they don't know anything about runes could still able to create a Totem artifact following simple directions written in the books.

"Here, I will give some Rune related books that I had brought in the Awakening Ground," I said and transferred all the rune related books in her holowatch.

"Wow, calm down buddy these are lots books, you might accidentally drown your mother in it." said my mother jokingly as she smacked me lightly on my back.

"Don't worry, you will be fine mom," I replied jokingly.

Time pa.s.sed by as I happily spend time with my family, two weeks have already pa.s.sed since I have been at home.

I was going to leave for westblood yesterday but decided to stay a few days more as I was going to leave in three months and I wasn't sure when I will be able to return.

Shortest would be half-year while longest may take more than ya ear, so I am trying to spend as much quality time with my family.

In these two weeks except for performing Body Cleansing Technique, I did nothing much but despite performing technique for more than two weeks, I was never able to perform the thirteen pose of the technique.

It's not that the 13th pose is difficult, it's just that I became too tired at 12th pose that I did not have any energy to perform the 13th pose.

Still, more than two weeks of hard work had still had its results, the energy of miracle fruit had reached its limit and if I am lucky then today would be the I would level up to the Sergeant stage.