Monster Integration - Chapter 333 Back Home II

Chapter 333 Back Home II


Suddenly a loud cry broke out of the room, when I emitted a slight power of Sunfire, my plan was to shock my parents and then something catchy after that.

My plan worked and both of my parents shocked sensing the power of Sunfire and just when I was about to say something catchy as loud cry broke out of the room.

It is my sister who was quite busy playing with her food and now then them taking a bite but the power of Sunfire had that I emitted had scared her, it scared her so much that she started to cry loudly.

"Oh darling, it's nothing. Your brother was joking with you." said my mother as she took Alice out of toddler chair to pacify her but not before giving me an angry look.

"Cry cry…..""It's its ok darling, that was just brother playing with you…."

Alice kept crying loudly while the mother was trying to pacify while giving me an angry look now and then.

Alice is a good girl, always very obedient and she rarely cries but once she started crying, she will cry her heart out.

I frantically started to pacify her but no matter what I said, she didn't stop crying.

"Cry Cry..."

Finally seeing no choice, I took another packet of candies from my storage, hoping that this will finally make her stop crying.

"Alice, take this packet of candies, do you love it right?" I said and gave an open packet of candies in her hands.

As she took the packet of candies in her hand, she suddenly stops crying. Her big eyes from where the endless tears were flowing also stopped right after that.

Chew chew!

With a packet of candies in her, she started munching and this time even Ashlyn didn't dare to take candies from her packet, fearing she will make Alice cry again but that does not mean she will not ask me for another packet.

I took out another packet from my storage and load it in the small bowl, so eat could eat it easily.

"That was Rule power?" asked my father in a serious voice, earlier when Alice started crying, my father did not do anything except for gently patting her head, anyone can tell that half of his mind lost somewhere.

"Yes, It was Rule of Sunfire, A peak level 2 Rule," I replied I couldn't help but proud when I said this. There are very few people were able to comprehend the Rule and whole who were able to comprehend level 2 Rule is even less for those who had comprehended the Peak level 2 Rule, I have only seen two of them which are Andy and Jill.

"Peak Level 2 Rule?" My father asked again, I had just told them superficial information about Rule, had not explained the categorizations.

"The Rules are divided in….."

I started to explain details categorization of the Rule of my parents and how difficult to comprehend higher level Rules are.

"You must have become quite powerful?" said my mother to which I only smiled.

The breakfast ended and I picked my sister from her toddler chair to play with her.

Alice is a chubby ball of cuteness, no matter how much you play with her, it is never enough.

Every time I came home, the thing I most looking forward is to meet and play with my cute little sister.

After playing with her for a while, I started to make preparations for lunch to which my mother agreed to help which I happily accepted.

"These ingredients look quite different, where did you bring them?" My mother asked, "I got them from Awakening ground, these are all from the central continent." I replied while continued to chop vegetables.

These ingredients from central continent not just taste great but they are also healthy and full of energy, even captain stage and major stage would feel very satisfied eating them.

While buying the books, I had even brought several cookbooks, with tried and tested recipes I won't have to fumble with these unknown ingredients.

Mom and I followed each step carefully from the cookbook and we could smell heavenly fragrance through the pots.

"It smells wonderful!" said mother and it was, when we finally started to eat everyone couldn't stop taking bite after bite.

Even my father who is usually reserved when it comes to food couldn't help but praise as he ate it.

I laid on the sofa conformably to digest the lunch while Alice playing not far away from me with a box full of toys.

I don't know when but I fell asleep unknowingly when I woke, It is already afternoon and no one in the hall except for me.

Freshening up in my room, I walked toward the backyard towards the shade which is a personal lab of my father to do his experiments.

I wanted to give him the books that I have brought for him from the awakening ground. He would be very happy to have as he was facing many hurdles due to not having enough information, with the books I've brought, he would finally have an easier time in doing his research.


A surprised sound came out of my mouth when I entered the backyard of our house, it looked completely different than it was a month ago.

We had a big backyard, in which have a shade which used to house my father's lab, a garden and small playground which we had to build Alice in which had swings and other stuff but now except for Alice small playground, everything had disappeared and in its place is big concrete room.

If that big concrete room would have been a little bigger, I would have definitely seen it when I entered the house earlier.

Entry Denied.

As I tried to open the door of the concrete, I felt the light shock on my wrist and big text saying entry denied appeared on the door.

'Click!'"Come in!"

I was about to call my father to open the door from inside when the door opened and my mom appears in front of me, telling me to come in.

I follow behind her and entered the big concrete, only to there tens of machine which I have never seen before and multiple screens projecting the data which I am completely oblivious to.

My father seemed quite busy reading the data on the screen that he didn't notice my arrival.

"Where did all this come from?" I said motioning toward the machines, one can tell giving one look to the machines that they are very expensive and parents did not have money to buy them.

"A reputed research organization got interested in your father research and decided to patron it, all these things were funded by them." Mother replied.

I nodded hearing that I have heard of such research organizations, some of these reach organizations power is no less than Top 7 organizations.

I am quite surprised and proud to know that my father research got funded by them. As these organizations rarely give patron to the outside researcher, to get a grant from the research organization, my father's research must be quite good.