Monster Integration - Chapter 309 Shopping

Chapter 309 Shopping

After Rhea left angrily toward her boyfriend. I kept strolling the Fair, There are many interesting things are sold here, some are interesting enough to make me gasp in astonishment.

Interestingly, I spotted some familiar faces, some of them were people who partic.i.p.ated in Westbllod city compet.i.tion while others I've seen them here and there but except for Rhea, I didn't see anyone which I know personally.

As I was strolling, a stall projection caught my eye 'Appraise: I can appraise anything as long as it is within Knight grade', well sound quite confident.

I have been searching for a good appraiser for some time to appraise the Red sword that I have found.

The shop had nothing except for signboard projection and, simple table and chair. Behind the shop is the good looking green-haired boy who seemed about sixteen years old but at the Mid-level of Master stage.

I am not surprised seeing his level as almost all who came Central Continent is all same as him.

Other than having better resources than us, there is another reason for that.

The people from the central continent bond with their monster year earlier than us, they bond with when they are fifteen while we bond at sixteen.

"Friend, How can I help you?" asked the boy as I stood in front of his shop, "I want to review this?" I said and handed him the Red sword from my storage.

"100 credit please!" said green-haired boy as he took the sword from my hand.

"What? 100 credits, why don't you just Rob me." I said out loud, 100 credit which he said means 100 wisdom credits which are equal to the hundred thousand republic credits, he is asking for way too much money just for little appraising.

I have seen many appraising shops in the fair that hasn't taken more than fifty credit and now this green-haired boy asking me to pay double, did he think my screw is so loose, that I will pay him that much.

"Friend other shops may take less money than this but they are not as good as me, I dare to say that in this whole awakening ground no is better than me except for those from Wisdom Tower." said green-haired boy as he pats his chest in confidence.

I was going to take my sword from his hand and leave but hearing a confident voice I decided to give him a chance and with gritting teeth paid him, hoping I wouldn't regret my choice.

"Don't worry friend, you won't be disappointed paying me." said green-haired boy as If sensing my inner dilemma.

He didn't speak further as he closed his eyes while holding the red sword in two of his hand.

He kept his eyes closed for a few seconds before opening than, "Friend, your sword is quite good, It is Fire-type Mid-level Knight Artifact, It has three enhancements in which the only one unlocked while the other two are still locked." he said.

I am shocked! Completely blown out of my mind.

I had never thought that this Red Sword grade is so high.

Knight grade refers to all 12 basic stages but in the terms of Totem Artifacts, the distinction is a little different.

In Totem Artifact Knight grade Refer to Mashal stage which is the highest stage of 12 basic stages.

If it was left behind by General stage evolver, then he would have said it is 11th-grade Artifact and these stages further divided into the five sub-level which is Low, Mid, High and excellent.

That means this Artifact is left behind by Marshal grade evolver and Mid-level is quite good, even low level would have been fine seeing it is Knight Grade Artifact.

The three enhancement he mentioned which mentioning are attacked booster, with enhancement my attacks will receive boosts.

The boosts will probably for fire type attacks as this sword is made of fire type materials.

"Are you sure?" I asked him again as I am still not quite able to believe that this is such high-level artifact.

"Yes, a friend I am sure. I have never been wrong in my judgment, especially when it comes to things below Knight grade." He said with a serious face.

"Thank You!" I said as I took back my sword from, "Feel free to visit my shop again friend." shouted green hair boy seeing me leaving.

I was still happy quiet for quite a while, thinking how lucky I am to get this artifact.

Knight grade artifact of any level is insanely expensive, I will need more than twenty times the money I have to buy knight grade Artifact.

In this whole fair, I have not seen more than ten knight grade Totem Artifacts for sale, though I've heard that all Totem Artifact's that guards against Wisdom Tower has are Knight grade.

'Chew chew!'

I have to say this best day for both me Ashlyn, I am happy because I've gotten to know I have Knight grade artifact and she is happy because she got to tens of snacks.

These snacks are really delicious and some of them are not even available in the blood and some of them are very expensive.

Especially that d.a.m.n candy which Ashlyn fell in love with, It orange-yellow color candy known as Enamored candy.

It is d.a.m.n expensive, It cost five wisdom credit a piece which is Five thousand Republic credit just for single candy.

Not only Ashlyn, but many other monsters have also become crazy for that candy as this candy is especially for monsters. I even saw some monster's attack their partners as they refused to buy that candy for them.

I had earlier rejected to buy that candy for her and she chirped so loud in my ear that I had to admit defeat and buy it for her.

Every time I buy that candy for her, I felt like my hear it burning as Ashlyn did not get satisfied with just one candy.

After roaming the fair, I walked toward the center of the Fair to see the advertising boards, there are thousands of screens protected here showing the offer for all the that sold at the fair.

Here anyone can sell their stuff or buy with giving some small commission to wisdom tower.

I have already roamed the whole fair and saw the rates of all the goods that sold there, so, now at the advertising board, I can easily buy them without feeling cheated.

As I stood in front of the advertis.e.m.e.nt board, I type my requirement for the Totem Artifact that I want to buy.

I am planning to buy a shoe type Totem artifact, my fighting type more inch toward speed and swiftness so having shoe type Totem artifacts will help a lot to me in combat.

I tapped enter as finished putting up my requirement, next moment result had appeared in front of and I am quite shocked seeing the no of the result.

I thought I would get a thousand or a maximum of two thousand results but I am surprised to find there are eleven thousand results.

Seeing I didn't have time to see all the searched, I made my requirement strict as possible, earlier I had stretched my requirement thinking I will not much result but seeing so many result appearing, now I don't have to stretch my requirements.

Soon the next result came and they are eighty-seven of them, I started to scan through these eighty-seven results to get best Totem Artifact that is based on me.

Due to constraints of budget, The Totem artifact that is low grade but it is fine by me seeing my current stage, I wouldn't be able to bring out the full power of even lowest grade Totem artifact much less a high grade one.

After going through all 87 offers, I selected four Totem artifacts that I like. I finally made my choice after carefully going over details of all the Totem artifact.

They look like casual white sneakers that one wear every day, this shoe type Totem Artifact of peak level Lieutenant grade, the lowest one but it is fine by me.

The speed enhancement give is normal, the reason I brought this artifact because it offers high stability in the air, so If it is perfect for taking sky jumps.

Five minutes after I paid, I saw drone coming toward me, soon drone stopped in front of me and it's robotic arms handed me the box which has while sneaker before flying away.

I really want to try my sneaker but I control myself seeing I have so much to shop.

Next thing on my agenda buying Mid-level skills only if they caught my eye as mid-level could be brought in Westblood, so, I will buy them if they are relatively special.

The other thing at my current stage Mid-level skills will not be able to show much might, as knight grade skill they can be used by anyone but they could only bring out their most when used by certain stage evolver.

If Corporal stage or Sergeant stage were to use mid-level skill, it's power only be comparable to average low-level Knight grade skill, so, Mid-level knight grade skill could bring out its most if it was used by corporal stage or above evolver.

There is a certain exception like I've heard that Super Elite who are Peak Sergeant stage also can also use Mid-level skill at their full might.

I had spent nearly two hours buying skills, I brought three Mid-level knight grade skills which are Strength, Speed and offensive type skills.

All three of these skills are very good, otherwise, I would not have brought them as I could buy them at westblood.

After buying skills, I was about to move to my next shopping item when a thought came to my mind and I searched it immediately.

Next moment only five hundred and thirty-three results showed, I again filter them to seven, after reading the details of the seven, I brought two skills.

Both of them are the same the only difference between them is that one is Low-level Knight grade skill and other Mid-level knight grade skill.

This skill has always been the core of skill's organizations and is not available outside to buy but nowhere I had brought them.

Many people had been jealous when people from organizations use this skill but they won't have to anymore as I am sure many people from the republic already had brought these skills here.

With artifacts and skill, I had spent half of the money I got from selling all my stuff, now the only thing remaining is books which I plan to spend the rest of my credits on.