Monster Integration - Chapter 308 Argumen

Chapter 308 Argumen

I left my tent with Ashlyn who was in my hand now flew onto my shoulder a few minutes ago.

Compared to when I entered, there are now more than ten times tents are here and all of them from the Republic.

I am currently not going toward the fair but walking toward Nigel and Billy's tent, they had given me direction to their tent when we were attempting the test


When I reached the place, there are two tents with same details two to them had mentioned but when I knocked on them, a screen popped out in front of me telling it is empty.

They are either out or still attempting the test, I thought as I walked toward fair.

As I walked toward the fair, I saw more and more people from the republic, when I first entered this realm I rarely saw people from the republic and now they are everywhere but our numbers are still less than those from the central continent.

For us to reach the awakening ground, we have to cross the whole nine Region which is no less than nine circles of h.e.l.l for those below lieutenant stage but people from the central continent have a direct entrance, so it is understandable they have huge numbers.

If we also had a direct entrance, our numbers would also be great.

Soon, I reached the fair and directly walk toward the selling point set up by Wisdom Tower.

There is a small line as lots of people wanted to sell their stuff for wisdom credits, so they could buy stuff.

My number soon came and I unload all the stuff I have, I even took out High-level knight grade storage as most of my stuff was stored there.

Those front the Wisdom Tower showed no reaction to my storage but I heard some gasp around me, hearing those gaps look of contempt appeared on those from Wisdom tower.

I sold nearly everything I have, the mana crystals, Artifacts and other things I got on the way, I even sold artifacts I am wearing and extra storage which I was going to give to my parents.

Soon they transferred the Wisdom Credits to me and walked out of the shop.

There are thousands and thousands of shops in fair, most of the people who are selling stuff are from the central continent.

The things which are very rare in the Republic is just lying there, like high-grade storage which is a high-grade commodity in Republic and only organizations have is just lying there on many shops.

So are the Totem artifacts, It is very rare for people to have them as they are insanely expensive and those Totem artifacts that sold in the shops in the republic are the worst quality made by average materials.

Here every Totem artifact here made by better material than that of the Republic, it is worth buying it even if it is a low grade one.

I am not in a hurry to buy anything, I first wanted to roam the whole fair and check the prices on things that I want to buy before buying anything.

As I browse the fair watching colorful and mystical objects to Totem Artifacts that will make one gasp in wonder.

Looking at all these Totem artifacts, I couldn't help but wonder which grade the fiery red sword that I have.

I plan to appraise it as soon as I saw some good trustworthy appraiser, I initially wanted to appraise it from Jim but I don't think our chances of the meeting is high and I am dying of curiosity, so I decided to check it here.

I was browsing through the shops when I spotted someone familiar, I decided to call out to her but when I saw that she is having a heated argument with her boyfriend, I decided against calling her and decided to walk toward different way.


I had just taken a few steps when I heard my name called by the familiar voice, when I look toward her I found she is walking toward me with her boyfriend in tow.

It is Rhea and beside her is her boyfriend who clearly seemed to be in a very bad mood.

"Micheal it's nice to see you here!" said Rhea happily as she gave me, seeing that her boyfriend glowered at me, clearly warning me not hug his girlfriend.

"Yeah, such a nice surprise," I replied as for Rhea's boyfriend I just gave him a plain smile and hugged his girlfriend which made him glowered at me even more and he started to oppress me with his peak Specialist stage aura.


I said in my mind, this aura would have been able to frighten me if I was still that peak specialist stage evolver in westblood.

Much less now with me having Rule power, he wouldn't be my match when I had just leveled upped to the Corporal stage two weeks ago.

"Any luck with Mountain!" I asked as I motioned toward the mountain where thousands of people could be seen taking the test.

"Yes I was lucky enough to climb it," said Rhea, when she said this, her smile couldn't be any brighter and her boyfriend beside her became even more sullen.

Seeing his face one can easily tell that he had no luck with the mountain.

I am not that surprised seeing her answer, after spending nearly two weeks with her, I knew she had enough willpower to bear the mental pressure as for physical pressure one didn't need to create two amethyst seals, there are other options.

I was quite Idiot that before attempting test, I hadn't done my research extensive enough as I just recently come to know that there are some medicines that could enhance one's physical prowess enough that they help one endure highest physical pressure that mountain can give.

Those are forbidden medicine with some side effects but they still better, as long as one have high willpower and drink that medicine, one will have chances to cross the mountain.

"You Micheal, do you have any luck with the mountain?" Asked rhea,

"Don't Rhea, how a puny corporal grade has the physical strength and much less Mental fort.i.tude to climb the mountain!" Chimed Rhea's boyfriend as he patted my shoulder hard.

If I was normal Initial Corporal grade evolver, I would have felt quite a pain from this normal looking pat but regretfully I am not some normal Initial Corporal grade evolver.

"Off course lady luck had also s.h.i.+ned on me," I said with a bright smile and before Rhea's boyfriend could lift from my shoulder, I send an extremely small strand of Sunfire in his hand through my shoulder.


A loud shout came out of from Rhea's boyfriend's mouth as he fell on the floor, I looked at him in surprise.

I had attacked him with an extremely small strand of Sunfire, I would not have thought, it would be so painful to him. reacted, this boys willpower is really low, the stand I had just released right now is comparable to what one will face when he stood in front of Sunfire sigil in Rule Palace.

Guards in aqua blue were coming toward us but seeing all is fine and no is complaining to them, they turn back and left.

"I am sorry, I am still not able to control this Rule power properly." I fake apologized to her boyfriend.

Rhea who is smart enough to understand what happened as she glared at her boyfriend before looking at me apologetically.

"Don't apologies, it's him who should apologize." Said Rhea as she looked at her boyfriend in askance.

"Why should I apologize to this puny Corporal grade!" He said angrily looking at me.

"And you Rhea, ever since you had comprehended the Rule, you started to think you are above me but in my eyes, you are still a b.i.t.c.h who followed behind me just gain my favor." Said her boyfriend angrily and walked away.

I am quite shocked hearing this but soon shook my head at that boy's idiocy.

"I am sorry for what he said, ever since he failed the test, he is being quite angry." Rhea apologized.

"It's nice meeting you Micheal, I will give you a call after we returned home." She said ran toward her boyfriend.

Anger apparent in her eyes, I don't think their relations.h.i.+p will last more than this day, no women with pride will accept such words.