Monster Integration - Chapter 256 Anatase Lizard I

Chapter 256 Anatase Lizard I

Coming down from the hill, I saw many people coming out of snow and walking around the hills, going toward their direction.

Everybody had their plan before coming to the Minerva realm otherwise they wouldn't bring the fifty million ticket of the realm.

This realm is a treasure trove, not only there are super exotic monsters which one can capture to sell later, but there is also very rare herbs and minerals, the higher the region one can go, the most fortune he will earn but danger also increases the same.

I even heard some people even found the Mana crystal source somewhere in the high regions previous times when the realm opened.

The most precious commodities this realm have to offer is Totem materials, totem materials can be anything like parts of monsters like Horns, bones feather, some herbs also include in totem materials but the most important is the Minerals and metals.

They are the most important parts used to make the Totems, hundreds of organizations and thousands of people have posted their request for the materials.

I had already memorized all the names of the material which I could, if luckily I come across some materials, I will be struck rich but It is fulled dream as all the material need to make totems are really rare and could only be found in the Region 10 or above where only powerful Master stage powerhouses dared to enter.

Well, finding some stray will depend on my luck but seeing how unlucky the past year went, I don't have much hope in finding some stray totem material.

The only possibility is Ashlyn, only she will be able to discover that rare herb and bring it back if it caught her fancy.

"Ashlyn be careful!" I said as Ashlyn flew away from my shoulder as we reach the forest down, I have skilfully climbed down from the hill, avoiding monster carefully, now I didn't want all of it to throw down by the excitement of Ashlyn.

I can understand her excitement, it is due to many wonderful things she had smelled as she came down into the forest.

Hearing my warning Ashlyn became little calm and started fly sneakily, My plan is to fight peak level Corporal stage monster to perfectly gauge the power of the monster in the Region 3.

The power of peak level Corporal stage monster Region 3 would be comparable to the power mid-level to peak level Sergeant stage monsters power in back home.

In the back home, I have never able to kill the Peak sergeant stage monster, I have heavily able to injure them many times but never able to kill them as they would always run away.

The reason for that, I didn't have any lethal move that could heavily injure them at the single attack. My fire strikes the strongest move under my a.r.s.enal would barely able to pierce through the skull of Mid-level Sergeant stage monster to kill it when that Mid-level monster is defense-oriented then even bolts of my fire strike failed to kill it.

Now I want to test the power Peak Corporal stage monster before I could fight the initial Sergeant stage monster.

While hiding from a low-level monster, I kept venturing deep inside the forest to search for my prey as Ashlyn followed behind me while enjoying the delicacies of the forest which she hadn't enjoyed for quite a while.

Soon I heard something and when I followed behind that sound, I found a peak a level Corporal monster is enjoying the feat.

It is very scary looking Anatase Lizard which seemed to be Elephant monster.

The Anatase Lizard is one of the well-known monsters in Minerva realm, they are famous because they are known to be very vicious, not only they are very vicious but they are very powerful especially their sharp teeth and jagged tail but their most distinctive feature is a layer of Crystalline Anatase that is covering its body, which gives them high defense.

Fight or not fight? I question myself, if it were any other peak corporal level monster, I would not have asked this question to myself but the monster in front of me Infamous Anatase lizard.

f.u.c.k It! I thought and decided to fight it.

For what reason I'vee come to this realm is to challenge powerful monster and break the limit isn't it! Then why the f.u.c.k I am thinking so much about fighting this f.u.c.king Anatase Lizard!

It may be little stronger than another monster that its stage in this realm but so what, that increase the fun of it fighting even more.

"Ready Ashlyn!" I said loudly, so Anatase Lizard could hear it, I would have waited for it for time to let it finish the meal but I wanted to anger it for being disturb during the meal, so it will attack me full strength from the beginning.

"Garry!" It screamed and ran toward me swiftly, fury could be seen its vicious eyes, I can imagine at what condition I will end up in if I were too caught between those vicious teeth.

This Anatase lizard is very young but still is six meters long, when they matured fully at Mater stage, their length reaches up to the sixteen meters.

I stayed in my spot and did not move seeing it is coming toward and only made my move when Its mouth was about the meter away.

'Whish' its mouth made noise in the air as it came at me to chomp at my body but It got empty air as I had already jumped toward its back.

As I jumped, seeing it's busy chomping the empty air, I swung my sword at its back using the full force of my body.


My sword clashed across the anatase scales on its back, creating several sparks but when I looked at the result, I was left quite dumbstruck as there was an only small scratch on its back, not even crack formed on its crystalline defense.

This is some really crazy defense for a Corporal stage monster.

What I had just used now is full strength of my body which had the power of eight seals of supreme combat exercise.

If this was normal peak Corporal stage monster from Miasta forest, If not dead it would have been seriously injured but this monster is just received a single scratch on its crystalline scene.


It screamed loudly feeling the strike on its back and its anger whipped its bulky jagged tail at me which I had been waiting for.

'Furfur!" I ignited two small fire under my feet and made a rocket jump. I called this rocket jump because of fire jets under my boots help anna made speedy jump which feels like a rocked.

'fur fur fur!' 'fur fur fur!' while taking the jump, I directly ignited three, three small jets behind my arms and attacked at its tail.

Yesterday when fighting with the Monster bear, I had only Ignited two jets undesinglele-armm but this time I am activating three which is the limit of my body can handle at current condition.


My sound made a loud noise as It cut across its tail but when I saw the result, I f.u.c.king wanted to curse out loud at the ancestor of this wretched Anatase Lizard.

Looks like I now had no chance but to use my full power to go against this d.a.m.n reptile!