Monster Integration - Chapter 255 Snowstorm

Chapter 255 Snowstorm

"Fortunately we are not late!" I said out loud as Ashlyn quickly melted the snow with her fire and I activated the tent.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn also affirmed with her chirp.

Like I feared earlier, the weather had worsened. What used to be beautiful light snowfall had turned into heavy snowfall where seeing meter away had become impossible.

The tent expanded and started to bore small drill to the ground for better grip, So, no matter how heavy the snowfall is, there will be no harm come to the tent.

Within the seconds the camp fully erected and I entered inside, my this new tent is nothing like the tent I had a year ago, this tent could be considered a mini-cabin.

It had soft bed and table to work but most importantly I can cook inside without fear of being smoldered by the smoke, the tents internal functions will quickly suck whatever extra smoke being emitted, this made this tent one of the best tent in the market for an adventurer like me.

It has many other important functions, such as being Inside I don't even have to fear lieutenant stage monster as long as I kept supplying it the power.

The one function of it I most like is 360-degree surveillance, I can see what is happening outside the camp in 360-degree vision, it will all be projected in front of you.

After changing into normal clothes from the training suit, I started to prepare for dinner. I am going to make the dish of Bear monster meat that I had killed earlier.

For good taste it is best you used fresh materials, after taking out meat I started to remove cooking instrument and materials from my storage.

Ashlyn and I both loved to eat that is why I brought the best material for the adventure in this realm which would enough even two people add up.

I started making dinner and soon an hour later wonderful smell spread through the tent. Just smelling the food my mouth started to water, I can't help but wonder how it will taste.

I serve the two potions, both for me and Ashlyn and activated the camp cameras so I could eat while watching the scenery outside.

The projection of outside projected front of me in 360 degrees, I could see the snowfall outside, it had worsened, even seeing front you had became impossible right now.

I hope those three people are safe, as long as they have a good tent they will be fine and seeing all three of them Corporal stage, they will be fine as long as they don't come across any dangerous monster that wanted to them its dinner for tonight.

The dinner was very nice, it is tastier as I expected, we finished our plates in fifteen minutes with bloated stomachs. After cleaning plates and packing leftovers for tomorrow, I started to do the after-dinner exercise that I started doing a few months ago after dinner.

It is the exercise of my combat style, it is still very tiring exercise, I felt very tired doing it despite creating the eight seals of supreme combat exercise but I help very much, It helps in digesting the meal quickly but most importantly it also helps in freeing my muscle and keeping my body toned which indirectly help me in the Combat.

I do this exercise every day after dinner, except for when I am at ime is my relaxing time where I didn't even think about training.

After doing exercise for three hours, I stopped and take a shower in my tents very tiny shower. Yes! This tent had a shower a very tiny one but it is enough. The only prerequisite of activating shower is, there have to have enough power and source of water around the tent.

This is the specialties of knight grade camps, they have features that normal Grade 1 could have. Mine is still lacking though, compare to the Mid and High-level camps, they have some features that will absolutely blow one's mind.

After the shower I studied the map for two hours and made plans for my training from tomorrow, this time I plan to return home being Corporal stage evolver, I even prepare to take some risks which I had some reservation in taking this past year.

I fell asleep while making plans for my training and when I wake up the next day, the snowfall seemed to stop but my tent is buried in heaps of snow.

I am not worried seeing my tent is buried in heaps of snow, I it had been my old tent, I would have to work little hard to get out but with this tent, its all one b.u.t.ton away.

Without caring my tent buried in snow, I freshen up and took a good shower before started heating the leftovers from yesterday.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn also woke up by smelling of food and stood to wait in front of the inner pot.

It didn't take long to leftovers to be cleaned up by two of us, after cleaning the plates and packing everything, it is time to leave.

I pressed some b.u.t.tons on the tents control panel and soon I felt slight heat sizzsizzlingssoundedrom the outside.

The tents are all-weather protected, now what I just did is heat up the flaps of the tent so the snow that is covering the tent quickly melted.

I watch the process of snow melting through the projection, from this speed, all snow around my camp should be melted in five minutes.

"Finally!" I said loudly as I got out of the tent, I felt like I am in the big hole my camp melted snow around it creating a big hole, I would have to climb it to reach to the surface.

I deactivated the tent and started to climb on the snow to reach the surface.

"WOW!" if yesterdays was picturesque then today these ranges of hills are looked like it come out of some fantasy.

The hills were completely covered in snow and when soft light of early morning fell on them, it produces amazing effects that one couldn't help but marvel.

The hill total nowwwalsnow, the only greenery one could find is forest below which only seemed to be lightly covered in snow.

I didn't even control myself to stop even for second and startephotphotosssosss anphotossssrts shooting some small videos with Ashlyn.

My friends going to so jealous I thought happily in my mind.

It took me twenty minutes and little self-control to put the drone away, If not for my high antic.i.p.ation to start my training, I would have spent hours taking photos.

I had already reached the top of this hill yesterday, now I have to go down and enter the forest which is the territory of the Corporal and Seargent stage monster.

On the way down, I intentionally avoided fighting with corporal stage monster to avoid wasting time, as this training I am mostly going to focus on the Peak level Corporal stage monster and Initial level Sergeant stage monsters as only monsters of peak corporal stage and above could give me feeling of despair in the Region 3.