Monster Integration - Chapter 227 Top Fifty III

Chapter 227 Top Fifty III

My opponent's name is Anissa Joy, her rank is 69th and she is an Elite of the organization.

She is not elite from the normal organization either but from the Top 7 organization.

She is from Storm Blessed and like Ellen, she had just started her elite training two months ago.

I did not look down on her because of that, she must have worked very hard to get into the elite.

Her score clearly shows that she, she is better than me.

From her information, I know she had a full knight Artifact set and two knight grade skills.

One is defense type while other is strengthening type while another defense type, both of which she had used in her previous battle.

I quickly go over the clips of her previous battle while walking slowly and try to estimate her power best of my ability.

If I knew she would be my opponent, I would have definitely watched her battles but I ddididna know there are tens of battle happening every minute and you can only focus on one, watching two or three fights together takes all fun from me.

I expect nothing less! I thought when I saw short clips of battles.

She seemed to have speed type ability like comparing it with her strength and defense type skill, she is quite strong.

From her battle statistics, I've come to know that she had finished almost all her battles within five minutes.

The only weakness she has that her Combat style is still nascent stage.

She is about my age, little tall with average face, her most distinctive feature is her vibrant green eyes which completely overshadow her average facial features.

She gave me a simple nod as she entered the ring and I nod her back.

We both activated our artifact sumulatenioulsly as referee asked us if we are ready.

"Fight!" "Furfurfur fur...."

I activated fire jets behind me to the limit and made instant movement toward her while swinging the sword.

I know chances of this move working against her are very low but I still wanted to give it a try.

She did not look surprised seeing me coming toward and as she ran toward me at the same time.

As I halfway into the distance, I sensed great fluctuation from her, which could only be produced by knight grade skill

She had activated her a strengthening type skill, I know it because from her info that when her body is covered with light blue smoke, that means she had activated her strengthening skill.

My sword had swept toward her head going for a direct hit, seeing that not an expression of fl.u.s.ter appeared on my face as she swiftly moved her falchion to block my sword.

"Bammm!" Both of our swords clashed and next moment, I have to take five to six steps back to manage the blow.

This is funcking strong! I cursed as I could still feel the power of the blow traveling inside me.

When I looked up, I saw she had to take the same steps back as me to manage the blow and surprise could be clearly shown on her face.

"Furfur fur fur…." She and mine's eyes met and at the same time, we moved toward each other for clash again.

This time, I saw her falchion moving toward my waist, j had no choice but counterattack seeing her sword would also hit me, dealing me same blow.

"Clank!" our swords clashed again, sending out sparks and fumes of fire.

We both took a step back and kept cras.h.i.+ng, with no one gaining the upper hand.

To supply little more power, I started to circulate supreme combat exercise but made no effect on the fight.

We both now in equal terms on the fight and to gain an edge, one will have to show one's trump cards.

That both of us don't want to do right now, we both will clash for a few minutes before revealing any of our trump cards.

Showing our trump cards in the early fight as this will reduce their usefulness as our future opponent will know about them.

So, it will be better if I were able to find a hole in her defense and defeat her in one shot but it is hard.

I've been searching for the weak spot in her defense for a while but its all no use.

It not like she didn't have a weakness, she has many but whenever I make a move to exploit it, she will counter it quickly.

She knew her weakness very well and because of that she is very well prepared.

"Sup!" I suck a liquid under my sleeve as I need the mana.

If one looks under my sleeve carefully, they will find a small device.

It is a mechanical gadget I brought two months ago. I don't like a needle piercing my skin, so quick supply for mana, this is the second best option.

It is a small device of half palm size, has many transparent capsules around it, all capsules are connected to the pipe and front of the device is the small open valve.

These capsules are used to store the mana and that open valve in the front which is used to suck mana.

This device is very good, one could easily store thirty bottles of mana inside and the valve in the front help in sucking mana easily.

Also, I don't have to worry about it being damaged in the battle as the only move from Lieutenant grade able to scratch it.

I brought it one of the best one, though I have to pay a pretty penny because of it but its all worth it.

"Clank!" we clashed one more time and separated, this time she was attacking toward my neck but her move is countered by me.

Its been twenty minutes, we have been fighting and but there is no definite winner between us.

Looks like I finally have to start using my skills otherwise it will be impossible to win the fight within an hour.

'Three Raging Tides!' 'Lively wind!' 'Fur fur fur fur fur...!' I activated two of my skills and my instant movement.

Adding instant movement with my strengthening skill and speed, I get enhancement in my speed but more important I got a killer move.

My speed doubles when I activate my speed type skill with my instant movement, my speed is doubled and when I swung my sword while running at this speed, the force my sword excludes come close to the knight grade skill.

And when my sword clashed against something, I received so much that even my body with six seals can't handle it.

That is why I have to activate strengthening skill to make my body strong enough to endure the blow.

I also get little enhancement after activating my strengthening skill, that made the power of blow equal to some weak knight grade skills.

This move may give me power and speed equal to that of knight grade skill but it is a very delicate balance, one wrong step and It would all collapse.

That is why I don't want to use this move if I had a practice of one-two moves, I would have able to bring down the problem of losing control to a minimum but alas I don't have the time, otherwise, I not feel scared whenever I use this skill.

Seeing me coming toward her with such immense speed, I found no surprise in her eyes.

She had already guessed I would use such move if I hadn't, she would have used her hidden moves.

As I am about to reach her, I sensed two big fluctuations, I got a scare seeing this.

She already had strengthening type knight grade skill activated and now she had activated two knight grade skills, I can fathom to imagine what will happen next.

She also ran toward me and seeing her speed one of skill she had just activated is speed type skill which further enhanced by her already existing speed type ability.

Her speed is definitely greater than me by fifty percent and seeing sky blue crystalline layer had she had on her sword, another knight grade skill she had activated must be attacked type skill.

I don't want to clash against after identifying all three of her knight grade skill but I have no choice as I can't stop even if I want to.