Monster Integration - Chapter 226 Top Fifty II

Chapter 226 Top Fifty II

As I was going toward the ring so is my opponent.

He is fat, faster than the image shown on his profile. He looked like a young pig which had quite tender pink skin.

Seeing him, I kind of want to beat him up.

He looked quite familiar to someone I knew, more like a someone I hate.

His face looked similar to the fatty who chased me three months ago for my knight grade skill.

I would have thought both were brother if not his information saying his brother is elite of the organization.

The one who had chased me was definitely not elite or he would have easily able to catch and most importantly, he wouldn't have a need to chase after me for knight grade skill as he would have able to get from his organization after putting some efforts.

I suddenly sensed hostile gaze from fatty, I got little confused at first them gave him big smile as for the reason of hostile gaze I don't care as I am going to smash his head into the floor in a minute.

After arriving in the ring, I activated all the artifact on my body, just like fatty did.

"Hahaha!" suddenly a laugh comes out of me, I was completely unintentional and I would never at such thing but seeing the scene front of me, I couldn't control the instinctive reaction of my body.

Fatty look quite funny after all of his artifacts were activated.

Earlier he was wearing loose close, due to it, most of his figure is hidden but after activating all his artifact, an energy layer of artifacts had covered his body tightly which shows the perfect outline of his body.

His man and protruding belly are most highlighted, making him look quite funny.

''I will go to beat you so bad that even your mother won't able to recognize you." Fatty said while gritting his.

For his threat, I just gave him smile thinking see if you can even last half a minute.

"Both of ready?" asked referee, I nodded while fatty said yes loudly.

"Fight!" "Furfur fur fur fur...!" I activated all nine fire jets behind my back and covered my sword with fire to the limit and move toward him.

Fatty looked wide-eyed seeing me coming at him, he even had an open mouth, like he wanted to say something before attacking me.

Is he an idiot! The fight is started, fight quickly, why waste time talking amidst fight, it will only going to give your opponent a chance to attack you.

He started to move his weapon when already covered more than half a distance toward him.

Moving sword is no use, it will be too slow to counterattack, the only thing can save him is a skill, a defense type knight grade skill.

I swung my sword as I about to reach him, my target obviously his head, I want to finish this fight in a single move and for that, blow to the head is perfect.

Fear and unwillingness could be seen in his eyes as my sword a few inches from him.

He knew he had made a mistake not reactivating fast enough if he had reacted faster, he would have a slight chance to that my attack but now even a knight grade skill won't able to save to him.

"Bammmmm!" "Thudd!" my sword hit him so heavily in the head that despite having a fat body, he flung from the ring like a cannonball and fell outside the ring with a heavy thud.

As his artifacts deactivated, his b.l.o.o.d.y head and unwilling expression could be clearly seen.

Seeing him unconscious like that, an image of dead fish come out in my mind.

It looked just like a fatty after it died due to our water for too much time.

"Cheeeer!...." A loud cheer rang out a second after.

More people had paid attention to my fight ever since my name got into that list.

After waving happily at some people, I return to the partic.i.p.ant lounge and sat on my previous spot, drinking drink that is delivered.

My fight has been finished within five minutes, I should be able to get an hour rest before my next fight.

Lily is not present, currently, she is fighting a battle and from seeing how she had the upper hand, she should be able to finish her fight within ten to fifteen minutes.

I was wrong, it took just two minutes to finish it as likely suddenly activated knight grade skill and send her opponent out of the ring.

Her skill is quite good, it looked like a whip made of water, its attack was so fast that her opponent barely got any chance to react before he was thrown out of the stage.

Looking at the injury on her opponent, it looked very lethal also.

This is the first time seeing one skill, I wanted to acquire.

This skill looked very flexible, is maximum range should be 10 meters and seeing how lily able to manipulate, its minimum range should be 1 meter.

My fiery strike is more deadly but I will exchange it for this skill at this very second.

This whip skill had many applications if I guessed right, as long as one has enough mana, one can use this skill to attack, defend and bind.

Very few skill could be used as such, this skill will perfect for Sergeant and above stage powerhouse as they have enough mana to operate such skill at their heart content.

"Nice Fight!" I said I steered clear of the topic of her skill, many people didn't like when one talks about their trump cards especially knight grade skills.

If she had been ill, I would have definitely asked without reservation.

Jill and I are very good friends and had gone through many life and death events to care about such things.

As long as it doesn't breach any heavy secret, she will definitely tell me whatever I asked her.

She had even offered to loan me her mid-level Knight grade artifacts for the compet.i.tion but I had declined.

Not only she but Jim also offered to loan me his artifacts.

In these three months, I've come to know many things about the organization from here and there.

There I heard interesting news, it is said that only Super-elites had right to Mid-level knight grade artifacts and this outside super elite could be these artifacts usually have a very high position in organizations.

From that one can guess what potion, Jim and Jill's parents would be for them to wear Mid-level knight grade artifacts casually.

One more thing, in s.p.a.ce realm I have never seen William overly worried about his sister safely as if he knew nothing will happen to her, no matter which monsters attack her.

Taking a sigh, I quickly stopped myself thinking about those things and concentrated in fights that are happening in front of me.

As time pa.s.sed more and more fight started to turn interesting.

Everyone is giving they're all in the fight, because of that fights had turned quite b.l.o.o.d.y.

After finis.h.i.+ng every fight, be it a winner or loser, will come out the ring with some sort of injury.

The only ones who come out of the fight unscathed were the top powerhouses and few dark horses that started to appear in the battlefield.

Some dark horses had no major information about them, so when they fought they had startled the whole audience with their performance.

As the hours pa.s.sed, I also fought two battle more.

There was nothing surprising about those fight, I fought them like my first fight.

Just as the fight started, I fired the jets at their limit and attack my opponent before they could get time to react.

Both of the battles finished within ten seconds, me being the winner while my opponents on the floor unconscious with bloodied heads.

It was fun to bash their head but I done think that move will work on my fourth opponent.

"Be careful!" said Lily when I was leaving for the battle.

I nodded, knowing this fight will be tough, this will be my first time fighting the elite from Top 7 organization whose rank is also above mine.

As I was walking toward the ring as a smile formed on my face.