Monster Integration - Chapter 221 Competition IV

Chapter 221 Competition IV

Everyone is wide-eyed in surprise seeing mike kicking his opponent so unceremoniously out of the ring.

Even referee looked little startled by it but soon he announced the winner while his opponent who fell of the stage, got up said something angrily at the mike before leaving.

After mike Harrison fight, others in the top also started to fight.

Seeing their performance, I started to feel pressure, if I just level up then all should be golden.

With me being at a peak level of specialist grade, my chances of going further into the compet.i.tion would increase more.

''Chew!" Just as I thought to level up, Ashlyn comes out me, at morning I wanted to bribe her like yesterday to stay in the apartment but she refused.

Even seeing three food boxes that I ordered, she refused to stay at the apartment wanted to come with me.

I had no choice but take her with me after making some promises from her.

As time pa.s.sed more and more people from the top ranking started to fight.

Seeing their fight, I learned a lot especially my weaknesses, in some areas, I was weaker than them and its not a thing which could be learned in a day or two.

If I come across them and win the fight, the only thing I could do is use strengths to the maximum.

There are many surprises also occurred in the fight when a boy at Rank 19 beaten by a girl of ran 851.

That fight was really amazing, the girl was very weaker than the Rank 19 boy and he could have won if he was a little smart.

The mistake he is to copy someone, he too like Mike Harrison declared that he will not use his ability and skill in the fight.

This is the mistake, that cost him very dearly.

The girl used her chance very well, first I thought the boy would be able to defeat his opponent seeing he has good combat style and physical strength but all suddenly changed when that girl attacked with knight grade skill out of nowhere.

That shocked all audience, seeing her attacking with a knight grade skill.

After revealing her knight grade skill, her whole demeanor had changed, her attacks became more refined and she became more careful as she kept launching a flurry of attacks on her opponent.

The boy defended against it first very well, having worn knight grade artifact all over the body but soon his opponent's attacks became too much for him and he got defeated.

Still, I have to give it to that boy, he could have easily would have won the fight if he had broken his promise and used one of his skill but he didn't, he abided to his words till last.

That was one of the most memorable fights for me, it is a warning that never underestimates your opponent, no matter how weak he seems.

As I was waiting for my turn to fight, the interesting name projected on the biggest screen.

Elle Cooper, another perfect scorer, this would be the second fight of the perfect scorers after Mike Harrison.

Her opponent is quite a good, his rank is 504 and it is said that he had knight grade artifact and have also probably had knight grade skill.

I thought it will be quite an interesting fight seeing her opponent has the possibility of both knight grade artifact and skill but cold water had suddenly drawn on our bodies.

Everyone was expecting quite a good fight, which will last for at least five minutes but nothing that sort happened as the fight had fight finished in the instant.

As referee instructed to fight, Elle immediately activated her speed-type skill and attacked her opponent.

Her opponent did not get a chance to say a word or activate his skill before he was thrown out of the ring by else's attack.

It was quite a shocker, she did not waste any time on talk or on anything and just attacked directly and seeing her speed, the speed type skill she used is definitely a knight grade skill.

Her speed was at least three times stronger than the speed gained by Grade 1 skill.

In my opinion speed type skill are more important than defense type skill, defense type skills are a pa.s.sive skill but speed type skill are an active skill, which can become a deciding factor in the fight, more than defense type skill.

So it's no wonder he was thrown out of the stage, even if without using skill, she would be able to defeat him, it just became quick after using the skill.

Soon after that, the remaining two perfect scorers also went to the ring, both of them followed Elle's method.

They both kicked their opponent out of the ring before their opponent could do anything to them.

"Ting!" ''Ting!" A notification rang out both my and lily holowatch simultaneously.

My heat skipped thinking, I would have to fight lily when I opened the notification, I saw that my opponent is someone else.

I heaved a sigh seeing that, I don't want to fight lily, this early in the compet.i.tion.

The name and opponent of both of us projected on screens.

''Good Luck!" We both said in unison as we stood up from seats, giving each other light hug, we walked toward the a.s.signed ring.

This time I did not have to say anything to Ashlyn, she quickly went inside me without me asking.

Lily lucky in her fight, she got a good opponent to fight, his rank is 553 while my opponents rank is 264.

This time my opponent is quite tough, his name is Ray and him at Peak Specialist Grade evolver.

He has nearly all type of Grade 1 skill and he got knight grade Armor artifact.

This news is verified, it is only mentioned that he had only Armor type artifact but he could other knight grade artifacts as well.

There is another thing worthy of mentioning him, that he is from Shadow Rogue.

The same organization that Kevin joined, this will be my first time officially fighting the member top 7 organization.

He is a C grade member just below the elite and about the same age as me.

I didn't dare to underestimate my opponent, I have seen how powerful they are both in the s.p.a.ce realm and in the challenge held in my town.

The ring was empty, my opponent hadn't arrived yet.

One gets five minutes to reach the ring and another three minutes as a warning.

I didn't have to wait for long as I saw him walking.

My opponent looked quite handsome, is a little taller than me and had thin physic which is best suitable for the combat style of Shadow Rogues.

He quietly walks up in the ring and stood opposite of me and activated all his artifacts, especially the signature duel weapons of shadow rogues.

His are dual swords, which are half a meter long and curved on the edges for good slicing.

Shadow rogues used short duel weapons most, they are swords, knives or hatchets, whatever they may be, they would be always two and short.

There is always an exception, such as archer which I've encountered in the challenge.

I still did not forget, how she beat me by a few points.

This time I did not want to take chances, that is this time I activated my knight grade sword instead normal one which I used in my previous fight.

"Both of you ready?" asked referee, I affirmed with a nod, so is my opponent.

"Fight!" said the referee, starting the fight.

"Furfur fur….!" I directly activated my instant movement and ran toward him.

He also did remain pa.s.sive and activated his speed type skill and came at me.

I was a little surprised seeing him activating his speed skill to the limit, looks like he also did not want to take chances either.

Still activating his speed skill to the limit, his speed couldn't match my instant movement, I am still way faster than him.

Before he could close on me, I close against him and swung my sword at him.

Mimicking my movement, he also swung his sword at me.

"Clank!" his one sword clashed against mine while another is moving toward my waist sneakily.