Monster Integration - Chapter 220 Competition III

Chapter 220 Competition III

He really became unconscious by my attack, I thought as I saw his unmoving body on the floor.

I thought he be able two or three more moves of mine before surrendering but he directly lost conscientious after experiencing my attack.

I wanted to kick him with my leg to see if he is really unconscious or just acting but stopping myself seeing serious face referee coming.

I caught referee looking at me weirdly before crouching down and feeding the potion to my unconscious opponent.

I really beat him little hard! I thought as I saw his bloodies head, his head is wet in his own blood, one could hardly see any dried spot around his head.

If I had known, he would be in this bad condition, I would have definitely tone it down my attacks.

I felt little silence around me when I look around I saw audience is looking around me with a weird look but before j could think more the medicine came with a robotic stretcher and lifted my opponent onto it.

"Winner Micheal Zaar!" said referee holding my hand and that when silence broke in the audience.

I received good applause but saw most of the people looking at me weirdly as I walk toward a partic.i.p.ant area.

Even in partic.i.p.ant are, I saw many of my fellow contestants giving me a weird look while some subconsciously touching their heads.

That when it dawned to me.

I probably beat my opponent too hard in the head that most of them people probably a.s.suming, I have weird taste in bas.h.i.+ng my opponent's heads that they were touching their heads subconsciously.

"You really really do enjoy bas.h.i.+ng the head huh!" Lily said with a smile as I smile beside her.

"It was just an accidental choice!" I replied head, chest, family jewels are one one of the weak spot of men.

I can attack family jewels or I will be seen vulgar and shameless, the only choice is head or chest.

I chose head instinctively, normally I attacked toward the chest or toward the neck but this I chose to head to attack.

No matter what people say, I've really had fun beating his head and I will also try doing it in my next fight.

"Your choice may be accidental but you beat that poor fellow really hard, look there was no spot of his head that wasn't covered in his own blood!" joked lily while projecting the image of my opponents head.

Yes, that poor fellows head really got my bas.h.i.+ng hard.

Lily joked with me for few more minutes before we started watching and discussing the fight.

The fight goes on but we saw no fight of top Top 20 but that did not mean that fights weren't exciting.

I learned many things watching the fights, especially skills, an insane amount of skills.

Some type of skills that I wasn't able to identify and I had to check the feed to know the details about them.

On the feeds there live discussions about many fights and as long as you zoom on them, you will know every detail about the fight.

Even the information about rare skill could be known, only very few things were able to delude those on feed.

One thing made me most happy though, that the information about my instant movement.

They are a.s.suming my instant movement is some kind of skill, not a technique performed through ability manipulations.

Some people confusedly asked about my mana expenditure as I used instant movement many times but did not drink mana potion even once.

Some people had replied to that question saying I am using an injection device.

Injection devise is a small machine which you bind in your arm and it will inject potions into you through your bloodstream.

They are very good devices but I don't like them.

I detest the feeling of something piercing my skin while I am fighting, it gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

Mana expenditure is one biggest perk of ability manipulation, it will use very less mana compare skill.

The reason people don't practice ability manipulation heavily because of time.

To learn a skill, you will need a week at maximum but for mana manipulation, one needs the hard practice of years to gain similar results.

That is why many people don't focus on their ability much, they will be fine as long as they control their ability normally and as they level up, their control over their ability also became stronger.

Suddenly a name is shown on the screen that caught the gaze of everyone in the audience.

It is Mike Harrison, third to get a perfect score of 1000, everyone had been waiting for their fight, especially those who got the perfect score.

But people were a little disappointed seeing his opponent, his opponents rank is 908, one of the furthest behind.

As he reached the stage, he said something to his opponent that startled everyone in the audience.

He said he will not use his ability or skill and only fight with his physical prowess.

This really startles everyone, even the referee was a little shocked.

This will be an interesting fight, using only physical strength in a fight means he will only fight with 25% percent of his strength.

His opponent got angry hearing his words the first time but soon a cruel smile of his opponent face.

He is probably thinking of teaching a hard lesson to mike for looking down on him.

Soon the fight started and his opponent activated his skill which had released the fiery arrows.

Seeing fiery arrows coming toward him, mike Harrison seemed unfazed and effortless dodged the fiery arrows that came at him.

I gasp seeing his moment, it may seem simple dodging at first sight but it involves many complexities.

Not only me but those around me with a sharp eye also gasped with admiration.

If I want to perform such movement, I have to train in my combat style for another five months, only then I will have have the confidence to dodge the attack with such smoothness.

His opponent launched more fiery arrows but they all dodged by mike effortless.

His opponent's expression became quite hideous seeing this as he drank the mana potion.

His opponent angry threw away potion bottle as he ran toward the mike while activating his speed.

Not only his opponent activated his speed skill but he also lightens his sword with fire as he attacks mike.

Mike remains unfazed seeing, seeing his opponent coming toward me swiftly while holding a flaming sword.

Mike did not clash against his head on like everyone expected him to be but he dodged.

His opponent crazily swung his sword at him but mike kept effortless dodging it.

I think mike dodging his opponent's sword not because he is fearing its power but he is dodging it out of fun, just to irritate his opponent.

His opponent seemed to realize that and his attacks became even crazier.

He became a mad bull, crazily swinging his sword but no matter how much he tried, he can seem to catch mike.

Finally getting tired, his opponent put some distance between them and again attack mike with flaming arrows as he drank a potion again.

Mike did not attack his opponent, he just kept defending the whatever attack that came in his way.

His opponent did not attack for a few seconds but then he activated his speed type skill and strength type skill that he has and again launch an attack on the mike.

This time his opponent speed is quite fast and mike also realized that that is why he did not dodge the attack but counter them with his sword.

His attack was simple, not heavy as his opponent but he was able to counter each and every one of the perfectly without taking a step back.

This going on for quite a while and when mike opponent about to put some distance between them, mike attack attacked suddenly.

His attacks were vicious as a snake as each every attack of his landed the weak spot of his opponent.

Artifacts defense is not foolproof, there are some weak spots.

Such as small part on the back of the neck where armor and mask connector palms which are unprotected at armor.

One has to be very proficient in combat to use this weakness properly.

Mike led his opponent to the edge of ring unknowingly and before his opponent can know what's happening, he flew out of the ring by mikes kicks.

This moves surprised all audience, the mike who fought so gentlemanly till now used such vulgar move as kicking his opponent out of the ring.