Monster Integration - Chapter 216 87

Chapter 216 87

"902!" Lily is shocked hearing my score and about to scream when I place my palm over her mouth, lest she informed all the people in the mess hall by shouting.

"I didn't know you were that powerful!" she said while still in shock, I smiled and took a bite of my food.

"How much did you score?" I asked, seeing she asked my score, she ought to tell me hers.

''I just scored 831, not comparable to yours!" She said with a sad face.

I know she had scored 470 at first round that means in the second round she had scored 361.

She had zapped more than half the points of Android No. 4, she is quite powerful to take away more than half the points of an android who had power similar to that of Mid Level Corporal stage evolver.

"I really wanted my score to be into Top 100 but it seems very hard with my score!" Lily said with a sigh.

Her score is quite good and in some past compet.i.tions people with a score similar to able to get into the too hundred but for some, it didn't cut it.

''Don't sweat on it much, it is the real compet.i.tion that matters!" I said.

I said this her and also to myself, the real compet.i.tion is all that matters.

No matter which rank you got in the preliminary, your progress depending on your fights in the compet.i.tions.

Many times, the black horses came and west the compet.i.tion, one the most memorable instance happened just at last compet.i.tion when a girl whose rank was above 800 in preliminary was able to reach the top 10 in the compet.i.tion.

"Yes, an only real compet.i.tion that matters!" she repeated.

We both quit and ate our meal in silence.

Ashlyn also eating her plate without minding our conversation. She is eating the same way, she ate every day, there is no inkling in her eating pace which shows that she had finished three boxes of food just a few hours ago.

While she is eating, I added a speck of core of fiery lion, she did not mind that and ate with regular food.

This core of fierce lion is the only core she did not mind eating before that I had to force Ashlyn to eat the monster core daily.

After eating Ashlyn body produce slight heat which had the flavor of fiery lions power.

This scene had startled lily at first when we started to eat but she got used to seeing every day.

Every time I see this, I hope for her ability to upgrade, just a slight upgrade in her ability will give me a huge boost to my power.

Her power is never upgraded, even after eating specks of core daily for three months.

Still, I am not losing hope, if their fraction of possibility that her ability will be upgraded through this, then I will keep feeding her the cores till she upgrades her ability.

I left the mess with Ashlyn after the dinner and went back to my apartment.

I have nothing to do till midnight, I wanted to stroll but decided against it.

I also don't want to want serf the net, I did that enough in the midnight.

Normally, I didn't get second of rest due to training but now I have enough time in the world but didn't want to do anything.

Since nothing is working then I will do, what I do most, training.

I take off both my s.h.i.+rt and trousers and started to perform muscle exercise of Wind slayer style, in the empty s.p.a.ce of my apartment.

The instructor said to keep doing this muscle exercise whenever we have time, it will be very helpful for the combat style.

Five minutes later of I started to sweat heavily as this exercise started to suck my energy at every moment I am performing.

I have to say this exercise is very exerting, it keeps sucking and sucking your energy till nothing left in you.

Not only that, but your muscles also started to turn heavy over time that even lifting them to make a moment became incomparably hard.

That is why to do this exercise, one needs a strong body that has enough energy to constantly feed the energy to that ever sucking force.

To gain such a body, one has to have at least five seals of supreme combat exercise, only then one could bear the tole of this exercise.

I have to keep doing that exercise for three hours as that when the list of top 1000 would be announced.

I can easily keep doing this muscle exercise for three hours if I did it slowly but at a faster rate, like the instructor made us do in later days is very hard.

I was very hard when the instructor had increased the pace of the exercise right after the announcement of the compet.i.tion, it was very hard at first and half the people had collapsed within half an hour.

But I kept persisted, I persisted for whole two and a half hour, I was one of the seven people, who were able to persist that long.

As the day pa.s.sed by the instructor keep increasing the pace but most of the people got hang of it as no one wanted to waste their hard-earned money on being left out, just because they could persist for long.

It had become easier for me after I've constructed the sixth seal, it had become little easier as I got some breathing s.p.a.ce.

I was able to handle a few more sessions easily before going back to the same routine, even with the power of six seals, I had to work hard.

I am currently performing muscle exercise at the highest speed and to aid me, I even started to circulate the supreme combat exercise, only with that pain do I able to distract myself from exertion and heaviness.

Sometimes the pain is a very good distraction.

Every time I perform this muscle exercise, it makes me fraction more powerful and only fighting for those fraction of power that one became truly powerful.

An instructor once had said, we can only stop performing this muscle exercise, only when we are able to do it effortlessly like regular exercise.

"Ting!" the notification rang on my apartment and stopped in my tracks.

This is a notification for result announcement.

I stayed immobile for a few minutes before moving, one cant makes instant moment after done practicing muscle exercise.

After standing up I did not immediately open the results but took a quick slower as my body is completely riddled with the sweat.

I took a good shower in warm water and only after I wore my sleeping pajamas only then I opened the list.

I started to read from No. 1, seeing the score, I got every startled.

Even Magnus well who I thought would be a top 5 was able to make up in the top 10.

I kept reading name after name, till the fifty but I did not see my name.

Without feeling disappointment, I kept reading further and felt a little sad when I noticed my name isn't at the list at No. 80.

Only when I read a little further, I was my name.

Rank 87 Micheal Zaar