Monster Integration - Chapter 215 Top 1000

Chapter 215 Top 1000

I have to give it my all before surrendering if I am successfully able to land this blow then it will help me a lot in my future battles.

I had to wait for a few second as Android No.4 is still returning back to its place.

This is probably done to give partic.i.p.ants a few minutes of rest during the battle.

I did not mind that, few more extra seconds will help me prepare myself even more.

Using this move is very difficult to and I haven't got time to use this move against monsters yet.

So, this will be the first time I will be using this move against anything.

Soon, Android No. 4 had reached its place and Android No 5 started to come out.

"Fur! Fur! Fur! fur!…."

It's time! I said and jets of fire light up on my back and I shot out like an arrow toward android.

Normally, I can handle only four fire jets as I have to maintain their power, even a slight mistake could make me fall on my face hard!

That is the reason why very few people bring themselves to learn the ability manipulation to fullest, most people think of it as was a waste of time.

The reason for that is skills, the skills could manipulate one's ability at much much higher grade and one doesn't have to use too much concentration for that.

For example, the firebolt which released through fire strike skill of min is nothing but bolt made of extremely concentrated fire.

To reach the proficiency where I could make the bolt of concentrated fire, would take me the constant practice of five years or more.

That is why most of the people didn't think much about ability manipulation as it could be easily done by use of skill.

But I always thought differently, I thought that ability manipulation is a wonderful thing seeing my parents use their ability on the things that I can't think of.

My thinking further reinforced when I heard William grumbling about how he has to attend the boring cla.s.s of ability manipulation after he gets home.

When I asked him more about it, he didn't say anything, he just said that it a compulsory cla.s.s for super elites.

If superelites need to learn about it, then there must be something special about ability manipulations.

Not only that, after I started practiced ability manipulations for two months, I noticed, that I am having ease casting my skills, especially Fire Strike.

It quickly reacted seeing me speedily coming toward it and opted a best defensive position, I expect nothing less from peak Corporal stage Android.

If I go on this speed, I will surely get countered, good thing I had one last move left.

"Furrr!" jet manifested on my lower back and after its push, my speed increased more than double, which left, no chance for it react as I swung my sword at it.

"Clank!" "Bam!" ''Puh! Crack!" As my sword sliced lower part of its neck, I received a powerful punch from it, which made me puke the and even broke my bones.

"Thud!" I force of that punch was so great that my body flew for several meters before cras.h.i.+ng on the floor.

''Su..surrender!" I said as right after cras.h.i.+ng I had been a second late, the punch that was few inches from me surely would have broken my jaw.

The Android which is only a few inches from me is now stalled as a statue.

They are advanced that I thought, normal android would have been crashed into me but this one stopped on its track right after I said surrender.

"Congratulations Partic.i.p.ant #739GSJDV for scoring 412 points!" said A.I. voice.

I stood up weakly and drank mana potion. This battle had taken lots out of me both physically and mentally, only after drinking potion did I feel fine again.

The door of the hall opened automatically and I get out with my haggard self like others who I had seen earlier.

With this score of 412 and earlier rounds 490, I have a total score of 902.

If I compare my score with the last two compet.i.tion, I am confident that this score will let me enter top 100 minimum.

When I went out, I saw the venue is still very crowded, hundreds of people could be seen coming and going out of the entrance.

It is still afternoon, the preliminary rounds will run till night and top 1000 would be announced at midnight.

I can't wait to know the result, I wanted to know about my compet.i.tors who I will face tomorrow.

The more I know about them, the better I will be prepared when I fight them.

The compet.i.tion formal start totomorrowo timetable of fights had been announced yet.

It will be announced after the list of 1000 out.

The format of the compet.i.tion hadn't been announced yet, but most of the people on net guessing that it would be a qualifier round like last two compet.i.tions but there is always a chance of change, I will only know at midnight.

Seeing there is no use of staying here, I called the hovercar for my apartment, soon I reached my apartment, I greeted with the unbelievable scene.

"You glutton!" I said loudly before I headed for the rounds, I had ordered three boxes of food as a bribe for Ashlyn to stay in the apartment.

As she always demanded to eat street snacks whenever we go out and now she picked up a new habit if I did not bring her snack she will hold her breath.

I don't know where she learned these antics, I have heard small kids doing such things but never monsters.

I even search it in the net specifically.

She now holds her breath if did not buy her things she wants to eat, one time I even called on her dare and she really held her breath for minutes before pa.s.sing out, that really scared the s.h.i.+t out of me.

I still had a scare, whenever I think about that memory.

From then on, whenever we go out, I have to buy the things she want ls, so this morning, to save myself for such trouble, I bribe her with three delicious food.

I had thought she will only eat two boxes at most but I never guessed, she would eat three of the food boxes.

And now she is sleeping in the gallery with her stomach down.

I could never change no matter how much I try, I could only try to curb her habits with all I have.

I freshen up and lay on my bed reading the news, this time due to the compet.i.tion many interesting things running on the net.

One of them is that president of the union is coming to attend the final day of the compet.i.tion.

On the final day on compet.i.tion will be matches of Master stages evolvers, I am excited to see the fights.

This would be the first time that I would see Master stage powerhouses fight each other.

There is also another interesting new mentioning that this time the winner of the final compet.i.tion would receive an additional special reward from the president.

They did not mention what reward is but seeing the news came from trustable sources, it out to be true.

I kept reading on my watch to keep my mind off the top 1000 list which will be coming out midnight.

I only got up when it was time dinner as I left for the mess with Ashlyn.