Monster Integration - Chapter 191 Shocked!

Chapter 191 Shocked!

"Thank you for the Armor senior Tom!" I said as I returned the armor to my former uppercla.s.smen.

''Its nothing!" He replied lightly, "I have to say, your performance shocked everyone here." praised senior tom.

I just smiled at his praise, after talking a few words with senior tom, I walk back toward the Ellen.

All the monsters bodies had been lifted and transported back to the town.

The Corporal level powerhouse also left one by seeing the danger of the monsters are over.

What surprised me is Instructor Liam and his charges as they walk toward the house, I thought they would spend at least night at the town but looks like he takes the training of his charges very seriously.

Seeing them leaving Ellen's father took a sigh of relief, probably thinking he didn't have to worry about such powerhouses hospitality anymore.

''Michel wait, I'll drop you off!" Ellen said seeing me leaving. She quickly catches up to me and started to climb down the stairs.

We soon reached on the ground and started to walk together toward my home.

"That was Knight grade skill you used in the last right?" Ellen asked I smiled hearing her question.

Her face had to show the contemplation for some time, thinking to ask or not this question as this is related to trump card and such question isn't asked even amongst friend.

Jill had never asked me a direct about question about storage, knight grade artifact, and skill, she just hinted it and I had affirmed her hints.

Ellen asks due to immense curiosity she was feeling and had no other intention.

''Yes it was Knight grade skill!" I said, "I knew it!" she shouted loudly.

Thank G.o.d! There are no people on the street otherwise they thought her as mad, shouting in the middle of the street.

We talked about many things as we walked and this time she asked me every detail of the s.p.a.ce realm.

She had really got a huge shock seeing my performance earlier.

She earlier thought her and my power would be nearly the same, despite me being a level higher because she is getting specialized training while I am just a free adventure.

She was natural to thought this and if not for the s.p.a.ce realm, I don't think, I would be her match.

As getting skill and creating this many seals would have been nearly impossible if I were in westblood not in the s.p.a.ce realm.

Not only she asked about me she also talked about her, her life in the training camp.

It is as I expected but also little different, she said that they had an extremely strict training schedule and end of every day she would become so tired that she will not have any energy to do anything.

Every month they have a big test to measure their progress, those who perform better and pa.s.sed the criteria will have a chance to advance their members.h.i.+p.

"I am confident I can qualify for the elite training if I work double hard for six months at least!" Ellen said clenching her teeth.

Due to her parents being a member of the organization, she knew many things from the start.

Although they were just normal members, they still knew quite a lot and they started telling her many things from childhood, training her to be to a powerhouse.

From childhood, she bears the burden of their expectations.

"Have you made any new girlfriend?" I asked to lighten the mood.

"I've made many, do you want to see them?" she said with her usual smile and started to open the folder of photos.

''There no need!" I said while keeping my hands in front of me.

Relations.h.i.+ps are not ellen's thing, she liked to seduce girls, hook up and leave them with the kiss.

I marvel at her ability, I've seen many ugly breakups but with Ellen, things never turn ugly.

I've never seen or heard any girl making any scene or become vengeful after a hookup, she seduces girls so flawlessly that even after a hookup, her past flames will talk to her cordially whenever they met.

I still remember my break up, though it wasn't an ugly one, I still cried for a day or two.

Soon we reached the doorstep of my time.

"Take this!" I said and handed her a thumb size crystalline thing.

"What is it!" she asks as she started to observe it, she thought it was some kind of crystal rock but she touches, she found it is soft and squishy.

"A mystical medicine, it will save you some hard work!" I replied.

'Gasp!' She took a gasp hearing name mystical medicine.

"This will help you a lot, but you will feel immense pain for an hour, circulate supreme combat exercise, it will help you cope with pain and if you are lucky, then you will be able to make some seals," I said.

She stood quiet for while before nodding.

She suddenly came and hugged me while giving me a light peck on the cheek before leaving toward her house.

I stood there watching her leaving back before going inside my house.

The house is empty, it will take an hour a least for my parents to come.

As a preventive measure for safety, the mayor will tell a citizen to come out least for two hours after monsters are killed.

"When did you come?" my mother asked after she came back from the bunker with my father.

"Just a few minutes ago," I replied after they freshen up we ate our dinner and after that watch some tv together before sleeping.

When I woke up the next morning, I found simple thank you message which comes on my holowatch in midnight from Ellen.

When I called her, I was surprised to found out she had left the town and already on the train.

When I asked why is she leaving so early, she said that she gained immensely from eating mystic medicine and needs to practice her strength before her training starts.

She did not tell me when I asked how much seals she had created but told me she had gained enough to match five to six of hard work.

Before cutting off the call she promised me that next time we meet she will definitely beat me.

Compet.i.tive as ever, she never liked to use and when she sees compet.i.tion, she will work harder than ever.

Time pa.s.sed by at home as I happily spend quality time with my parents.

On the third day of my leave, I gave the piece of mystic medicine to parents while warning him of its immense pain.

My mother and I with him when he ate that piece.

I was shocked when I saw my father didn't make a single sound, she was utterly quiet.

If not him seeing him greet his teeth and wet clothes due to sweat, I would have thought my father is not feeling any pain.

To not make a single sound needs immense willpower, I personally had experienced this pain and knew how immense it is.

Even William who boasts in front of a sister about Super Elite training being extremely hard painful could not stop himself from making many silent noises.

Seeing him not making a single sound, a new form of respect arose in my heart for my father.

I got even more huge shock when my father come out of the effects of mystical medicine and I asked him how many seals he had created.

5! That much seals he had created, 5! I was only able to create one seal.

Ellen would have created maximum two seals but my father had created f.u.c.king five seals and That's not all, he said he is very close to creating the sixth seal.

I congratulated my father and said to him to work hard about creating the sixth seal, he can create six in a month if worked hard enough.

My father had again gave me a huge surprise by creating sixth seals two days later.

I asked If he did not feel pain or not, he said he did feel pain but it is not much as he felt after he the mystical medicine.

My father was a orphan and did not have much interest fighting, he is more interest in academic.

Still, I encouraged him to try to create more seals, if by chance they come across any danger he would be able to protect my mother.

He nodded saying, he will give some time of days to supreme combat exercise.

Time pa.s.sed by and soon came the day of my leaving.