Monster Integration - Chapter 190 Resul

Chapter 190 Resul

All six are monsters dead as they hit by my and archers knight grade skills.

'Chug!' i drank another mana potion and move toward the remaining Corporal stage monsters without caring for dumbfounded expression everyone faces.

If Micheal had back eyes and looked up toward the wall, he would have seen the dumbfounded expression on everyone faces except for the Instructor and the archer.

The remaining monsters are all Peak level Corporal monster, worth ten points each.

Though they are dumbfounded they are still trying to kill the monster but is too bad, they would need minute at a minimum while I need only a few seconds to kill them.

I am not the only one who thought that the archer from above also thought the same that is.why the arrows never stopped shooting.

Within a minute, the monsters dead and everyone started to take rest a little but I did not.

As soon as monsters are dead, I started to remove the cores of the monsters that I killed.

In the s.p.a.ce realm, we have given hardly any time for harvest core before we started moving.

So, no matter how tired we felt, especially free adventurers, we would always harvest cores of the monster.

I didn't even feel tired by this ten minutes battle.

I've fought for hours before compare to that, this small fight is nothing.

"I've never expected you to this powerful, I have to work really hard to catch up to you!" said Ellen.

As we were walking up the stairs, everyone had taken out the cores of the monsters and people of the sheriff department and mayors office are loading the monster bodies in the hover trucks.

If it was past, would surely claimed bodies or would have asked some money for the monster bodies they are taking.

The bodies of monsters I've killed worth half million but now I no longer care.

I've understood my power and knowing how I can least kill Initial level Sergeant level monster with my skill, no longer cared for the monster bodies.

I now will not have to worry about the money, as long as I am willing to go hunt for them, I will be able to swim in the money.

Now the first thing I have my agenda is to go to start the systematic training, level up to peak level and find the ways to break the Strain Limit.

Without it, I won't be able to level up to Corporal level much less partic.i.p.ate in League of Heroes which's a minimum limit is Peak level of Master Stage.

"What are you thinking?" Ellen asked, ''Nothing much, just thinking ways to break Ashlyn's Strain limit!" I said.

"Snort!" I heard snort from the back, I didn't have to turn my head to know it is Kevin.

His mood is especially bad right now, first, he is definitely in a bad mood losing into me.

Although points haven't announced yet, It wouldn't take a genius to know after seeing monsters body count, seeing I've killed way more monsters than him.

And the second reason he is bad mood because of his monster.

While fighting, Kevin's three eyes devil monkey tried a sneak attack on Ashlyn to take revenge for the incident that of three months ago but like last time its attack failed.

One can see little burned hairs of three-eyed devil monkey who is baring its teeth in anger at Ashlyn who flying in the air without giving a glance to a monkey.

"All of you done well, especially you!" said instructor Liam pointing at me as we all climbed the wall.

"Thank you for praise, Sir Liam!" I said politely as my gaze landed on the girl beside him.

So, this is the Archer, this girl is quite pretty and standing beside the instructor with a serious face.

She has had deactivated her weapon or I would have seen what kind of bow she used.

I had faint inkling seeing the power of the arrows that the Bow she is not the normal Grade 1 artifact but Knight grade artifact.

I have gained quite a knowledge about bows in the realm as there were many archers but no is comparable to Rachel, of course.

"Everyone has done quite well, it is very out of my expectation." said mayor happily.

"Now I will announce the points on the number of monsters you have killed!" he said and list projected on mayors holowatch.

"The one who gets the highest points is Miss Rain, she had scored 205 points!" said mayor.

I was a little disappointed hearing I am not the one who scored the highest points.

If it comes to killing monsters, I am sure I am the one killed more monster than her but she had targeted only Corporal stage and Sergeant stage monsters.

"The second is Kevin who Kevin, who scored 197 points!" said the mayor, a hint of appreciation could be heard from his eyes.

"One more monster and you would have beaten that girl!" whispered Ellen in my ear.

I smiled at her words but shook my head in disagreement.

I had already used my all from the beginning and if that archer knew I would perform this better, she would have user her all from the beginning, not when she thought I was catching up to her.

"The third place is gained by two people as they both got 76 points." said mayor with pride as this was the score of his daughter.

I have to say, Kevin and Ellen lot more progress than I imagined.

If I had not accidentally entered the realm, I would have been last in this challenge.

I am not sure even if entered the challenge as well, before entering the s.p.a.ce realm I was at Private stage and I had leveled up two times in the s.p.a.ce realm because of the lucky chances I've come across.

One by one mayor announced the points of all people and the boy who had scored least points is barely holding on his tears, I wanted to laugh so loud seeing that but I somehow controlled myself.