Monster Integration - Chapter 1779 - Pressure

Chapter 1779 - Pressure

Chapter 1779 - Pressure

"So, shall we continue?" I asked Jill, "There is no need; we will continue our battle when I broke another seal of my Inheritance." She said, called off her armor; I did the same.

"Your defense is quite powerful to take my last attack without any defense," Jill praised as we walk. "To be honest with you, my armor is my most powerful defense," I said softly, cloaking my voice with energy so that only she could hear it.

"Well, Its good to hear; otherwise, I would have been too sad thinking, my most powerful defense would not even be able to your armor's defense, much less force you to summon your defensive method," Jill said with a smile.

Her attack was really powerful; if I had used my defensive method, it might able to broken through it. Thousands of tiny explosions of abyssal flame were no simple thing.

Soon, we reach the teacher and others; they were all excitedly talking about the battle and looking at us as if we were some kind of monster. The council members' eyes are s.h.i.+ning like suns, especially that of old women Marla.

Seeing that, I couldn't help but be shudder a little; this old woman always scared me for some reason. Thankfully, I am not the only one; Elina said she had always been scared of this woman since she was a child.

"Little guy, you are quite powerful; how about joining the Hawthorn Sea?" The Matron asked, shocking everyone on the spot; even Richard and Jill got shocked by such a direct offer.

Everyone knows she will be asking this question, but no one expected she will be asking it so soon and will be so direct about it.

"Matron," I said; I wanted to say something further, but no words came out of my mouth. "You don't have to answer me now; I am just making the offer," She said by waving the hand, hearing that I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief.

If she wanted the answer now, I would have been in quite trouble; you don't directly reject the people like her.

"I will not bore you with all the details of what we are offering, but I will say few things first, you will remain a member of the Riverfield Academy after you join the Hawthorn Sea, just like I am even after hundreds of years leaving the academy," Matron said.

Hearing that, I couldn't help but feel pleased; as for her being a member of the Academy, it is not secret.

She was the daughter of a past Council Member and grew up in Academy before joining the Hawthorn Sea. It is just that she did not mention the fact since she reached her current heights, and the Academy also did not do it out of respect for her.

It must be the first time in hundred years since she had mentioned this fact publicly, and quite a few councilmembers seemed to be pleased by it.

"As for the resources and status, everything will b at your disposal. Everything we offer to Jill will be offered to you, but of course, you will have to show the result; we will not give you unlimited resources only for you to waste it uselessly," Matron added.

To be honest, her offer sounded much better than of the Patriarch Bradford, Matron Mavis much more opened than him.

"Thank You for your kind offer Matron, I will think it over carefully," I said, neither rejecting nor accepting her offer. "Sure, take all the time you want," She said.

"Little girl, go with your friend; I will have some personal business in the academy," Matron said and went up and walked toward the teacher, where she said something to the teacher and councilmembers silently before disappearing with them.

With then leaving, only four people remained in the huge arena. Me, Jill, Elina, and her father, who is talking with her Elina, silently. A second later, Elina mouthed something before disappearing with her father, leaving Jill and me alone in the arena.

"Do you want me to show around the Academy?" I asked Jill, "Sure," She replied. She seemed faintly excited by the prospect.

A few minutes later, we were both outside the arena and flying toward the famous spots in the Academy. While the Academy is much smaller compared to the Supremes, it is still old, about four thousand years old, older than the Hawthorn's Sea, the newest supreme.

"You have made such a huge advancement within a year; you must have quite interesting experiences?" I asked as we flew through the sky.

"You did not think that I had got such amazing strength because I have such amazing Inheritance and did not work hard to get it?" She asked back, and her voice is quite sharp, completely different from the joyful and calm voice she had second before.

"I am sorry for snapping at you," She apologized, immediately realizing her mistake.

"The pressure is too much on me; everybody expects me to work hard and gain strength, and when I do, all of them credit it to my amazing Inheritance; n.o.body looked at hard work I had put into gaining such strength, I had to walk on the edge of life and death hundreds of times to gain such strength," She said with a sigh.

"It is a good thing; I have a teacher as my support system; if not for her, I would have got broke under this pressure long ago," She added softly.

I did not say anything, just stayed by her and listen to her. I could only imagine the pressure she is under, where everyone is looking at her to perform the same miracles her predecessor did.

"You know, sometimes I wish I hadn't got this Inheritance. If I had gotten average Inheritance, people wouldn't have expected so much from me, and I would have been much happier than I am right now," she said while pearl-like tears dropped off from her eyes.