Monster Integration - Chapter 1778 - Spar II

Chapter 1778 - Spar II

Chapter 1778 - Spar II

n.o.body had stopped us as we walked into the arena and stood a hundred meters opposite each other.

"Are you ready?" I asked Jill; instead of answering, a powerful aura blasted out of her, and beautiful armor, dark as abyss, appeared on her body, realizing an aura that could make any Emperor feel fear.

Seeing her summoning her armor, I also summoned mine. Unlike her, my armor came silently without releasing any explosive aura.

It suited its current colors, which have become a little lighter after the baptism of cosmic elemental energies. Speaking of cosmic energies, it will be the first time I will be using my armor since I consumed those energies, and I am quite excited to test its power.

"Here, I came," Jill said and came at me with immense speed, one moment she was here, the next, she was in front of me.

"Abyss Drown!" She shouted, and dark flame covered her sword as she attacked. I also swung my sword in return, carefully observing the dark fire which I had heard so much about. This is no ordinary fire; it is Abyssal Flame or the life harvesting flame, as people call it.


Our weapons clashed, and before I know what happened, the flame covering her sword drowned me, breaking all the restrictions I had placed and covered my whole armor before I know what had happened.

I am extremely surprised seeing myself current circ.u.mstances as I had put up quite heavy defenses, something like it due to suffering under this nature of attack before.

Step Step Step

While I had got covered in the Abyssal Flame, she had not come out unscathed either and begin to take a couple of steps back to control the tide-like momentum she had got attacked with.


I kept one looked at her before dealing with the Abyssal Flame covering me, and as I brought it inside after filtering throught my armor, I was surprised to feel lacerating feeling all over my body as these flames got s.u.c.k.e.d by my runes and converted.

It seemed like the flame is really powerful; despite being weaker than me, the her flame was able to affect me to such a degree. It seemed like there is some truth in those legends after all.

By the time she was able to balance herself, I had dealt with her flame, seeing that a surprise couldn't help but flash for a moment in jills eyes.

'First Boost!'

With the power of 'First Boost' coursing through me, I appeared in front of her and swing my sword with great power. A spark of fear appeared in her eyes before her dark eyes became calm as Abyssal see, and an even powerful aura burst out of her as she swung her sword at me.


Our weapons clashed, a powerful invisible Abyssal energy came at me, and when it entered my body, it heated it like an oven before it got s.u.c.k.e.d by my armor. She did not come out as relaxed as me, the force of the attack powerful enough to make her take the steps back uncontrollably.

Seeing that, I disappeared from my spot and appeared beside her before attacking her with even greater strength than before.


Despite being unbalanced, she smoothly moved her sword and blocked my attack before started to take a back at greater speed.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face, and I again disappeared and this time appeared behind her attack. This time, my attack was much more powerful than before, if it will going to break several bones of her spine.

My sword had crossed the half distance when Jill spun in there and came face to face with me and brought down her sword using the force of counter momentum.

"Dust of Abyss!"

Realizing that I understood how powerful this move of hers is and wanted to get away immediately, but a moment later, I crushed that thought and continued with my attack.

Seeing the way how air vibrating around each particle, it is likely her most powerful attack, and I want to test its strength head-on. Though it is a foolish little still, I wanted to do it, feel the might of such a powerful attack and collect the data, such a move worth researching.


Our weapons clashed; I could see the big change occurring on Jill's face before she blasted back while vomiting the mouthful of blood.


That same moment the dust enveloped me before thousands of tiny powerful explosions blasted across my body. The explosions were extremely powerful; I felt like I had been hit by the thousands of meteor strikes cras.h.i.+ng against every part of my body.

Each particle of dust seemed to have contained the force of the meteor, and each of them struck at precise potions. Some fatal spots that attacked ten times more dusk explosion than the other parts of my body.

I have to say, this is one of the weirdest, hard to evade powerful attacks I had been hit with, it had tested the limit of my armor, and fortunately, my armor was able to bear it.

"It is quite an attack you had hit me with, Jill," I said through dark clouds of explosions, still feeling shocked over the power of the attack.

"If I did not have the sufficient defenses, you would have turned your poor friend into the thing of past," I added as I walked out of the dark clouds, which had covered nearly half of the arena.

"Snort!" She snorted in annoyance to that.