Monster Integration - Chapter 1738 - Help

Chapter 1738 - Help

Chapter 1738 - Help

"Bloodlines are the best tonic!" I said drunkenly. I am really feeling drunk; the increase in strength this Bloodline has given me is really something else.

The Bloodline of the Crystal Horn Rhino has filled about a hundred thousand more hexagonal cells of the Honeycomb, nearly three hundred thousand, which increase my strength immensely.

With these three hundred thousand hexagonal cells filled, I had filled nearly a million hexagonal cells of Honeycomb, and it gave me much immense strength, and there are still four million hexagonal cells of Honeycomb that remain to be filled.

I couldn't help but shake in excitement whenever I thought about the strength I will have when I filled all the hexagonal cells.


I controlled my excited heart with deep breaths and tapped on the huge grey body of Rhino with my index finger; just as I did, the husky form of it had collapsed and revealed beautiful Brown Gold essence rose.

I admired the essence rose for a moment before I put it away safely into the wooden box. The essence was beautiful, and I would have liked to admired it more if not for there are many important things I have to do.

With such increment in strength, I had decided to join the big battle; it would be extremely dangerous, and I might get killed, but I have no choice. It had been nearly two hours since they begin fighting, which is quite long.

The Grimm Monsters that attacked seemed quite strong; I am sure all that attack would be stronger than the Rhinoman that had attacked me, but still, me joining the battle could tip the scale in our favor, and we could exterminate those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

After making the decision, I did not fly away toward the battle; instead, I activated the 'Giagantification' move.

This move is my most defense-oriented and could help me survive the attacks of those who are much stronger than me. I wanted to use this move earlier, but attacks of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were too strong to give me any time to use it.

The strings begin to puff up and begin to grow at visible speed, that with five seconds, I reached my meters height, and fifteen seconds later, I had grown ten meters long and stopped growing.

Giagantification needs a huge amount of energy, and I usually use the energy of enemies to grow. Still, the ten-meter long avatar is huge; this height could easily help me dominate over the Grimm Monster, who is usually seven to eight meters long.

After erasing all the signs of harvesting, I flew into the air, and soon I reached near the huge battle which I could barely see inside even after activating all my ocular abilities; it is all very misty.

Still, I could see faintly guess what is happening inside; five human Tyrants are being besieged by the Eleven Grimm Monsters. The battle is extremely intense, and that I started to have second thoughts about joining it.

There are some Grimm Monsters I could not do anything against. They are extremely powerful that I would not be able to last against them even for a minute.

I quickly calmed my mind and begin to look at the domain carefully. The battle may be dangerous for me, but I have to join it; the humans are outnumbered with powerful Grimm Monsters, every bit of the help counts.

I know how to break them, but I do not have the tools for it. If the domain had been Emperor level, I would have broken it; I had brought those tools from the academy when I came to the Devil Gate. Those Emperor level domain breaking artifacts are useless against Tyrant level Domain artifacts.

Seeing there is better no other choice, I decided to use the method any other person in my position would do, and that is using brute force.


I charged my sword to the limit and attacked the disc. The disc is being protected by the three-layered energy field, and I was barely able to make the ripple on the first layer of its energy s.h.i.+eld.

While I failed to make the single crack on the energy field, I was able to attract the attention of all the Tyrants who were fighting inside.

The second after I attacked, the battle inside the domain had stopped, and all the misty figures from inside looked at me. I could see both sides regrouping toward each other and looking at me while I also stared back at them.

For the first few seconds, nothing happened before the lead Grimm Monster motioned with its hands, and one Grimm Monster on left separated from the ground and came toward my direction. The humans moved to block it, but the Grimm Monster moved to intercept.

They successfully stopped the humans with double numbers while the Grimm Monster came at me and stopped at the edge of the domain.


For all they know, they might be fighting all the human Tyrants from the airs.h.i.+p, and I am rescue they had called, and since I am a rescue, I am going to be powerful who could kill it at single attack.

Seeing its dilemma, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face, and I remained static on my spot.

Let it think what it wants to think; I had already succeeded. I was able to successfully extract the one Grimm Monster from the battle; this is the most I could do.

As for fighting it, I will do it if it came out, and if its turns out to be too powerful, I could always run and as long as it is not the elite that is chasing me, I could run away successfully.