Monster Integration - Chapter 1737 - Death

Chapter 1737 - Death

Chapter 1737 - Death

The strings are extremely fine and have very slippery properties, which makes them very hard to break.

In the past month, after consuming one Tyrant Bloodline and tens of Emperor Bloodlines, a great change has occurred in my strings; they have become very strong.

It continued to struggle with strings, and when it could not get a hold on them, it would get angrier and try even harder to pull them, but no matter how harder it tries, it was not able to pull a single string while the strings took full advantage of its aura which is still billowing from its body and covered more than half of its body.

Suddenly it seemed to understand what is happening and stopped pulling strings and draw its aura in the body. Though it was not able to draw in all the aura while still maintaining its current power, it still able to draw in 80%, which instantly lessened the growth of strings.

"It is quite a scary move, human, able to bind me without me noticing," It said as it looked at me. its eyes have now become much calmed, "But don't think, I could not deal with it," It said with eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence as it truly believed it could deal with the strings.

I did not reply to its words, just continue looking at it with a smile that seemed to irk it, and anger again appeared in its eyes before it controlled it.

"Crystel Vortex!" It shouted a moment later, and thin sharp crystals begin to materialize in front of it; within a few seconds, thousands of golden brown crystals materialized in front of me and formed a vortex of it.

Seeing the vortex made of tiny sharp crystals, all the hair on my body couldn't help but stand up. This attack is extremely dangerous, and if it hit me, I will end in very bad condition.

The vortex of crystal appeared, and instead of coming at me, it moved at Rhinoman before seeing drowning it in it.


I couldn't help but suck a sharp break seeing that; it is clear that Rhinoman is planning is using this dangerous move to get rid of my strings. This will be torturous; even if this move is its own, I don't think the move will show any mercy as thousands of tiny sharp crystals cut through it.

A new sense of respect couldn't help but appear in my eyes for it. Unfortunately, these tiny sharp crystals would not help it; instead, they would help me.

The sharpness and power of these crystals are not enough to cut my strings; the strings instead will use the energy of crystals to grown.

The second after the crystal vortex enveloped it, the grunting noises of pain begin to appear, and with each second, they became louder and louder, and it lasted till the ninth second before the noises stopped.

Except for the crackling sounds of crystals, no sound could be heard, and this crackling sound became louder and louder as the vortex spun faster.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I saw the spinning speed of the vortex increased suddenly. This is the sign that my strings had succeeded, and now I am truly out of danger, so unless Rhinoman could dig out an extremely powerful move from its Bloodline, there is no danger to me.


Seconds pa.s.sed as the vortex spun faster and faster when suddenly, a loud painful scream broke out of Rhinoman, and the vortex disappeared.

When Rhinoman revealed itself, it looked like an ugly green cloth doll. The strings have every inch of Rhinoman; there is not a center which is not being covered; my strings and the scream it let out just now because my strings have pieces inside its body and started to grow.

I did not waste any time and begin the harvesting process. With Bloodline, it is very hard to harvest, but I do not have to worry about it; as long as I begin the harvesting process, the mysterious Silver and Green runes will come out and finished the job for me.


"Stop You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Rhinoman roared in a loud, straining voice as it came at me with blurring speed but compared to before, its speed is quite slow, and I was easily able to dodge the attack.

"Try harder, little rhino." I teased as I dodged the attack. The harvesting process had started; even if I barely harvest any essence of it, it could feel the impending danger and began attacking me crazily.

Unfortunately, my strings have restricted its speed and strength, making it extremely easy for me to dodge its attacks. I even begin to tease it to make it madder, so it could focus more on me rather than the strings inside it.


Seconds pa.s.sed by, and I dodge attack after attack before I finally stopped as I heard the sound I had been waiting for.

My body buzzed, and Silver and Green runes came out of me begin to spread into strings fast. With these runes coming out, I am finally out of danger, and now even if its Bloodline evolved tens of time, it would only be turned into food for runes.


A few seconds later, the runes spread fully, and the harvesting process begins; a moment later, a thick purified bloodline essence came inside my body, and I couldn't help but gasp seeing it. The Bloodline of this Crystal Horn Rhinoman is much powerful than the first Tyrant's Bloodline I had consumed.

The advancement I will have with the help of this Bloodline is immense; if my strength is increased enough, I might go up and help the humans that are fighting.



I couldn't help but m.o.a.n as the strengthening energy begin to fill the cells of the honeycomb, which then merged into my body and soul, increasing my strength rapidly.