Monster Integration - Chapter 1678 - Fighting Without Inheritance II

Chapter 1678 - Fighting Without Inheritance II

Chapter 1678 - Fighting Without Inheritance II

Slash Slash Slash

Attack after attack came and carving more and more of my flesh with the injuries. In just ten minutes, there had been more than a hundred cuts on my body, including the one on my neck.

The cut on the neck, I had got it barely twenty seconds ago, I was barely able to save my neck that time.

Clang Clang Clang Slash

Its attack came again, and my sword went naturally against it, cras.h.i.+ng against them, destroying their momentum with little force I have and getting another slash on my legs.

I barely remember when it was last time; I was so b.l.o.o.d.y by the sword wouldn't, it would have been at least two years before. Ever since I had made huge strides in my Inheritance, no blades had carved me as such as this Antman did.

"Die, you wretched human," it screamed and came at me, this time two of its blades targeting my head. I could not let those two blades close to my head; a few times when its blades have come to my head, they were nearly able to take a slice off it.

Its blade came, and this time I was successful in thwarting two of its blades getting a cut on my head, but the other two blades cut across my leg and shoulder, giving me a huge cut across, cutting some of the bones.

It is becoming harder and harder for me to defend against its attacks; they are faster and stronger and came with skills that are equal to mine.

It is a good thing that it had not recovered too much; if it was able to use the weakest move, then I would be good as gone, and currently, it did not seem like it had not recovered to that stage; otherwise, it would have used that move without waiting.

While it is improving, the energy of the Bloodline Furnace potion is the same as before.

Attacking my runes and body and vengeance, it is a good thing that my Rule of Healing had reached the Master stage a few minutes ago; otherwise, I would not be in the condition to respond to its attack.

Still, I hope that Potion's energy would lessen; if it lessens enough, I would be able to access my runes even if they are broken. I do not see just much; even 5% of my strength would be more than enough to finish this b.a.s.t.a.r.d in a single move.

Deflecting its attacks and getting few cuts, I quickly looked inside me for a moment. Wholly prepared for the disappointment as I had been hundreds of times when I looked inside me when I looked at the stage of the potion energy.

This time, I was not met with disappointment that it surprised me, but that surprise had soon turned to ecstasy.

The energy of the Potion had lessened, and it had lessened considerably. If I am not wrong, then it had lessened about 10% to 15%, and that is within a minute became last time when I looked about a minute ago, there was no change in the potions energy.

So, now I had to wait for about five minutes before I could access my runes and even less if the speed of reduction increased when the amount of potions energy decreased.

But surviving for five minutes would not be easy, seeing how I am dancing on the edge of the blade; a single mistake on my part could cut me into two, and this ant b.a.s.t.a.r.d has four blades instead of one to do the job.

"You are quite a resilient human; all my attacks and bloodline energy failed to kill you even after attacking you hundreds of times." It said and attacked me again.

Clang Clang Slice Slice

Its blades moved like the silk of a spider, wanting to bind me in its web, but my sword tore through but alas, like always not fully successful, and got sliced across my waist and head, just slightly above the ear.

Such attacks kept coming and coming, and I barely able to survive again with the cost of the serious bone injuries.

While I fight against it, I also tried to access the power of my runes, but every time, I am failed. I had tried just now and failed again. The energy has to lessen 70% to 80% before I could get access to my runes.

It is a very dangerous feeling and also quite thrilling; here I am, trying to use every speck of strength my body could spare and every skill I had learned to defend against its attacks.


Countering its attacks and get three deep slices in return, I again tried to access my runes as usual, and this time they responded, and a familiar green armor appeared on my body.

I could tell there is some difference, but I am on stage to look at them as my whole body came at with ecstasy. I am so happy that I did not even care to look at the horrified face of the Antman and roar it made as it attacked me with every bit of power it had.

Clink Clink Clink

Its blade clashed against my armor, making a clinking sound like gla.s.s cras.h.i.+ng against the metal, but other than that, nothing had happened.


I swung my sword, and it reached Four Eyed Antman before it knows what happened and clashed on its waiting, sending it flying for hundreds of meters. I did not use the sharp edge of my sword; if I had, I would have cut it into two.

I am not killing it before I get what I want; I am angry at it for carving me like pineapple, but benefits matter most, and with the level its Bloodlined had awakened to, the benefits I will get from it will be huge.