Monster Integration - Chapter 1677 - Fighting Without Inheritance I

Chapter 1677 - Fighting Without Inheritance I

Chapter 1677 - Fighting Without Inheritance I


My sword met against its first sword and moved toward the second; as it moved, I saw the energy coming toward me through the sword.

'b.a.s.t.a.r.d!' I couldn't help but curse it in my mind. Earlier it used to us the Bloodline energy power increase speed and strength of its sword, instead of releasing it through them, but now it is releasing it through its sword.

No Emperor is an idiot; this b.a.s.t.a.r.d can see that I do not have the protection of Inheritance which it is considering Bloodline.

With no protection, the energies will tear through me, and I would be able to do nothing. It is my luck that the Bloodline energy it released toward me is in a very small amount; it will injure but not much.

This is another reason that I should kill it as soon as possible; if I give it time to recover, it will kill me.

As my sword moved toward the second sword, the bloodline energy touched me. It is less than half of what it was, most of it whittled away by the defenses of the sword. Still, when it touched me, I felt like tens of blades cleaving my hands.

'Nothing,' I said a moment later, the bloodline energy is still clawing my hands, but nothing had happened to them.

Even though this bloodline energy is weak, it should still be capable of producing the marks on my skin, seeing how powerful the Bloodline is and its awakened level, but nothing had happened except for me feeling pain.

I would have liked to think about the subject even more, but I have more important things to do, like killing it before it became too strong.

Clang Clang Clang

My sword clashed against the other three swords of it; it seemed to know what I wanted to do and thus kept its defense tight; by the time my sword clashed against its fourth sword, all the momentum of my sword had lapsed.

I quickly took my sword back and attacked again, and it again defended; unlike before, it seemed to be in no hurry to be offensive; all it is doing is countering my attacks and sending the sharp inheritance energy at me.

Like the Inheritance energy of the first clash, the inheritance energies that came at me later were able to do nothing against me except for giving me pain.

After a minute of observing, I was able to know the reason behind it, and it is very simple. My body had become firmer that sharp inheritance energy was not able to do anything against it.

While this harrowing quenching of residual vibrating is doing great damage to my body by destroying the weaker parts of my body but it is also making the body parts that survived stronger.

This dangerous quenching of vibration had made my body firmer, but there is barely any change in my strength. I believe my strength also had increased, but due to excess damage the vibrations doing to my body, I could not access that strength.

I am very thankful that I have a healing element in my const.i.tution and rule power. If not for them, which are barely controlling the damage that vibration doing, I would have been flailing on the ground like a half-dead fish.


Vomiting blood one more time, I attacked it again using every shred of strength I have and this time too, it was able to defend while sending lacerating bloodline energy at me.

Time pa.s.sed by as I tried to attack it to kill it, but it was able to defend against it every one of my moves.

Its defense is very tight, even when using the killing rule at the highest to see its flaw, but I did not see any which could be exploited immediately with my current strength.

It had learned a lot by the last battle and always stopped my sword before it reached too close to it.

I just need to touch its skin, with the power of enchantment; I would not have any problem piercing its skin. It is all due to my runes; if they did been working, I wouldn't even need a second to finished it off.

Both of us are on the offensive, countering each of our attacks while trying to kill one another with a single attack while all this is happening. I see no sign of the potion energy lessening.

"Hehe, human ready to say goodbye to the world?" Four Eyed Antman said mid-fight, and suddenly speed of its sword increased by three times as they m0ved toward the separate part of my body.


I curse loudly inside me; this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had been recovering faster than I had expected and had been hiding quite a lot of recovered power to use it at the right moment, and the right moment is this.

Four coming swords of its felt like a blade of the Grim reaper to me, each one of them being capable of taking my life.

I quickly calmed myself, and my eyes became sharp; panic will not help me to deal with the coming attack; I will need to be calm and sharp and use every bit of the advantage I have.

It barely took me a fraction of a second to form a plan to deal with this attack. The plan is not perfect, but it will help me survive the attacks with the minimum injuries.

Clang Clang Clang

My sword moved and begin to clash against its blades, using one blade's power to deal with other blades; as such, my sword clashed against one blade one after another till it clashed against all the four coming blades.

's.h.i.+t!' I cursed loudly as it forcefully diverted its first blades and slashed toward my neck, which I barely avoided, but it got my shoulder and gave me a deep cut that nearly touched my bones.

Blood spurted from the cut, but I have no time to care for it as another attack of vengeful blades is from it, and I have to defend against it without getting injured.