Monster Integration - Chapter 1670 - Quick Blade I

Chapter 1670 - Quick Blade I

Chapter 1670 - Quick Blade I

It had been nearly an hour since I had reached the Central Region, and till now, I had not been able to find any Grimm Monster.

Grimm Monsters had barely half an hour of an edge over to us, and seeing their forts are opposite direction to ours, it is not surprising Ashlyn, and I had not come across any.

I am continuously moving toward the Grimm Monsters side of the Central Region; I am sure I will find the Grimm Monsters to fight soon.

There are thousands of Emperors that had entered the forest; I am sure at 1% of them would have the ability and courage to step into the central region. I really hope they do.

The suppression in the centra region is very powerful; very few Grimm Monsters could enter here, and even those who have the power to enter, not all of them enter inside; most would prefer to hunt the middle range of the forest due to the dangers of the central region.

Still, there are always some people with daring who like to take the risk, and Grimm Race does not lack such people.

Chew Chew

Forty, some more minutes had pa.s.sed when Ashlyn finally chirped in my mind, telling me she had finally found the Grimm Monsters to fight.

Finally, I said in my mind and moved toward it; the Grimm Monster is quite further than me, and I wish I could increase my speed, but I am already running at my full speed, it is not possible to go faster than it unless I am willing to use my special moves which I am not.

Due to the suppression, which had suppressed 70% of my strength, my speed had lesson quite much, if not for that, It would not have taken me more than ten minutes to reach the Grimm Monster, and now it would take half an hour or more.

I am very lucky that I have a partner like Ashlyn; if not for her, I would have had to work very hard to find the Grimm Monster to fight in this vast forest.


It took me twenty-eight minutes to reach my opponent, which is lesser than I had thought.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I looked at the Grimm Monster; The raging aura around it, which it is using to fight the suppression, is Bloodline aura, and it is powerful.

I slowed down my speed and walked toward it, giving it ample time for it to notice me, and it did not take long to notice me.

When there are about four hundred meters of distance remaining between us, the four eyes Antman stopped and turned.

The four-eyed Antman is part of the normal Antman Tribe; they are considered the royalty of the tribe as those who inherited the bloodline of their four-eyed G.o.d would have the four eyes.

The four eyes Antmen is slightly different than the normal Antmen. First, they are smaller, they are no more than six meters tall like this one, and they are also a lot leaner with a stronger carapace.

This is in front of me, completely back; the only place on its body that is not black is its eyes which are violet in color, and they s.h.i.+ne like bulbs.

It has its Bloodline Armor on, which had quite simple compare to other bloodline Armors, but it is very defensive, that even totem artifact of a similar level could not be cut through them.

"I did not expect to find in Human this deep, this early," It stated; though its voice contains a slight surprise, I could see the battle spirit burning densely in its eyes.

"I am honored to have you surprised," I replied politely with a smile, even a bowed a little. "You would be good practice before I fight off the monsters in the central region," It States again before it disappeared from its spot.

It is moving at very blurring speed, having a long curved black blade in its hand; the blade is extremely sharp that I have no doubt it could flawlessly cut me into two if I did not have my armor.


My sword clash against it, stopping its momentum immediately, not letting its sword move even an inch. It tried to apply huge force to make my sword move backward, but it did not move even an inch.

A surprise couldn't help but flash into its four eyes, seeing that I couldn't help but flash a toothy smile on my face. It looked at my smile with the same seriousness that it attacked me before it disappeared.

My eyes couldn't help but flash in surprise seeing that.

Its disappearance is not due to purely speed; it had used the method which not only involves physical ability and energy but also the soul, the method is really good.

A fraction of a second had pa.s.sed when I felt a cold sensation back of my neck; feeling that, I immediately acted and spin and swing my sword fast.


Our weapons clashed again, stopping the sword before it got any close to me. This time again, it got surprised, which again brought a toothy smile on my lips back.

The last time, it got no reaction from it, but this time, I couldn't help but see a flash of fury appeared in its eyes for the briefest second before it disappeared, and its eyes became calm as violet water again.

"You have surprised me human, I had thought it would not take me more than ten seconds to finish you off, but it looked like I would need a minute to do that," It said, and what look sigh before a powerful aura burst out of it.