Monster Integration - Chapter 1669 - One Minute

Chapter 1669 - One Minute

Chapter 1669 - One Minute

Chew Chew

Ashlyn chirped again with the familiar chirp, hearing that I took a sharp left, and three minutes later, a Bullman appeared in front of me.

Puch Puch Puch

It got startled seeing me and opened its mouth to say something but did not get a chance as tens of fine green energy strings pierced through it and begin to multiply inside it rapidly.

As I appeared beside it, a green dome covered us, and just as that happened; strings came out from every corner of its body and wrapped it fully before the harvesting process begins.

Twenty-seven seconds later, the strings came to me, and I saw a beautiful grey white essence rose emitting strong poison power. I took the rose in my hand, and just as I did, it begins to dim as its energies begin to cover the whole body.

A few seconds later, the Poison-type Essence Rose disappeared, and so is energy covering me. It took less than ten seconds for Nero to consume the whole essence rose.

After collecting the stuff of the Bullman and I begin to move again; the Bullman was the fourth Grimm Monster I had killed, and like three before, I had finished with it in less than a minute.

As I had said, I had become too powerful; the Bullman was a very powerful Poison-type warrior, but I had killed it within a minute.

It had the protection amulet, but it was not able to activate due to the suppression. The protection amulet was likely to be average as the good ones were able to bear the suppression of the Outer region of the forest.

Two hours and two more Grimm Monsters later, I had entered the Middle Region of the forest and sped toward the Central Region.

I have no plan on going deeper into the central region; I am staying on edge this time to hunt the Grimm Monster. Grimm Monster, I will find there will have a high probability of having Bloodline.

Of the six Grimm Monsters I had killed on the way, not a single one of them had the Bloodline, which is quite regretful as I really need the bloodline essence.

Soon, I found another Grimm Monster; this one is not notified by Ashlyn as it on my direct way.

This Grimm Monster is more powerful than the six Grimm Monsters I had killed in the outer region, but I had still finished within a minute, and such speed is all not due to power; the control factor also helping a lot in making the process faster.

Before, I used to let the strings do their job once they pierce through the Grimm Monsters' body if the opponent is average. Now I took control over the strings from making them grow inside to harvest.

In the fast few days, I had begun to focus on my control again; the recipes involving soul had begun, and I found controlling soul energy to a very fine degree is harder than controlling the energy.


I moved through the middle part of the forest using nearly all my strength, but as I cross the more distance, my speed begins to lessen as the suppression one increases, which is normal.

What is not normal is the effect of the suppression of what I am feeling. It is lesser than last time, which is strange seeing how little my strength had increased in the past month.

I noticed this strangeness and begin to observe it as I make my way toward the Central Region.

Five more hours pa.s.sed, and on the way, I had killed another four Grimm Monsters. This number is very surprising and pleasant for me as I had never been able to kill such numbers of Grimm Monsters in such a short time in the middle region.

Still, those who survived and beat these Grimm Monsters also make a huge improvement, and some even able to reach the Tyrant Stage.


I landed on the edge of the Middle Region, a meter away from the boundary of the Central Region; I just need to take a few steps to walk into it, and I just did that.

As I took a step into the central region, immense suppression bore down on me, suppressing more than half of my strength within a moment; if not for me being prepared, such sudden change would have brought me to my knees.

It took me a couple of seconds to get familiar with this suppression when I did; I inspected myself and surprised to see the suppression I feel is really lesser than last time.

The difference was faint in the middle region, but now, it is quite noticeable. If I am right then, my strength is being suppressed by 65%, which is lesser than 67%.

The difference may seem small, but it is huge seeing the strength I have, and it will help me greatly. Now, I have to find the reason behind it; I have some ideas, but I will have to test them to know which of them is right.

This is a very good thing, and if I found the reason and able to amplify it somehow, it will help me greatly reaching the Sunlit Dome, which I am very sure hiding a big secrete.

h.e.l.l, even if I am not able to enter inside like the Tyrants, reaching there will be accomplishment enough; not to forget the benefits I will receive from the nearly liquid state of sunlight, such thick sunlight would be extremely helpful to me.