Monster Integration - Chapter 1632 - Final Overdrive

Chapter 1632 - Final Overdrive

Chapter 1632 - Final Overdrive

It took my runes more than two minutes for my runes to absorb the Bloodline essences of Frost Chimpman, and when my runes released the strengthening energy, it so thick and powerful that I was utterly shocked by it.

There was also Bloodline of Thunder Tusk Hogman, which also gave the substantial boost but it was far less compared to what Frost Chimpman had given me.

It had been a few seconds since my body finished digesting the energies of the two Bloodlines, and the strength they had given me is making my body vibrate, wanting me to use that newly gained strength.

I am not using my newly gained strength; it is not a time to use that. There are many people observing me, and if I reveal the strength after capturing the Grimm Monsters, the gears of some people's minds might start working.

Not to forget, my current strength is fine in dealing with the Abomination; I will keep that strength reserve when it goes into the overdrive again. It had gone there once; it will go there again.

Currently, we have whittled away 78% of its health power, which is huge considering how hard it is to injure this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

I had thought, after going overdrive at 30%, it will go into overdrive into 60%, but that did not happen. It had not gone to overdrive at 60%, nor at 75%; I don't have any idea when it will go into overdrive, but I am 100% sure that it will go.

So, for that, I have to be prepared, prepared to use even my strongest attack as I will win this challenge.

Ever since the final challenge had begun, I had been tracking all the powerful people and the damage they are doing to the Abomination.

With my knowledge, I am in the top three, and the difference between us isn't that big. So, when the time comes, I had to be ready to go all out and deal the maximum to the Abomination.


I continue to launch one attack after another, always keeping track of the damage I and others doing and adjusting the power of my attacks according to it.

Slowly, its health bar reached 80%, and no sign of overdrive had happened. With the pa.s.sing time, it is getting more and more injured, its legs getting sliced, its mouth getting destroyed, and its a.s.s becoming invalid.

No change occurred in it as damage kept increasing, and soon the damage had reached the 85%, and still, nothing had happened, and we continued to attack, but our attacks have become a lot more cautious.

Everyone could feel something big is going to happen, and they have to be very careful about it.

I also started maintaining distance with the tails; earlier, I used to dance between them to launch the attack on the place I want but now and I always kept the distance of the few meters between us.


Some more time had pa.s.sed when suddenly bright red energy covered the Abomination and started to heal all its injuries with incredible speed, and while it is happening, it roared.

It roared like never before; the roar was so powerful that hundreds of people fell into unconsciousness and disappeared while those who survived had their eyes, ears, and nose bleeding.

I was one of the few people who were able to bear this powerful soul attack without any damage.

Everyone created distance between the Abomination and themselves; most of them got out in time, but some of them had been late, and for that, they had to pay the price.

The thousands of apertures that had been silent till now had finally acted as black smoke begin to come out of it, and those who did not activate their defensive method in time paid the price.

In just a few seconds, it had taken out hundreds of people; before, there were about seven hundred people, and now, there are about half had remained, in less than five-second, it had taken out more than three hundred people.

Though, it is sad to see all these people disappearing. I am not much worried; the people that had remained are very strong, together we will be able to destroy this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.


It roared again, its roar infused with powerful soul attack, but unlike before where its roar took out hundreds together, this time barely five had fallen unconscious and disappeared.

Sup Sup Sup

Its roar hadn't finished when its tails came bearing five times more speed than before and these hundreds of tails only targeting a select few individuals, and I fell into one of those individuals.

My expressions couldn't help but turn serious seeing the trains, their speed is five times greater than before, and they are barbed with very sharp long nails that I couldn't help shudder to see them.

Still, I am not afraid of them; h.e.l.l, I moved toward them, not to face them but to reach my previous positions.

Earlier, I had decided that I would decapitate it, and I am still planning to, and since I had plans for decapitating, how can I stay away from the neck.

I moved and with me, moved some Grimm Monsters and humans, each of us moving toward our former position.

As we reached near the black mist that is covering the Abomination, some of them covered themselves in the energy layer while few, like myself, moved into the mist without any protection.

It is not like I am overconfident of myself; it is just that I am confident of my armor. It is the greatest protection I have; its defense is powerful than even my defensive ability.

If the black mist able to affect it, then I might as well shout 'Leave' and disappear from the challenge.

Soon, I entered the black mist and found it myself by attacked by it ruthlessly. It came from all sides, wanting to breach into my armor, but nothing sort of that happened.

As the black mist touched my armor, it was repelled by it, not a single speck of black mist able to enter inside my armor.