Monster Integration - Chapter 1631 - Bloodline Essence Of Frost Chimpman II

Chapter 1631 - Bloodline Essence Of Frost Chimpman II

Chapter 1631 - Bloodline Essence Of Frost Chimpman II

I just looked at Frost Chimpman coming toward me with my big mummy eyes; there was no emotion in my eyes, just coldness that said it did not matter, no matter what it says, I will do what I want, and that is eating up the Grimm Monster that is caught up in my ribbons.

This seemed to anger the Frost Chimpman even further as the aura from it became even more volatile and froze everything around a hundred meters.

The Bloodline of this Frost Chimpman is most powerful, I had even sensed from the Grimm Monster. With such a powerful Bloodline, no wonder its powerful. I at the King Stage would have had run away from this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Soon there is only a hundred-meter distance between Frost Chimpman and me. The ice created by its aura begin to cover me; I did not resist it, its just harmless ice.

If I had my aura flaring, this ice would have disappeared, but me keeping my aura mute, the ice was able to touch me.

A moment later, the Frost Chimpman crossed half the distance, and now there is only fifty meters distance between us, seeing that Frost Chimpman upped its dark blue spiked hammer and readied it to attack position.

The Frost Chimpman is in no mood to talk; seeing its powerful aura and weapon in position, it is going to attack me; it is not just a scare tactic anymore, which is fine by me.

The moment it lifted its weapon, I disappeared from my spot and appeared behind it and gripped it into my giant hands, and moved it toward the huge maw that opened at my stomach.

Even if it is eight meters tall, it is still tiny compare to my fifty meters size, which six times bigger than it.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Let Me Go!" Frost Chimpan scremed and struggled as I moved it toward the maw and started to use all the powerful attack it had.

Bang Bang Bang

I did not stop it from attacking and let the powerful attacks. .h.i.t me. They created a powerful blast of force as they hit me; other than that, they did nothing, the defense of the Ribbons held on.

Seeing that smile couldn't appear on my face while horror dawned on the face of the Frost Chimpman as it finally understood the circ.u.mstances it had got itself into.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.ds help; if it kill me, it will kill you next!" Frost Chimpamn shouted as I put its legs into the maw and begin sliding down its whole body inside it.

The three Grimm Monsters on the neck had gathered in one side and readied their weapons while the two humans moved in front of me, ready to deal with any attack that came toward me.

Even on the back and head of the Abomination, humans and Grimm Monsters quickly separated, ready to act if the other side acted.

While the Grimm Monsters readied themselves, no one had acted. The maw swallowed the Frost Chimpman whole and closed it while humans and Grimm Monster watched.

"We can deal with Grimm Monsters any time, don't forget the real target!" Young women in pear white-robed armor said, motioning toward the Abomination as she moved away from me and begin her attacks on Abomination.

"Ok," I said and also started attacking Abomination.

I had nearly lit up the fuse by eating Frost Chimpman, it would have been fine if I continue to take the normal Grimm Monsters, but the powerful ones are out of the question.

The death of a single powerful powerhouse could change the power dynamics between the two races and start the battle here, forgetting the real target.

I had not planned to target the Frost Chimpman or any powerful Grimm Monsters. I know the consequence of my actions, but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had come to attack me, and if I did not swallow it to make the statement, then all the efforts of me building the scary image will turn to waste.

As young women and I begin attacking, the others joined too. First, only humans started but soon Grimm Monsters and also begin, and ten seconds later, nearly everyone begins to Grimm Monsters.

Some people who were only attacking humans or Grimm Monsters also begin to attack the Abomination.

These people could get a clear sense of the underlying tension between the two races, a single death one side, blast the keg which had been silenced, so no one dared to attack the other side, and all focused on the Abomination.

With all of the people focusing on the Abomination, its health bar begins to decrease with speed like never before. Though it is emptying at an excruciatingly slow speed, it is still much faster than before.

While the attacks happening, Green and Silver Runes have covered both of the Grimm Monsters.

It is the first time I am harvesting the two Bloodlines together, and I couldn't help but feel extremely excited.

The main reason for my excitement is Frost Chimpam which is a very powerful Bloodline, a Bloodline that is about the same level as Copper Maned Lionman but its awakening stage is far above than it, which means Bloodline essence I will harvest from it will be far greater.

The moment the runes finished spreading, the harvesting process begins, and two streams of Bloodline Essense came toward me.

One is thunderous while the other is extremely cold; the cold bloodline essence not only suppressed the thunderous essence in quality but also in quant.i.ty as it is four times greater than it.

As the two essences. .h.i.t my runes, I blacked out for a moment. The tails had nearly caught me; it would have been bad if I had got caught.

The Bloodline essence of the Frost Chimpman is too powerful; the moment it begins to merge with my Inheritance Runes, I got a cold shot through me that blacked me out for a moment.

It is extremely powerful, and as it started merging with me, my strength begins to climb rapidly.

I had to activate a couple of isolation formations, so not a speck of purified frost bloodline aura could leak outside. Let others think, I am killing the Grimm Monsters for usual reasons while I harvest their bloodlines and make myself powerful.