Monster Integration - Chapter 1622 - Emperor

Chapter 1622 - Emperor

Chapter 1622 - Emperor

As the dark ball of Totem liquid came inside me, it begins to merge with the totem seed that created when initiated the level up into the Emperor Stage.

It took a minute for the black ball to merge with the Totem seed, and after that, it begins to change the shape. As the shaping process begins, my vision blurred a little, the runes on the black ball begin to affect my vision.

I followed the process for a few more seconds before again focusing on the runes, the process was becoming even more blurring, and it was going so slow, so I decided to focus back on my s.h.i.+ning runes.

Not everything could be watched, even if it is related to me, especially when it is related to powerful beings like Hidden Being and Abomination.

I am still sucking an immense amount of energy, and more and more runes continue to be made with it. The runic design had begun to take shape as nearly three hundred thousand runes have been created, and now only about a hundred thousand have remained, which should be finished soon.

Time pa.s.sed by as more and more runes born inside and black-ball had also taken the shape of the basic greatsword, which seemed slightly different than the greatsword I had used before.

I hope the changes would not be too big; I got quite used to the old design of my sword and would very much love it if it remained closed to that design, but nothing could be said as I have no control over the process.

Ten minutes have pa.s.sed, and nearly all the runes have been created; there are only less than five thousand runes have remained, and even now, the runes had not sucked the two materials.

The piece of wood and volcanic rock remained in their place; not a speck of energy had been taken from them.


Buzz rang through me as the complete design of Emperor Inheritance got imprinted on me, and I throught my runes would finish the last phase of level up by releasing the flood of stretching energy when something surprising had happened.

The runes finally started taking the energies from the piece of wood and the rock. Brown-green and dark red energies came out of a piece of wood and rock and flew toward me.

As the energies entered me, I get a feeling from those two energies. The brown-green energies from the small piece of wood felt like a breath of fresh air that has great rejuvenating qualities; the feeling is very light from it.

While dark red energies from the volcanic rock made me feel like I was burning, Ive nearly scremed.

Every energy that came at me has flavor, but till now, no energy has given me as intense a flavor as this energy of rock; for a moment, it had made me feel that I am truly burning.

The fire energy present in rock much has come from the unique volcano. The extremely powerful, I have never seen fire energy as strong as this.

As they begin to merge with the runes, they started to bring changes in them. The runes information related to vines and Rose Domination method set, and my fire ability had vibrant green and red sparkle inside them.

The green and red sparkle begin to appear in some of those runes, making them even more beautiful. If Ellen had been here, she would love to see such a scene; she loves the sparkly things secretly.

Within seven minutes, both pieces of wood and volcanic rock turned to dust, and my runes felt silent.


For the first few seconds, nothing had happened, but then suddenly, a booming sound rang out through me, and my vision faded for a moment before I came to myself.

When I did, I found there is an immense amount of energy flooding in my body. It is like my runes are volcano and spewing out an immense amount of energy in every part of my body and soul.

This energy that runes have released is thick; lava think, and it is not only strengthening me but also strengthening Ashlyn and Nero.

My strength is increasing rapidly, so rapidly I can't believe I am getting stronger at such speed.

I know I will be stronger when I reached the Emperor Stage. I had reached the absolute limit of the King Stage, a very few people able to reach that stage, seeing how hard one have to work to reach there and needed chances and immense resources to gain the power of absolute limit.

The strength of King Stage reflects on the Emperor Stage, at least for the normal people like me who do not have the Bloodline. The greater strength I have while being in King Stage, the more powerful I will be at the Emperor Stage.

Still, I had not expected I would be this strong; I had already become very strong, and my runes continue to release thick lava-like energy into me, which is increasing my strength at an incredible rate.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and with each second, I would get stronger and stronger. The runes continued to infuse the energy into me, and it continued for more than five minutes before it finally begins to slow down.

A minute later, all the energy that runes have released had been digested by me and making me incredibly powerful, giving me feeling as if I am G.o.d.

This strength really feels like a G.o.d, every cell of my body is charged with power, and I could tell with full confidence that 99% of Emperors will not even be able to take a single from me.

With my current strength, there are very few Emperors who possess the power to contend against me and even fewer that have the power to beat me.

In this power rush, I would have liked to say there is no Emperor who could kill me, but I will not say it; there are chances that some Emperors exist who have the power to kill me.

So unless I could defeat a Tyrant while in Emperor Stage, which is extremely hard could be said near impossible, I will not be using those words.