Monster Integration - Chapter 1621 - Black Ball

Chapter 1621 - Black Ball

Chapter 1621 - Black Ball


The insane amount of energies continues to come at me, and these energies are being absorbed by the diamond runes in wild abandon.

The runes moved around my body while diamond dust formed into more and more runes as it absorbs the energies.

It is a beautiful process, and with every upgrade, its scale increases.

Currently, there are thousands of runes floating inside me, forming different runic formations on the specific parts of my body while s.h.i.+ning in a diamond light.

These runes are also releasing that faint diamond feeling that covered me earlier during the three battles. This feeling from the runes is getting denser and denser as the runes absorb more and more energies.


I watched the formation of runes when familiar energy entered my body, shocking me quite a bit.

Worldly Energy!

Ever since I had entered the Treasure Palace, I had barely able to sense any worldly energy, but now worldly is pouring inside me, which is a great surprise as I had really not throught I would have it in the treasured palace.

Because of it, I had taken out hill-like mounds of elements mana crystals, but now that the worldly energy is pouring in, I would not need these crystals, which is a good thing, as I won't have to spent crystals for the thing that came out free.

With worldly energy pouring inside me like a flood, the process of level up got even faster. Now, now every second, hundreds of runes will churn out and move toward the formation requiring them.

It is not just worldly energy my body is sucking; there is also a humongous amount of herbal energy, which is the main energy of the runes, while worldly energy is a side supplement.

While nearly all the herbal and minerals are giving out their essences, there are two things that hadn't given out their essence or spec or energy, or I might say, the runes hadn't acted on them yet.

The huge formation outside in control of the runes and rune controlled and take what resources they want and till now, they hadn't touched the small piece of word or the volcanic rock.


Everything was going smoothly when a change occurred suddenly; my totem artifact, which had been silent till now and had acted, came out of me and what came out is not a sword but a ball of molten crystal and wood.

The ball is not big; it is the size of my two palms and has white runes floating all over it. The ball is contacting me through our connection, demanding certain things.

Feeling its request smile couldn't help but appear on my face; I had been waiting for this moment.


I did not waste any time and take out a huge load of weapons and precious metals and some pecualr things that I had found.

Nearly all the artifacts belong to Grimm Monsters; these are useless to me, and if my totem artifact had not demanded it, I would have thrown some of it in the hole of the academy.

As I took out the load, the ball had extended tense of its tendrils, and as these tendrils touched the artifacts, they liquefied before they got such into the ball through the tendrils.

The scene looked unbelievable as it is scary; most of the time, I forgot that hidden being had kept a piece of the abominations soul in my sword, most of the time, I consider my sword normal, but it is definitely not.

What that ball doing is no totem artifact could do, liquifying the Emperor Grade weapons just by touch; not even Tyrants could do that.

It took a minute for a huge, thirty-meter tall load to liquefy and sucked into a ball, whose size had barely doubled after sucking all the load, and now it is demanding more.


I took out another load, and the ball started to work on it; I have a huge cache of artifacts and other things; I am confident feeding the ball till it felt satiated.

A minute later, it finished with that load and demanded another, and I happily accommodate its request. It is to my advantage that it takes as much as it wants; the more it took, the more powerful will my totem artifact will become.


It continued to demand more and more stuff; the demand went so high that even I begin fearing whether I would be able to satiate or not, but fortunately, I was able to do it after feeding it its 13th load.

The small ball of about soccer ball has become big; it is about a one-meter diameter sphere of grey liquid.

Its tentacles have come back inside it, and now the sphere is slowly contracting as the runes surrounding it have lit up brightly and begin to do their magic.


Few minutes pa.s.sed, and the grey ball slowly contracted when suddenly a fist-size metal p.o.o.p came out of it, making a 'Ting' noise as it touched the floor.

It was semi-liquid when it came out of it, but by the time it had touched the floor, it had solidified.

Ting Ting Ting

It was just a starting as a few seconds later, more and more metal p.o.o.p came out of it and fell on the floor, making the ringing sound.

As it released more and more metal p.o.o.p, it started to shrink rapidly, and its color also begins to darken.

By the time it dumped more than a hundred metal, it had gone back to its original size, and its color has become completely dark; it is in the darkest shade of black Ive ever seen.

When I stared at the ball, I felt like I am staring at the black hole and not my liquified Totem Artifact.

The ball continued to float in the air as the white runes on it reorganized before it came toward me and seeped back inside me. As it did, another change begins to occur inside it.