Monster Integration - Chapter 1609 - Coat Of Silence

Chapter 1609 - Coat Of Silence

Chapter 1609 - Coat Of Silence

I came to myself as I entered the white hall through the beacon; the change in environment was too drastic for me not to come out of my extreme focus.

As I did, I closed my eyes for a moment to remember the things I had observed unconsciously.

Though I am not able to remember everything, as my memory is not that good, especially when I am in such a focused state, I still able to remember some things which gave me a rough idea of what I had experienced during the crossing.

"Congratulation Partic.i.p.ants YU897 On Finis.h.i.+ng The Third Challenge At Second Rank." The Mechanical voice said, interrupting my ride to the memories.

"The Forth Challanage Will Begun In Three Days, Two Hours and Twelve Minutes," The Mechanical voice added.

A moment after hearing the voice, a bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

With its hand stretched, I had throught the Grimm Monster had beaten me by the microsecond but it looked like that is not the case; it is I that came into the second place, not it.

Like white hall before, there was a white marble stool, and on it is a pink chest made of light. In the last time, the chest was that of the yellow color, but this time, it is of the pink color and it twice the size of the previous chest.

I walked toward the chest with great antic.i.p.ation for my reward; this time, my rank was really great, and seeing it as the third challenge, the reward should be good.

I just hope the reward would not be similar to the last challenge; the flower was very rare and precious, but it was useless to me; I don't want something like that.

I reached the marble stool and touched the pink light chest; as I touched it, it disappeared, revealing my reward; seeing it, a bad taste couldn't help but appear in my mouth.

"An Artifact!" I said with distaste.

An artifact is the last thing I need. Due to my strength, there are very few artifacts suitable for me; the enhancements they offer are not that helpful when compared to my totem artifact.

Only Artifact like the mask I am wearing are useful to me, but such artifacts are extremely rare, even in runes, and this Artifact in front of me sure is not of the same level as the mask I am wearing.

The Artifact in front of me is a long black coat, it is beautiful, designed to perfection, with it, I just need a hat and cane to look like a cultured gentleman.


I sighed and touched the coat; whether I like it or not, this Artifact is my reward. If I do not like it, I could sell or give it to others.

As I touched the coat, its information entered my mind; I did not even have to insert my consciousness in it, all the information revealed itself, and I have to say, the coat-type Artifact given me quite a surprise.

The name of Artifact is 'Coat of Silence.' It is a quite powerful Artifact that even tyrants could wear it and it had only one function, and that is warding off other's soul sense.

It is powerful enough that it could ward off the soul sense of Tyrants; of course, it will only be able to do it if I can provide it with enough energy, which I am sure I will able to do it.

Other than warding against the other's soul sense, it did not have any other functions. Most of such Artifact have some complementary defensive functions, but it did not have any.

Though, I could change its design and color from the three hundred templates that are provided inside it.

Ove all, it is a good artifact; still, I would have liked it if I could have got something that would help me increase my strength in the immediate future or at least something that would help me greatly in the next challenges.

I got over the Artifact info for a few minutes before I stored it inside my storage. I do not know what I will do with this Artifact; I might wear or give it to my friends or Academy.

After I stored the Artifact, I took out my s.p.a.ce abode and walked inside it. I have about three days, and there is so much for me to do, especially finished the upgrade; I had worked on it long enough that it is time I finished it.

As I went inside, I did not directly go to the bathroom as I wanted to; seeing how tired I am feeling, I just wanted to sleep; instead, I went to the training room; there is one thing I have to before I shower and sleep.

I entered inside my training room and sat crossed-legged inside it, and closed my eyes. See, I found my Refinement Tower in front of me, which had its five floors lit up with the runes.

Today, I will reach the sixth floor of Refinement Tower; I had tried to reach there hundreds of times but always been unsuccessful, but today, I will be successful; I know I will. I had freaking created the second diamond seal today, and I will refine my energy on the sixth floor of the tower.

I did not immediately start building the momentum to break into the sixth floor; instead, I begin to take a deep breath to calm my mind; only when I felt calm did I begin to gather energy.

It took me less than ten seconds to gather all the energy I need, and when I gathered it, I begin to build my momentum with it.

If I want to break into the sixth floor, the momentum had to be strong. The hundreds of times I had tried before, I was not even able to create a single crack on the wall, but this time will be different, forget a crack; I will directly blast through it.

I started to build the momentum and continued to build it till I could not control it, and when that happened, I released it all on the base of the sixth floor.


The momentum moved like raged hydra and crashed through the base of the sixth floor; as it did, it had directly blasted through it, crus.h.i.+ng the base of the sixth floor into many tiny pieces, giving me a great deal of shock.