Monster Integration - Chapter 1608 - Reaching The Beacon

Chapter 1608 - Reaching The Beacon

Chapter 1608 - Reaching The Beacon

After nearly five minutes, the flood of Diamond Energy begin lessening, and a few seconds later, it had completely disappeared.

As Diamond Seal finished releasing all its energy, it went back toward the first diamond seal and floated there while the tiredness which had been muted by the diamond energy came back in full force.

The tiredness had hit my focused self like a sledgehammer, nearly bringing him out of his focused state, but due to it being extremely focused on the circulating Supreme Combat Exercise, he was able to survive the tiredness.

The Diamond Seal had increased my strength exponentially; even with the suppression, I am feeling a lot stronger than before.

If I were fully conscious myself, I would have been shocked to see my speed of walking in the lake and the humans and Grimm Monsters I am leaving behind; some of the people I left behind are familiar with me.

The Coppery Maned Lionman, whom I had to run away from, is glaring at me fiercely as I had just left it behind, and now in front of me, there are less than forty people in front of me.

It is seething in rage seeing me walking past it but shouted expletives loudly, and of course, I did not hear any of that.

Not because I am extremely focused but because I could not hear it; in the lake, all the conversation is banned. The only words that could be heard are not directed at anyone or directed at treasure palace, like the frustrated expletives people shout about the challenge now and then.

Of course, my real self is not thinking all these thoughts; I am just subconsciousness which is taking all in that is happening as I always do.

Nearly three days had been pa.s.sed, and 70% of the distance had been crossed by me, and with my current speed and I would need around a day to cross the remaining distance.

I continue moving toward the beacons step by step while circulating for the Amethyst Seal with even greater ferocity as its difficulty had also increased.

The creation of a second seal had polished my will further, that made some things easier to do, like circulating the Supreme Combat Exercise with far greater ferocity than before.

Before I know it, the Amethyst Seal begins to form in my temple; the seal had taken only a little more than an hour for me to create, which is about ten times less than what I had taken to create the last Amethyst Seal.

For the third Dimaond Seal, I will need to create a hundred Amethyst Seal; it would be hard to create a hundred amethyst seal while I am still in the King Stage, seeing how close I am to reaching the Emperor Stage.

Still, I will try to create as many seals as I could before reaching the Emperor Stage; the greater number of seals will help me gain greater strength.

Fourteen hours had pa.s.sed by, and only 10% of the distance had remained, and I now have only five people ahead of me; two of them are Grimm Monsters, and three of them are humans.

All of them have extremely tired faces but will is burning their eyes as they moved toward the beacons.

As I get close to the beacons, I could now predict their size, and there are huge; each Beacon is about fifty meters tall, and it is emitting bright light, which for some reason is not painful to eyes when looked at directly.

If I had been fully conscious, I would have made my steps quicker, but since I had hypnotized myself into moving with the balanced speed.

This speed will not increase unless my strength increase; lucky for me, my strength will increase soon.

I had already created nine Amethyst Seal and circulating for one more; once I have done with it, I will be able to have a ruby seal that would increase my strength by a few percent, which will increase my speed.


Minutes pa.s.sed, and about twenty minutes later, I was able to create the Amethyst Seal; after it finished, the ten Amethyst Seals begin to spin and suck the energy from my storage.

Again, my focus reached the breaking point as this time; my focused self is not only beginning to circulate for another Amethyst Seal but also running the refinement engine at top speed to feed the insane amount of energy to Ruby Seal.

My focused self is walking on edge as there is another thing to worry about, too, the never-ending tiredness, which increases with every step. There is a very high chance that my extreme concentration could be broken at any time.

There is nothing my focused self could do about it other than endure the pressure it is getting from all the fronts; the more he endures, the more benefits he will gain.


Only after nearly four hours did not my focused self found some relief as he had finally able to supply all the energy that Ruby Seal needs, and a few seconds later, it materialized before he started releasing the energy, which begins to nourish every part of my body and soul.

While it was happening, my other self had created another two Amethyst Seals and very close to creating the third one also; only 6% of the distance have remained.

Ruby seal had increased my speed that within one hour, I was able to cross the human in front of me and half an hour after that, a Grimm Monster, leaving only three people ahead of me.

Only three people remained ahead of me, and seeing me quickly covering my ground, they begin to increase their speed, but I slowly started gaining ground over them, and soon only one human and Grimm Monster had remained ahead of me.

Another hour pa.s.sed, and the human disappeared as she reached the Beacon; if I had been conscious, I would have been cursed a loud seeing that and would have increased my speed, but I could nothing other than continued to walk with a balanced pace.

The Grimm Monster and I are now walking at about a similar speed; though Grimm Monster tried to increase its speed, it is not having much progress.

There are only five hundred meters of distance remained between us and the huge beacons we are moving toward, and those of us who touched the Beacon first would be second to clear the challenge.

The will to win blazed in Grimm Monsters' eyes as it tried it all to gain the greater speed while I continued moving with my balanced speed.

I continued to take one step after another, and soon few minutes have pa.s.sed, and I appeared in front of the Beacon. The Beacon is few steps away from me; as long as any part of my body touched it, the challenge will be complete.

The Grimm Monster and I moved, while I moved with monotonous face, Grimm Monster is gritting its teeth to take every step faster and faster than me, but till now, it had not been much successful, I even several steps ahead of it.


Finally, the Grimm Monster and I reached the Beacon, and its elongated hand and my head touched our respective sides beacon at the same time and disappeared from places without ascertaining who touched the Beacon first.