Monster Integration - Chapter 1577 - Protection

Chapter 1577 - Protection

Chapter 1577 - Protection


Its attacks are getting stronger and stronger and not just stronger, so strong that I had to draw out more and more strength from the 'First Boost' to contend against it.

When it begins to burn blood, the three blood energies were not working properly, but as it attacked more, it somehow merged the power of three Blood Energies, which made its strength rose explosively.

I am so happy that I did not finish it off a few seconds ago when its strength come to a standstill. If I had, the battle would have ended before it even really begins.

Now it was miraculously managed to merge all three blood energies, its power has skyrocketed, and it is giving me quite a challenge which I love very much.

While I am fighting against it, I am also observing the tree merged blood auras; also, the way it had increased its energy is really amazing.

I am also always working on formulas of my Inheritance energy to make it stronger. There are seven elements in my const.i.tution, and a combination of these seven elements makes my Inheritance energy.

I had tried thousands of combinations to make powerful Inheritance energy. The current Inheritance Energy I have is the most powerful one, made from all the seven const.i.tution elements.

I did not have to use all the seven elements of my const.i.tution to create the Inheritance energy, but through my experiments, I found that using all seven elements gives me powerful Inheritance energy.

I just hope that I will able to reach the seventh floor of my Refinement Tower soon; When that happens power of my Inheritance Energy will rise explosively; h.e.l.l, seeing the results of my experiments, even the 6th floor of the Tower will also make my Inheritance energy stronger.

My Refinement Tower had a unique ability, and that is fusing the different energies; it fused energies far better than my runes.

Currently, I am on the fifth floor of my Refinement Tower, which means I could only merge five energies. When I merged my best combination of five energies into Tower, the result I got was amazing.

The combination of five energies I got from the is only about 10% weaker than the current Inheritance energy I am using, which is a combination of seven energies through the runes.

When I reach the 6th floor of the Tower and merge six energies, the energy I will get will be much stronger than the energy Inheritance energy I am currently using.


Five minutes pa.s.sed by when suddenly, its attack begin to get weaken. It is no surprise to me; the blood it had sucked had been nearly spent, unlike its own blood; the sucked blood burned quite quickly.

If it had been on the battlefield or I would have been bleeding heavily, it would have sucked my blood to power up its attack, but here there is no blood; the only blood it could burn is its.

'It is time to end it,' I said in my mind; it had given me all it could, and before this b.a.s.t.a.r.d goes far and begin to burn its core, I will have to harvest it.

With that thought, I disappeared from my spot and appeared in front of its chest, and pierce my sword through it.


Something happened very fast, as my sword had pierced through its chest and about pierced through its heart when suddenly something appeared over its heart and blocked my sword.

A defensive layer? I asked myself; it looked like a defensive layer seeing how it had stopped my attack.

I did not have any chance to think about it, as at that moment it stopped my sword; I felt a repelling force attacking, which is exactly ten times stronger than my attack.


I shot out from the Grimm Monster like a cannonball, like a ragdoll. Still, there is no panic on my face; the moment I shot out, A globe of Green Fire came enveloped me, and after that, another globe came and then another, in a single moment, three green fire globe enveloped me.

Others could only see a single globe from outside, as the two other globes are hidden inside them. These Globes are the façade of my defensive method 'Rose Petals.'

I had been prepared for something like that to happened; the ten times repelling force is a little surprising, but it is still something I could handle.


Fiery Globe crashed against the trees and then another tree before it stopped. While the crash had destroyed the two trees and made the third tree quite damaged, nothing had happened to me; I am perfectly fine under the protection of my defensive method.

Seeing all the repelling force had been destroyed, I let go of the defensive method and looked at the Hyenaman, whose eyes had turned sane and now looking at me with my shock.

Seeing the sanity in its eyes is quite surprising as I had not expected it came back from its deep frenzy, but it looks like such close contact with death will make anyone sane.

"How do you survived?" It asked in shock; I totally ignored its question and looked at the filmy energy layer enveloping it.

The protection from the protection amulet is not gone; it had made things a little tricky but only a little.

"So, you have a protection amulet," I stated, "Hehe, surprised human b.a.s.t.a.r.d? With it protecting me, all your attacks will be repelled at you by ten times; you can forget about killing me now," it said with a mocking laugh.

"Really? How long does your protection will last, five minutes? Ten Minutes? Fifteen minutes?" I asked it teasingly, hearing me his expression had a sudden chance as if it had just understood something.

"Human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you will not be this lucky when we meet next time," It said and began to run away without looking back.