Monster Integration - Chapter 1576 - Blood Burning II

Chapter 1576 - Blood Burning II

Chapter 1576 - Blood Burning II

Blood Red aura had covered its whole body as if all its Blood had turned to smoke; not only that, there are blood red crystalline veins that started to appear all over its body, giving it a very sinister look.

It is a very dangerous move for normal Grimm Monster and humans, but for it, it is not; as long as it used it for a limited time, it would not feel much weak using it.

This move became a true terror in Tyrant Stage, where it could suck the blood of its enemies and burn it for more power, as long as there is the Blood of enemies, hosts of Blood Tree Inheritances became unstoppably.

"Human Die!"

It roared and appeared in front of me as it teleported and swung its sword, which is even faster than its speed.

The sword had already closed half a distance and closing even faster toward my neck, seeing that I had finally moved my sword.


Our attacks clashed, creating a shockwave of Blood and sending powerful b.l.o.o.d.y energy at me, which like liches, ready to devour my Blood, but just as it touched my armor, it had disappeared, and a second later, the forcefield and sound also got sucked by the trees.

It startled by the way its attack is death and raged burned brighter in its eyes as it swung its sword at me, and this time, there was three times Blood Energy covering its sword.


Its attack clashed with, and like last time, as the b.l.o.o.d.y energy touched by armor, it disappeared, which again made rage in its eyes burned brighter and attack with even more power, seeing its attacks are not making even shake from my spot.


Attack after attack came, with each attack being powerful than before, but no attack of it was able to shake me; all it did feed my runes, and this result made it mad and began to send it into a frenzy.

Each failed attack sent it deeper into a frenzy until it completely lost its mind and became a mad beast that only knows how to attack.

Emperor Stage Grimm Monsters go to a frenzy like regular Grimm Monsters, but their frenzy is controlled used to maximize the power of their attacks.

The Werewolf I had fought in the Champions.h.i.+p had also gone into a frenzy, but its frenzy was controlled, and when needed, it immediately came out of it.

But this Grimm Monster is in a mad frenzy; it had completely lost the sense of self like a normal Grimm Monster, which is quite rare among the Emperor Stage Grimm Monster but not so rare among the hosts of Blood Tree Inheritance.

The Blood Tree Inheritance is a very powerful Inheritance, so powerful that Pyramid had posted a special reward for killing any host of Blood Tree Inheritance.

There one disadvantage that Blood Tree Inheritance has, the host of it is susceptibility to madness.

From what I read, the host of this Inheritance has to go through years of training before going out.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is definitely criminal; it would not have been here and would not have such poor self-control to go into a frenzy quickly.

It is fine by me; the more powerful the opponent, the more fun I have, and now I want it even more powerful.

"I am getting bored. Do you have something powerful? Use it, or I will kill you in ten seconds," I taunted, while it might have gone to frenzy, but it still understood the taunt.


It said in h.o.a.rds voice, and the next moment a very powerful aura had burst out of it, or I might say auras.

Dark red blood auras have covered it densely that only a silhouette of it could be seen from it, but I am not looking at that; I am looking at three distinct auras, and only one of them belong to it.

'No wonder it had gone mad this easily,' I said to myself. To normal people, the aura will look the same, but Kings and Emperor would easily able to see the three distinct aura's in blood-red auras.

It had stored the Blood of the enemy inside it and not one enemy but two enemies.

The host of the Blood Tree Inheritance could do that but only Tyrant Stage; it banned for any other stage Grimm Monster from doing that as it had detrimental effects on body and Psych.


It said in a strange mad voice and attacked, and the attack was really powerful; its power had reached near equal to the first attack that Werewolf had launched against me.

Its strength was good but not good enough, it was close to the monster, and now it had become a monster. The host of Blood Treen Inheritance deserves to die for the potential of destruction they posed toward us.

More power came out of my runes as I moved my sword to deal with it its attack.


I stopped its attack perfectly as I did earlier; it may have become stronger with borrowed Blood, but that does not mean I am weak. I am perfectly capable of killing it in a single attack.

There are reasons why I am not doing that, first is I want to collect more data; I needed data to design better Inheritance; there is another greater reason why I am not killing it in a single attack, and that is I am preparing it.

After going back to the academy, I have done great research on Bloodline awakening. Aside from natural awaking, there are other ways of Bloodline awakening.

One is extreme emotions, and the other is near death, and if one used both of the methods together, chances increased even more.

I am fighting slowly because I want to peak its emotions to the highest and then take it closer to death. I am already taken it close to extreme emotions, and in few seconds, I will take it close to death.

If I am lucky, I might be able to awaken its Bloodline; it would be amazing if that happens.