Monster Integration - Chapter 1574 - Drenched

Chapter 1574 - Drenched

Chapter 1574 - Drenched


I cursed as I slumped on the ground with drenched clothes; the Tide had been really something far more dangerous than I had expected, no wonder lots of people died by it.

I had not expected the Tide to be something like it, something this dangerous with my current strength.

I do not underestimate myself; I know I am powerful, and there are only a limited number of Emperors that could pose a threat to me; with such power and my envious control, I had not thought Tide would affect me much, but it did.

Not only affected me, but it had also let me see the reality of control to which I had been so proud, and to be honest, I am not sad; I am quite happy instead.

I had thought my control had reached a very high level that now I will have to progress very slowly.

My mentality had made my progress slow, thinking I had reached close to the peak, but now, seeing the real state of my control, I am sure I will improve quickly if I worked hard.

I remained on the ground for a few minutes before I got up; now that I returned to normal, it is time to start the adventure again.

I was planning on returning to the city early today, but now I do not think I will return soon as it is the best time to hunt.

For three days, there will be no tide, and powerhouses from both sides will enter the forest in great numbers.

Since the forest merged with the world, there have never been within three days of the first Tide. It means three days from now on, there will be no tide which means more people now swarm in a forest.

The terror of Tide is too big in people's hearts.

With such great timing in hand, how could I go back to the city, leaving behind all those precious Grimm Monsters who are want to be harvested into the roses and even want to give their give bloodline for my runes to eat.

So without wasting any time, I head deeper into the forest in the hope of meeting a strong Grimm Monster, and since there is a great scout-like Ashlyn, I am sure I will find some powerful Grimm Monster to harvest.

Time pa.s.sed as I head deeper into the forest with blurring speed; on the way, Ive even spotted few humans who just looked at me but did not do anything.

Not every criminal is suicidal; some of them are very smart and rarely act idiotically as the reagen acted.

'Chew Chew Chew'

About twenty-five minutes later, Ashlyn finally found someone, and when I looked through her eyes, I found this Grimm Monster pretty powerful.

Feeling excited, I increased my speed and burst toward the Grimm Monster.


Little more than ten minutes later, I landed in front of Blood Eyed Hyenama, which had its huge long Sword ready as it sensed me coming toward it.

It is High-Level Emperor Stage Grimm Monter with red eyes from which it had got its name.

It is about eight meters tall with a skinny frame and six meters long-Long Sword, which steely grey blade and dark blue wooden handle.

The most notable thing about it is its aura; it powerful, more powerful than what I am projecting, which why it had relaxed a small and cruel smile that was present on its face widened slightly.

"Human, you recovered quite quickly from the tide," It commented while looking at me from top to down carefully, "You too, I would have expected you to be still down on the ground with your tongue out like a dog," I said.

Just as I said it, its red eyes became redder, and a look of rage appeared on its face. Hyenamen of any tribe did not like to be compared to a dog or anything related to a dog; they hate it.

"Human, you will pay the price for saying that." "When I defeat you, I will tear you apart, limb by limb, and drink your blood while you are alive," It said slowly and softly as if wanting to make me memorize what it is saying.

"Since when did you became a Vampire?" I asked back in another insult, which angered it even more, and this time it did not reply to me with its words.

Instead, it came at me as it activated its Inheritance, which covered it head to toe in blood-red armor, which looked like it was made of blood-soaked wood.

'Blood Tree Inheritance,' I said in surprise when I saw it appeared on its body.

Blood Tree Inheritance is not Inheritance exclusive to Blood Eyed Hyenaman Tribe; it is Inheritance of all Grimm Monsters, Inheritance those by who had Blood Element Affinity.

Though not all people who had Blood Affinity could get this powerful Inheritance, if they had, we humans would have had quite a few problems due to it.

This Inheritance is very powerful, but its compatibility rate is low, which is good because, in the big battle, this Inheritance is terror where blood runs like water and gives this Inheritance a huge power.

I don't know why the Grimm Monster let the holder Blood Tree Inheritance come out here. The host of it usually fights in a place where huge battles happen, where they could show their true potential.

Well, it is a good thing it is here for whatever reason; killing it, I will be doing a favor to my race.

It appeared in front of me in an instant and moved its Sword directly at my chest.

Its skill is quite good, its movements are precise and clear, without wastage of any energy, looks like this one had quite a fighting experience.

I moved my Sword in the counter, seeing it a smirk appeared on its face and its suddenly increased speed of its Sword and moved its wrist a little and moved its Sword toward my neck.

Seeing it perform a little trick, my lips couldn't help but curse as I fluidly followed as if its trick means nothing; there is quite a surprise seeing me do that.