Monster Integration - Chapter 1573 - Supression Tide II

Chapter 1573 - Supression Tide II

Chapter 1573 - Supression Tide II

The Tide is coming, and I am not running, not that there would be any use of running away.

I want to experience the suppression tides eversince I come to know about them. Though it will be dangerous since I am still basically a King despite having the strength of Emperor, I think I will be able to handle it, Ashlyn had said so, and I have no doubt about her word.

The Tide will be a little hard on me, but I did not care; it will give me quite a bit of data I need, and it is also a great training opportunity that I could not let go.

The warning had begun to blaze from the city; even at such distance, I could see hear it very clearly.

A few minutes after the warning begins, I sensed few humans running toward the city.

The Supression Tides originate from the center of the forest, where it is strongest; as it moved outward, it gets weaker and weaker.

These tides are also one of the reasons why many people did not try to reach the central region. With no prediction on tides, it would be dangerous to go near the central region where tides are most powerful.

So, unless one has a very powerful special artifact that helps with Supression, people don't try to get near the central region of the forest, and the people don't have to; one could find many important things in the outer region and the middle region.

Time pa.s.sed by, and now, I could feel the Tide will be on me in a few seconds; the suppression around me begin to climb steadily higher, the energy destabilizing waves are also getting denser.

Seeing that, I turned off my Inheritance and opened all restriction, conscious, unconscious I had placed on my Body, Soul, and energy; I want to be completely open when it hit me.

Seconds pa.s.sed when suddenly, I felt the suns.h.i.+ne had brightened up a little, as I felt that Supression and other few peculiar feelings. .h.i.t me like a sleigh hammer.


A faint scream couldn't help but come out of my mouth when suddenly everything hit me at once and made me so vulnerable that I had a small panic attack for a moment.

A great suppression came over my Body, Soul, and energy, lessening their power at a record pace till I can use only 2% of my strength.

That is just a suppression working; there are other three things that have also hit me, the things that hit me, I had never felt before, but I had read about them.

After the suppression, three types of waves have hit me; the first is energy destabilizing waves, which I had been familiar with since I had entered the forest, the other two Soul destabilizing waves and body destabilizing waves.

These three waves have hit me so hard that not only my energy wanted to go haywire in my body, but my Soul also affected, affecting my thoughts and body, which I am barely able to control right now.

My knees are shaking as I am on the verge of falling down simultaneously; my thought process is in shambles, that I can barely control my thoughts.

As for energy, I am instinctively controlling it from going haywire into my body and damage it.

I had spent thousands of hours on my control that some of the things have become part of my instincts, and these instincts were able to able holding it from going haywire.

Seeing everything I had worked hard is on the verge of falling apart, I first time realized how shaky my foundation is; the foundation that I had loaded to be most robust among my level is such shaky.

Though I know it is happening due to three powerful energy waves, and I do have a very robust foundation for my level but seeing everything is on the verge of breaking, I have decided to work on it all over again.

I am very lucky that I had decided to come here; if I had gone to other places, I would not have found such grave weakness and leveled up to Emperor Stage without any thought.

For some people, this may not be a weakness seeing it is work of destabilizing energy, and me still standing is proof of my immense control, but to me, it is a shaky foundation.

No energy should be able to take my control, no matter how strong that energy is, no matter how peculiar that energy is, I need to have full control over my body, Soul, and energy, and till I got it, I will not level up to Emperor Stage.

This place had helped me find the weaknesses I have, and this place will help me fix them.

I have already decided to train in control, and for that, I have to go deeper as I could not always depend on the tides, which only come few times a month.

I will have to head deeper into the forest, where the suppression and destabilizing energies as dense as what I am feeling in the Tide.

Though it will be very dangerous, seeing if the Tide will come will turn fatal for me.

Still, it is the risk I will have to take to get the benefits of this wonderful environment of the Devil's Gate.

Seconds pa.s.sed by as Tide continue to wash over me; each second is a battle itself to keep my body, Soul, and energy in check; if I lose control over one of them, I will lose control over the other two.

It will be bad for me; uncontrollable Soul and energy would do a lot of damage which will take time to heal, and I don't like that, especially in this environment where powerhouses are everywhere.

Finally, fifty seconds later of it hitting me, the Tide begin to weaken up, and twenty-second after, the suppression and destabilizing energies of the Tide have disappeared, but my knees are still shaking as before.