Monster Integration - Chapter 1540 - Vine Morphing

Chapter 1540 - Vine Morphing

Chapter 1540 - Vine Morphing

"Micheal!" A scream rang out of my mouth as the audience behind me gasped in shock.

I saw my son getting attacked by the Golden lightning, which could kill hundreds of Kings in an instant.

The old monsters had let me and my husband came near the forcefield, but they had hidden from the view, as seeing my face might disturb my son, and the slightest loss of concentration could make him lose his life.

I gripped my husband's hands as I saw thick Golden Lightning covering my son; such a powerful attack is enough to reduce any King to ashes.

Old monsters have said that this formation Grimm monsters had cast on the forcefield could nullify the power of the amulets; no amulets would work under it.

I have hope for my son's survival; he had that s.h.i.+eld, even in its weakened state, it should be able to protect Micheal.

I still remember the power of the s.h.i.+eld and how it protected me; the love of my life had sacrificed her life to give it its current form, it as a powerful artifact; it will save his life as it had saved mine.

"Grand Mistress, how much longer?" I asked the old woman, I had asked this question more than ten times, and like always, I did not receive any answer from her.

Getting no answer from her, I looked at my holowatch and saw barely a few seconds had pa.s.sed since I had last looked at it; only seven minutes have pa.s.sed; Matron Mavis had said Grand Mistress Angel had confidence in breaking the formation minutes.

I hope she breaks the formation sooner and rescues my son; I don't want to put all my hopes in the s.h.i.+eld, which is already tangled in dealing with the sentient curse, which is far more dangerous than the Grimm Monster Micheal is fighting.

The Golden Lightning came at me with torrent, focusing more on my head and chest where its claws had pieces meter deep.

First, it had come for my head and chest; from there, it had spread through the whole vine humanoid's body with the intention to reduce it to the dust.

The golden roses begin to pop out all over my body; in just a second, 70% part of me had got completely covered in roses, and 30% is quickly getting covered.

From the last attack, I had fortified defenses around me, and it would give me a few precious seconds before that Golden Lightning had reached me, and once it did, it would reduce me to dust.

My armor is not powerful enough to resist such a powerful attack; I will have to do something, something that will help me red rid of the lightning, and I have to do it fast, in five seconds, the lighting will destroy the defenses Ive put and came at me.

I could discard the Vine Humanoid, it will save me from the lightning, but it will expose me directly to it; I will be finished before I could do anything.

This means there is no way in h.e.l.l I would discard the Diamond Vine Giant, which is the only protection from getting squished under its feet.

Not to forget, I will not be able to summon another one; the vines not only take require enormous energy to make, but they also contained power which my runes are made of; it is the reason why I don't simply discard the vines like normal attacks but call them back inside me.

Losing the vines will be forever losing the part of the power of the runes, which will not only weaken them but also weaken all my attacks as everything is done by my runes.

My brain began to move at lightning speed, going through the hundreds of ideas at the moment when suddenly, Ive struck gold!

'Why I did not think of it before!' I cursed myself, and the next moment, I closed my eyes, and soon the vines surrounding me begin to change; they begin to transform into the runes.

Yes, I am morphing the vines into the runes, and I am doing that at a very fast speed as hundreds of vines begin to morph into the runes.

It is a very delicate work and requires huge mind power; it will not be narcissistic for me to say that no King Stage powerhouse capable of doing what I am doing; it does just not matter or control and scale but also of knowledge.

The formation I am creating is far more sophisticated than any formation a King stage powerhouse is capable of creating.

It is not easy for me too, the pressure on me so much that I am bleeding through my nose

By the time five seconds are over, one formation is created, and just as that happened, the lighting made a crack in a barrier and burst through, but before it could reach me and turn me into ash, it met the formation which lit up and crashed into it before begin to such its power.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face seeing that, but the next moment, it disappeared, and I begin to concentrate on work again, I had only created a single formation, and this is far from enough.

It will give me a bare few seconds before it got overpowered by the lighting; I have to create nearly a hundred such formations if I want to deal with lightning the lightning that had been enveloping me.

So, I begin to create another formation. To create the second formation, I only needed four seconds, and it was created just in time as the first formation had reached its limit.

As the second formation is created, it connected with the first, and they begin to deal with the lighting that coming from the gap that widening every second.

I begin to create the third formation and then the fourth, and fifth, and so on.

Soon, I had completely lost myself in creating the formations; one after another, formations begin to appear in every part of the Diamaond Vine Giant.