Monster Integration - Chapter 1539 - Sky Flooding Golden Fire Lightning

Chapter 1539 - Sky Flooding Golden Fire Lightning

Chapter 1539 - Sky Flooding Golden Fire Lightning

It got surprised to see the flower appearing on my arms and shoulder, but that did not stop it for a moment from launching another attack which is stronger and faster than the previous one.



Its claws slashed against my swords, sending a huge amount of energy into me, which wanted to burn me to ash, but as it entered my arm, it immediately got converted into the roses.

More and more roses appeared on my arm and shoulder, much more than last time but covering the only small surface of the huge Giant but seeing the number of energies it is attacking me with, it won't be long before the whole Giant got covered in the in golden roses.

Not to forget, soon his attacks are going to be too fast, fast enough that I would not be able to defend against them, despite having all the skill.


Suddenly, I heard a chuckle from it; it did not launch the attack but looked at the roses at my hands and shoulder.

"If I am not wrong, that energy-crus.h.i.+ng formation you have seemed to have reached its limit, and you are using this little trick to consume my energy, right?"

It asked, but I remained quiet; I have no intention to answer its question.

"It is a good trick but still not enough against me,"

It said and attacked with claws that are burning with golden energy.


I couldn't help but curse seeing that attack and harnessed all the strength I could from First Boost+Everwings; I left nothing behind, not even speak of it as the Werewolf had used more than ten times energy and speed in performing this attack.

This attack had caught me off guard; I had thought I would have a minute or at least thirty seconds before its attack had reached this flower but seeing me reaching my limit and flower begin appearing on me, it decided to launch the powerful attack.

Its claws came toward me speedily, and my swords moved toward it, and when they were about to clash, I saw a cruel smile appearing on its face, and the speed of its claws had increased by three-time suddenly.

The alarm couldn't help but spread through me, and I moved my sword, but unfortunately, my speed is too slow; its claws had already reached my heart and my head before I could even stop my swords and call them back.


A 'Bamming' sound rang out as its claws stuck me; they went meter deep inside me in my heart and my head, and if the claw in my head had gone few meters deep, it would have shredded me to pieces.

Crack Crack Puh Puh

Still, I have not come back from this attack unharmed; the attack's shock was too powerful and reached me before vines could be absorbed. More than twenty bones in my body had already broken, and shock is wreaking havoc in me, breaking more of my bones.

It is not just my bones that are getting broke; my internal organs have also been heavily damaged that I am puking non-stop.

The power of this attack was too great, so great that half of the Diamond Vine Giant immediately got covered in the Golden Roses, not to say its claws were to breach my vines a meter deep, the first time someone was able to damage my vines to this degree.

When I looked at it, it looked surprised; it is staring at its claws which had just entered a meter deep inside me.

Its expression is looking like it could not believe, that such powerful attack of its barely able to pierce the skin of Giant, it probably had expected its attacks would tear me apart.

The surprise lasted only a second on its face before a cruel smile appeared on its face; it is intense.

Seeing that, a shudder couldn't help but ring through my body as I felt something very bad is coming, and I begin to consider all the options I have including burning my blood for one powerful attack.

"Sky Flooding Golden Fire Lightning!"

It roared, and the golden lightning begins to come out of its body, just one look at the lightning made me shudder, and I moved my sword toward it.

It gave a glace at my attacking swords before focusing on the claws that are pierced vines giant.

Clang Clang

Meter thick bolts of lightning begin to come out of it and begin to coil around its body as they grew denser and denser as moments pa.s.sed; When my swords were to touch its body, the lightning bolt came and repelled my arms.

No wonder it did not fear my attack; it did not mean anything to it; it is like I am trying to attack it with the toothpick.

So, this is the strength of 'Monster' Emperor Stage powerhouse; they are real monsters, my attack that contains nearly all my strength had easily repelled, not even able to touch fur.

Five seconds later, its whole body got covered in thick Golden Lightning; it looked like G.o.d of lightning with all this lightning covering its gigantic body, the lightning Angel form of Rachel feels nothing in front of it.

This power is really amazing, and I know what it is going to do with it, and I couldn't do anything but watch helplessly; anything I will do will be crushed under these big powerful bolts of lightning.

"Human get smite under the Lighting of the Grimm Race!"

It roared deafeningly; its voice is so loud, even those in the arena who blocked their ears can hear it loud and clear.

As it said, it laughed cruelly and sent all this Golden Lightning at me through its claws, in the places that had been pierced by its claws.

It took only an instant for the lightning to charge at me, and before I know it, I had been completely covered in lightning.

The lighting is far more powerful than I had thought, and it had covered me instantly, and now its attacking every piece of my diamond vines, wanting to smite me into the ashes.