Monster Integration - Chapter 1506 - Break

Chapter 1506 - Break

Chapter 1506 - Break

"The Winner is Mira Alexander," Marla announced amidst the loud cheer of the audience, with the audience; I also cheered.

It is my Girlfriend who had won, of course, I am going to cheer for her, but it had been Raina who had won the battle, I would have cheered for her too.

Both of them are pretty strong, but Mira is stronger due to her powerful bloodline; not to forget Raina's combat style had a deep flaw, many people who were watching the battle were able to see that flaw.

Raina and Sophia are rare twins; they have a natural telepathic connection that very few twins have.

They did not tell me much about their connection, but from what I could observe, these two cannot speak to each other telepathically but could feel each other emotions, which is powerful than speaking by words.

Not many people knew about it, but Raina and Sophia had been trained to fight together since they are children. When they fight together with their opposing elements, they produced strength, which is many more times than their fighting strength.

If Sophia and Raina had been fought against Mira, she would have lost even with her powerful Bloodline with Life and Death Element, even I am not sure whether I could fight against win against them if I fight them.

Mira soon flew into the Partic.i.p.ants area, and four of us had cheered; with Mira's battle over, the top five had been selected.

"It was quite battle; all the battles of the Top 10 had been amazing in their own way," Marla said as she flew toward the center of the arena.

"With Top 5 selected, it is time for Quatrfinals to begin, but before that, it is time for two hours, our partic.i.p.ants will need time to reach to peak condition to give us grand battles,"

"So, dear audience, bear this break and watch the performances as the battles will resume in two hours," Marla said and disappeared from her spot, and at the same time, a dark blue forcefield covered the partic.i.p.ant's area, cutting us from the crowd's view.

"Micheal, take all the rest you can; you will need it when you fight against me," Ellen said as she appeared next to me.

"You stole the words from my mouth, ellen; I was going to say the same thing to you," I said to her; her smile widened hearing that.

"Good, you still have that spark; I thought you lost it when you got beaten bloodied by me," she said and tapped on the shoulder before leaving the partic.i.p.ants area but not before giving a challenging smile to Mira, who appeared behind her.

"You two seemed awfully closes," Mira commented as she appeared beside me, her eyes are s.h.i.+ning with slight jealousy. "Haven't you heard? Ellen and I are childhood friends," I replied as I took her hand in mine.

The jealousy in her eyes eased up a little by the gesture, and she sat on my lap, "So, you must know quite a few things about, why not share some with your girlfriend?" she asked, to that I smiled.

She probably knows about Ellens strength more than me since the intelligence network of the Supremes is far wider than ours; the only things I know about ellen are qualities, which I think is an important intelligence, an expert a.n.a.lyst gleam quite much information from it.

"You are such a miser; other boyfriends would have answered the question immediately when their sweet girlfriend had asked them," Mira as she pushed me hard on my shoulder.

Soon, the smile on her face disappeared, and her expressions turned serious, "What do you think my chances are against those three?" she asked suddenly, hearing her question; I couldn't help but smile in my mind.

Mira is really stubborn; when I did not answer her question, she rephrased it another way, and this time she is demanding more information, and she knows I am the best person.

Except for Elijah, I know all three of them on a personal level. Ellen and Jill are good friends, and she is Girlfriend; even if I did not know their abilities, I could predict them.

"All three of them are very strong; you should not hold back even a little fighting against them," I said seriously.

"Even Elijah?" she asked back, and I nodded.

From what I heard, the Supremes are not able to find able to much about Elijah's real abilities either; ever since he had returned from the ruin, he had kept his abilities hidden very well.

Even now, the supremes are trying their all to find out all about him; they even went as far as bribing their leader, but they are not able to find out against him; he had become one of the greatest dark horses ever graced the World Champions.h.i.+p in past thousand years.

"and what about you, what tip you have for me if we met in the next round?" she asked; the smile had returned to her face, and her eyes are twinkling like a star as she asked me the question.

"The same, you should not underestimate me, baby," I said and kissed her before she could say anything; the kiss had lasted long before we let go.

"I will let you rest then; if we meet in the next round, you will need your strength to survive against me," she said and got off from my lap and left the partic.i.p.ants area but not before giving me a peck on the lips.

The partic.i.p.ant's area is empty; the other partic.i.p.ants had left, I had no interest in leaving.

I had already told Elina that I would not come to the box, I have too much work to do, and these two hours will be spent well working on the upgrade of my Inheritance.

With no time to waste, I tapped few b.u.t.tons on the controlling interface, and a dark green energy layer surrounded my chair, creating total privacy. After tapping on few commands, I laid on my chair and closed my eyes to go to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce.